Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

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20 Responses

  1. Nelissa D. says:

    They are so bold 😂

  2. Certified Offender says:

    You know who’s the best person?

  3. Everything -Science says:

    *I have a Samsung now give me my likes*

  4. Roby Patiung says:

    I even love apple more when I watch this video. I don’t know exactly why, but for me Iphone is my life companion.

  5. CraftingNatory Official says:

    I’m using 3 phones right now 🙂 Xiaomi Mi Max, Note8 and iPhone X

  6. Luis Barbosa says:

    If you like someone that needs to trash the other to say they are good….something is wrong in you too 🙂

  7. 追梦人 says:

    I don’t like iPhone,but I hate Android!

  8. trey wexler says:

    Oh it 2012 all over again! Welcome back samsung! Everyone missed your desperate apple ads! Xx

  9. savage t Aesthetic Knight says:

    Not sure why youtube is trying to call me a Kardashian and sell me products lately, and talk for me and shit, but you’re getting on my fucking nerves.

    *BACK. OFF.*

  10. Leatheryfoot says:

    They should of called this vid blowing up

  11. Lady Stoneheart says:


  12. Joseph Harding says:

    They had to skip ahead cause Samsung wasn’t a real competitor to Apple in the smartphone game until 2011 lol

  13. dina product says:

    I watching this from my iphone x 256 gb

  14. Naung Thaw says:

    I am a die hard iphone user but somehow this commercial gives me life!! hahaha Burn Apple. You better be burn.
    Apple really need to make a better change to its dedicated users, someone like me.

  15. Fəńrîr says:

    Look at those thumbs down lol, btw NOKIA IS BETTER xD

  16. pnjhd246 says:

    Iphone Should make a video of all the samsung phones blowing up.

    *Accessories sold separately

  17. Choi Andre says:

    OMG so frontal haha but i like this

  18. IndieRus says:

    Hey samsung, where were you in 2007? Also fingerprint reader on the side of the back panel is the worst design ideal ever.

  19. Rhiro Yonve says:

    “Hello, 911?”


    “I’d like to report a murder”

    “Ok… Who’s the victim”


  20. Jatin Jaiswal says:

    That notch guy reminds me of #MKBHD

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