Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!

Galaxy S10E Impressions:
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63 Responses

  1. Parteek says:

    This guy is only happy with Pixel. Nothing else

    All these people saying stock android is best has never used Note 9 on Pie I believe. If you don’t need features, go with iPhone. Samsung is beast. Pixel has no features that Samsung has. If I want to buy stock android phone, I would go with something which is $300 not $900 lol.

    • JJ Smith says:

      +Parteek lmfao. Who the fuck cares about features when the software is laggy and absolute shit. Used to own a note 4 when it first came out. Biggest pile of fucking shit I have ever used. None of the “features” were useful enough for me to want to use them often. Most people have very basic needs, no point having gimmicks when it can’t even fulfill basic phone functions. After I got rid of that Samsung junk I bought a cheap stock android phone, way smoother and faster for less than half the price.

    • Stofker N/A says:

      +Parteek bro u retarded

    • Short time says:

      Prateek u r absolutely right!!

    • Nataniel Noel Donovan says:

      Parteek you are a dumbass, but what do we expect from random ass indians. 😀

    • y'all ugly says:

      *laughs in Custom ROM*

  2. 2rawww says:

    Payed 600 to get s9+ (traded s7) maybe I can do the same for s10. If not il wait a while.

  3. InfinityR says:

    I finally get to upgrade my S7 Edge to S10+.

  4. Justin Y. says:

    Apple has left the chat

  5. Knights Tale says:

    gonna wait for the note 10

  6. Swagata Mukherjee says:

    tell me a joke

    10 Gigs of ram

  7. Abhi says:

    That reverse charging is really useful in class rooms.

  8. Cave Cab says:

    Samsung:We Innovate And Demotivate

    Apple:We Scam And Motivate

    • Alex Lau says:

      +maheesha sithum did u knw tht samsung producing the screen to apple? without samsung apple is done. u can jst look at the ios system and battery instead of the screen dude.

    • Will says:

      +maheesha sithum Yeah they did it first, but since then, they lost quality. iPhone quality died with Steve Jobs.

    • Ace Will says:

      +Garrett Reider iSheep 2019 *triggered*

    • HolyBoboli says:

      +maheesha sithum You’re aware that apples didn’t make the first smartphone, they didn’t even have the first dual camera setup(LG had done this prior), they weren’t even the first to use a fingerprint scanner in their phones(The motorola atrix had this feature in 2011), so please stop spewing bs, apple doesn’t innovate, they’re just great at running with good ideas that already exist.

    • IHateNumbers234 says:

      +maheesha sithum People are actually saying Apple invented the dual camera? Jesus Christ they didn’t even popularize them

  9. sreyus meera says:

    What 12 GB Ram Oh Man My Pc Has Only 2GB

  10. Akshay Hari says:

    It’s like a trailer for .. Apple’s END GAME….

  11. Ibsy says:

    samsung knocked it out the park with this unpacked!

  12. K says:

    Sweet the S10 is coming out! Now i can finally afford the Galaxy S2.

  13. Poovizhi T says:


  14. Geo Jose says:

    Who else have a PC with 2gb of RAM?!

  15. ANONYMOUS says:

    I’m happy with my note 9
    because I’m waiting for note 10

  16. Kat Galactic says:

    Prefer Samsung for phones, Apple for tablets (iPad)

  17. Daniel says:

    Imagine what the note is gonna be like ?

  18. Overdose says:

    I wish i get this phone in any giveaways?

  19. Nightcore Lab says:

    Love it, getting the S10+ ?

  20. SLR says:

    Samsung manages to keep the headphone jack and still find space for the useless Bixby button but other companies say the don’t have space for the headphone jack anymore?


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