Samsung Galaxy Fold – What’s Actually Causing The Break?

Samsung Galaxy Fold – What’s Actually Causing The Break?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the hottest thing in tech right now. Some reviewers are experiencing problems. Jon Rettinger and I discuss the durability of the Galaxy Fold and some of the potential causes of the broken Samsung Galaxy Fold phones.
Jon Rettinger –
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61 Responses

  1. Lew Later says:

    Would you drop $2000 on this device after seeing these stories emerge?

  2. Axl John Tadle says:

    _notices bulge on Galaxy Fold_ *uwu what’s this?*

  3. Chris C. says:

    The Verge and technology just don’t mix.

    • The Dear Leader Jim Pickens says:

      Imran Haque fins their PC build video and then tell us what you think.

    • PandaCHEONG says:

      +Imran Haque They’re what BuzzFeed News is to politics

    • TheFalseHuman says:

      +PandaCHEONG BuzzFeed News is actually decent; they’ve wom awards and such. What you’re thinking is just BuzzFeed probably?

    • ohthethings says:

      +The Dear Leader Jim Pickens The PC video was badddd. But what else is there really? Their videos are well produced and normally quite informative.

    • PandaCHEONG says:

      +TheFalseHuman i’ve seen some real garbage come from BuzzFeed. They’ve been ridiculed for not verifying if their sources are true multiple times. None of those awards have any legitimacy. Just the same people patting themselves on the back like the Oscars. BuzzFeed news is about as trust worthy as Vox

  4. Zach Durocher says:

    I cant trust The Verge anymore after their PC build video

  5. Zeeshan Abbasi says:

    As much as I love this phone, I need to see JerryRigEverything bend test it.

  6. SECRET TM says:

    Beside lew that guy has a haircut of the shape like iphone x.

  7. Destiny Fan says:

    there’s a lot of money to be made on clicks claiming thre’s a problem with a new device

    • Nikita Omel says:

      Because there is huge problem when most of the review phones are breaking. If this happened to Apple the backlash would be way worse.

    • Mc Earl says:

      Destiny Fan there is a problem with a new device when it can’t handle the same processes as any other phone.

      I’m quite surprised at the amount of people justifying all of this shit. The same people calling negligence here were the same people giving Apple shit when people sat on their Iphone6 while wearing skinny jeans and the phone bent a bit which is clearly negligence but since it couldn’t handle normal use like other phones it’s still a problem.

    • GD lIlXentimentlIl says:

      +Nikita Omel
      > 50 devices gets sent out
      > 4 breaks
      > *most* are breaking
      > dude

    • Aaron Cook says:

      +GD lIlXentimentlIl and they aren’t blaming it on negligence

    • TheLittleYogi says:

      GD lIlXentimentlIl you do realize 2/25 is a huge fucking deal right? Dumbass

  8. MiskoKvo says:

    no going to beach for Samsung Fold owners ?

  9. nightrazer85 says:

    The Pincess of phones.
    Delicate, Expensive, Fragile, Famous.

  10. Psyrecx says:

    “At what point is Samsung responsible for consumer negligence?”

    Never, as they shouldn’t be.

    Whether or not it’s negligence is a better question. Understanding what negligence is, does help.

    • Draggy654 says:

      Psyrecx the issue is then it cant be a smartphone replacement it makes it way less enjoyable to use as if i have to worry about the tiniest things breaking the phone which would do nothing to a normal phone.

  11. Kearfy says:

    “This phone is not ‘clay on the back’ compatible”

  12. Anugrah N M says:

    “What makes you qualified for this job?”

    “I got clay”

    “You’re hired!”


  13. rdvgrd6 says:

    Funny how you’re less sarcastic about this issue than you were about the iPhones and iPads bends.

    • Dhandsomest212 says:

      rdvgrd6 Big Facts!

    • Luke Jones says:

      True, but that is a persisting problem still with Apple today, and this is a device that costs up to 3 times as much

    • William Fan says:

      Just imagine having a phone form factor you’ve almost had for almost a decade (iPhone did alloy bodies since gen 2 I guess) and still pioneering about technically having little improvements to the design with increasing cost and harder repairability. The fold costs 2 grand but imagine it’s an entire different engineering level than the current smartphones and laptops and tablets are and you have to consider that.

    • isaidoun says:

      William Fan imagine giving a bunch of $2000 phones to you tubers to test, and in under 2 days half of the phones tested have broken. Regardless of how new it is, it isn’t ready for consumers

    • William Fan says:

      +isaidoun That’s why Samsung is looking into that. Props to Samsung for taking responsibility not only to checking the quality of the consumer-released Folds but also stretching the form factor to new heights. Looking forward to this and Huaweis and Xiaomi’s foldables and see the tech improve over time.

      Also, they had millions of dollars in investment so maybe theu need to recuperate on the costs. Lol

      The first gen fold is definitely a niche and experimentation model.

  14. Joe Behh says:

    Hahaha omg for real clay? Sponsored conspiracy I say! Thats the hinge.

  15. B T says:

    I really like this format that you’re doing Lew… it’s different from most of the popular YouTube tech channels. Continue to stay Tech first and unbiased ?

    • Marius Dani says:

      except it’s completely stolen from Tech Shows that run on usual TV …. remember everything that’s new, was sometime old, just like the Fold … take a look at Nokia 9300 and you’ll get my point.

  16. charles brown says:

    “Man, they are coming out fast and all of a sudden!”

    LGBTQ community: ?

  17. Des Pacito says:

    *Samsung Galaxy Fold exist*
    Tiny debris: I’m gonna end this man whole career

  18. You Know Who I am says:

    Buy this phone and you’re the next beta user.???

  19. Mixey says:

    So the Galazy Fold is not Water- nor Clayproof XD

  20. DJSiQRiQ says:

    Clay, Molding clay causes the phone to deforme

    Pretty weak phone. Drop test is probably weaker

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