Rydel Gives Birth To Our First Son!

Rydel Gives Birth To Our First Son!

Rydel gives birth to our first son!
#FunkFamily #TheFunks

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30 Responses

  1. desembermais_ says:

    I just love how capron cried. Rydel is just sitting there and smiling.Their family is gonna be the most legit and happy family ever

  2. CharlieOliverBates says:

    Congrats! This was my first time crying while watching one of your videos. You’re gonna be the best parents!

  3. Lauren Gaumer says:

    I love how capron didn’t care that he was emotional.

  4. jman415 says:

    “Pretend its a competition with your brothers”
    “I always lost” 😂

  5. Jae Bergeron says:

    They did it… I’m crying… It went from Corey and Capron being these dumbasses on scooters with a bunch of other kids. (Mcflip) to him having a beautiful baby boy and a gorgeous wife and I’m crying I’m literally crying cause life passed me by so fast.

  6. Lucia Torres says:

    When he said ‘you’re my human’ DUDE I WAS CRYING ALREADY WHY YOU WANNA KILL ME

  7. Rojs Live says:

    Capron was so overwhelmed when he was like “can I touch him” that’s so cute

  8. Andrea Medrano says:

    I am so happy you guys kept that bit of Capron crying because he was trying to be strong for Rydel the whole time and that part just showed how worried and scared he was, it takes balls to show that, especially for man thanks to society. So happy for you guys, congratulations <3

  9. lauren brown says:

    this was the sweetest delivery video i’ve ever seen , capron and rydel are going to be the best parents ever

  10. Crxwn says:

    Congrats 🎉 I’m sure this is one of the happiest moments of your life!

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