Salt & Vinegar Snack Taste Test

Salt & Vinegar Snack Taste Test

Today we’re determining which tangy treat will be crowned the salt and the vinegar-iest snack around.  GMM #1395

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71 Responses

  1. Gymnastics Girl Forever says:

    Love u Rhett and link! Next eat British food!!!

  2. European Union says:

    Aye! Seeing my favorite youtubers would be such a privilege! Bought the shirt hope to see you guys soon!

  3. Fajer njr says:

    If link acted like Rhett he’d be so hot
    If Rhett looked like link he’d be so hot

  4. Caleb Games says:

    You should do which snack is the Cheesiest

  5. Gave Sbbile says:

    I bought one of those silver limited time GMM shirts but mine came in gold… Im pissed i want my refund NOW!

  6. Josh Savage says:

    I’ve been watching for about two years and I would love to meet them but I don’t have 27$ to spare. Goodluck to everyone who buys the Tee!

  7. Will Gravity Stokes says:

    Love that little reference to one of their older songs 3:17

  8. Dan B Design says:

    A handful of nuts is a healthy snack


  9. GTOxOT says:

    ”A handful of nuts is a healthy snack” <3

  10. FaithIsHere says:

    You have to be 18+ to enter and I’m hoping my aunt will buy it and bring me if she were to win lol… 17 year old kid and a 50 something awesome aunt? Sounds fun to look at Huh? Lol

    • Lexi Guches says:

      It’s probably 18+ to enter because there’s extra legal matters to handle with sweepstakes (especially “meet and greet” ones) when the winner is a minor. Basically, it’s to both prevent nefarious types from doing illegal stuff and passing it off as a contest and ensure minors are in the protection of a legal guardian. GMM probably didn’t want to jump through all the hoops it would take so 18+ is a limit they stuck to!

      On the off chance your aunt does win, you might need to check with GMM to ensure it’s okay to be the+1! You should be fine though since your aunt would act as your legal guardian in that case!

  11. Brett Janes says:

    “Eat Somethin’ That Scares Ya” should be on a t-shirt

  12. Sarah says:

    When I clicked on this video I didn’t think I’d spend 13 minutes watching 2 men call each other and themselves Lick Daddy

  13. Annabelle Parham says:

    Please do a Will it Mac ‘N cheese!

  14. marioguy 54 says:

    “A handful of nuts is a healthy snack” nice reference guys. You guys are thoughtful

  15. Olivia says:

    Miss Vickie’s have the best salt and vinegar chips. Don’t @ me

  16. TheGodshatter says:

    I cant believe you guys didn’t have cape cod kettle cooked salt&vinegar chips!!! Your truly missing out on something special guys. Anybody ever tried them before by chance Or, is it something that is only around New hampshire, Maine areas?

  17. Edmund Snow says:

    Did anyone else start to taste salt and vinegar while watching this?

  18. Gretchen Morris says:

    Annie Chun’s Seaweed: 12/10 Would Lick-Daddy again

  19. Good Mythical Morning says:

    Mythical Beasts– apologies for any confusion surrounding the Golden Tee of Mythicality Giveaway. Here are some answers to your common questions:

    The Golden Tee of Mythicality Giveaway is open to all residents of U.S. and Canada, excluding Rhode Island. We’d love to include Mythical Beasts who live outside of the U.S. and Canada, but the sweepstakes laws in other countries are far more restrictive.

    The winner will be notified (in addition to receiving the actual Golden Tee in the mail) using contact information provided or collected with Sweepstakes entry.

    The Golden Tee of Mythicality will be awarded *randomly*. The shirt that you see on GMM and on the store page is a prototype, a.k.a. a pre-production sample. The size you order will *not* affect your chances of winning.

    Full terms and conditions can be found here:

  20. Emma Taylor I MÅSTURВÂTÈ MY PUSSY TAPME! says:

    AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 What part

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