Sadly, The El Camino Won’t Be Going to Rocky Mountain Race Week… (the Corvettes Will Though!)

Sadly, The El Camino Won’t Be Going to Rocky Mountain Race Week… (the Corvettes Will Though!)

Kind of in a hard spot on this one!

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25 Responses

  1. TimothyReidUpNorth907 says:


  2. Vincent Beall says:

    Y’all don’t have epic enough mullets to take the G body right now, anyway.

  3. The Dave says:

    His face when he mentioned putting James behind the wheel of a potentially unprepared car kinda said everything.

  4. Jared phinney says:

    Just fix Leroy, ruby, get Leroy in the 7’s again, get ruby the 7 second pass and just keep working on the el Camino slowly, can’t wait to see the up coming content

  5. Trevor Schiedel says:

    As long as I see a 7 sec slip I think we’ll all be happy with whatever content you have for us

  6. Vi Coactus says:

    As your mum says, “STOP BREAKING YOUR BLOODY TOYS”
    Fix the Vets, get onto the EL later on, that ute is turning into one classy car, DON’T RUSH IT. 🙂

    • Anders Vestlund says:

      Vi Coactus – Agreed! Don’t rush it. Make a series when fixing it not on a time crunch.

  7. Allen Vincent says:

    I miss Leroy chasing records. New goals. Deep 7’s for Leroy. We haven’t seen much of Leroy chasing anything besides sitting on a lift in the background.

    • Caleb M. says:

      Allen Vincent ruby is gonna be faster than Leroy by far

    • TheBpsr2000 says:

      @Caleb M. while probably true… They can run in different classes. Which gives them multiple chances in different classes to take home a win.

  8. Joshua Fowler says:

    Get Leroy back to his glory days of running 7’s and continue to get Ruby into 7’s. The El comino can wait, it’s a project that’ll take time brother.

  9. William Rowley says:

    Give the elco more time. It’ll be there when you get back.

  10. raylong1118 Long says:

    PLEASE just take your time amd build a 3,000HP race car!! We would love to see that!!!!

  11. The Champ says:

    Honestly when I started watching the channel, Leroy was the main car and don’t get me wrong I love all the other cars but as soon as you got ruby it’s been all her. I would love to see Leroy just go out and do a test an tune, go back on street car takeover. Personally I would want to see more Leroy like when the channel first started with him

  12. Levi Compton says:

    I want to see Leroy and Ruby running 7’s. Safest idea would just build the el Camino, test, then race at LS Fest

  13. Kamu LM says:

    Get the fleet back to running first. Rushing a new build like this is iffy.

  14. dildinemotorsports says:

    You “could” do it, but it’s just to say “we did it in time” it’s not done right, which is what MUST be done for safe, fast and competitive cars. It’s a bummer but at least you see it now……

  15. stesaxo says:

    Don’t rush the camino get ruby into the 7’s first like she deserves.

  16. Elliot Vanderwoerd says:

    I’d love to see Leroy go.
    Ideally: Leroy, Ruby, and bald eagle machine

  17. BreeBree Bow says:

    Don’t kill yourself over mullet. Not worth it guys. Go with your OG plan, mullet can wait.

  18. Thomas Skyy says:

    Don’t burn yourself out. We’re sitting at home and we’ll be here for a while. Let’s enjoy the ride, nowhere else to go. Am I right?

  19. Greg Karch says:

    Cleeter: “What else could possibly be an issue?”
    Richard Hammond: “Don’t say that!”

  20. brandon beadling says:

    I’d rather see Leroy and Ruby do 7s. As much as I love the elco run.

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