Ryan Gosling – Epic Old Dancing Videos 1992

Ryan Gosling – Epic Old Dancing Videos 1992

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15 Responses

  1. Meisam Peymankhah says:

    nice moves

  2. Dave Long says:


  3. Борис Немцов УБИЙСТВО says:

    A cool guy … even back then.

  4. Sebastian Xanzer says:

    Если кто-нибудь из наших видит это – наложите поверх “Прыгай Киска – Как же
    я горяч”, ибо это просто необходимо.

  5. Elcass cass says:

    if anyone knows what version of cathy dennis – touch me (all night long)
    this is. it would be greatly appreciated to leave a answer below

  6. dennis dionisio says:

    Watch 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Dance in M.C. Hammer Pants 

  7. Felicia Camacho says:

    That song is so inappropriate for little kids haha

  8. Dos Maiz says:

    He probably banged all of them.

  9. Liberts says:

    And here’s a video for your Monday Morning! Ryan Gosling dancing back in

  10. Raisa Shams says:

    this is so amazing bahahaha

  11. Priya Desai says:

    d’awwwww SO ADORABLE

  12. Phreak Wolf says:

    cathy dennis- touch me,not focking darude

  13. Tatiana Henderson says:

    and this is why he has all the ladies lol <3

  14. Sonny Mason says:

    Song title?

  15. Abi Abraham says:

    Shake that Ryan