Russian Progress Spacecraft in Trouble!

Russian Progress Spacecraft in Trouble!

Hours after launch, this image, received from the on-board engineering camera, shows the spacecraft spinning “uncontrollably”. Good thing Space-X delivered the espresso machine!

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20 Responses

  1. TheGrammargestapo1 says:

    I wonder what’s wrong. Maybe it got hit by some small thing traveling at
    high speed?

  2. BlorchHeadblownov says:

    Eeez deeezy from speenin, wheech is why we talk and spell backvards!

  3. radio4eget says:

    Как весело укры кукарекают, видимо им есть чем гордиться, ведь они столько
    удачных запусков в год проводят.

  4. Vladimir Chi (Varan22) says:

    Хохлыыы валите с российского домена)))

  5. Gass Glass says:

    ура! руские твари так вам и надо

  6. Chris S says:

    Is that static around the same time on each rotation solar interference?

  7. pilotroman19 says:

    Turn on RCS and SAS, and if that fails, time warp a bit to stop the
    rotation… KSP style ;)

  8. thepretenda says:

    C’MON TARS!!

  9. Nicolas Van Orton says:


  10. Агент ФСБ says:

    Зачем эмблему NASA смонтировали?

  11. Jake W says:

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  12. Black Hole Gaming says:

    Does anyone think this could be a collision? They have happened before.
    Spinning, sensors out on one side- It just sounds like collision. Some
    debris could have clipped the right side, and started the spinning.

  13. Panthers1521 says:

    Russia lol

  14. Hhla8485 says:

    That Russians comments below though 🙂 

  15. tyf65dfy6tgv8iuy says:

    рузге больше не умеют в космос

  16. GamerStuff says:


    “No, it’s necessary.”

  17. verkzkillsz says:

    Russian Russian Russian Russian 

  18. Es ist Zeit fur Rache Juden says:

    Why can’t the US and Russia get along… 

  19. Алексей Василенко says:

    Все в порядке, так задумано. Упадет кораблик точно на Рейхстаг Германии в
    1945 году 9 мая.

  20. intigfx says:

    *holds F9*