Saddest Video Ever! (Try Not To Cry Challenge)

Saddest Video Ever! (Try Not To Cry Challenge)

After many request to do this, I finally attempted this challenge… but it’s a little different from the usual. In addition, I created the saddest video ever for YOU to do your try not to cry challenge!
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20 Responses

  1. Skrub says:

    “They’re blue da boo dee da boo die” I bet most people didn’t get it! :D

  2. Erick Shi says:

    This isn’t sad

  3. devvin 2k16 says:

    why do people dislike ryan’s videos. his videos are quality and original

  4. boi u look like a says:

    did anyone else start crying when the guy said he can’t be in the video
    because he is recording it

  5. Milad Shoberi says:

    the funniest video I’ve seen in a while double thumbs up

  6. Anastasia Neistat says:

    1510 Likes or a Clown will appear in your room tonight with a knife!

  7. Carmen Teresa Saldaña Soto says:

    This is more like a TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE XD

  8. JsQuad Family says:

    10 likes and I’ll do water bottle flips at homecoming dance and upload it
    tomorrow (NOT EVEN KIDDING)?

  9. Morgan Lui says:

    keep the likes on this comment even

  10. Ashton Sumner says:

    I started laughing so hard when the popcorn fell back in the bowl and he
    was looking all around for it

  11. Silvermist Art (SilverHa) says:

    Dear Ryan, can you tell us the backstory to that ring necklace you and Sean
    are always wearing???

  12. Micika Kokanovic says:

    I know he somehow did the try not to cry challenge,BUT THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO

    because this video was the funniest video I have evre seen????

  13. fan girl says:

    the saddest thing of the video is when Ryan was searching for the popcorn
    that fell back in his bowl??

  14. Ryan H says:

    You know what’s sadder than Greg filming? The man filming Gregg, filming

  15. Zm TopReasonsHD - Road To 1000 says:

    Who else laughed rather than cried in this challange?
    don’t checkout my channel

  16. Clash with Stan says:

    Yes, you did make me cry…


  17. Clorox Bleach says:

    1 like will save one popcorn…

  18. Jay Janodia says:

    Saddest thing ever: that moment when the popcorn you were holding falls
    down and you can’t find it.

  19. Lara Brisevac says:

    No I`m not crying…I`m just cutting onions?

  20. Andre C says:

    thank god it’s not the try not to laugh challenge, cause i would have