Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max! Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Also Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR!

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87 Responses

  1. EverythingApplePro says:

    Drop a ? for innovation. I don’t care if it’s Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple. Innovation is everything and Samsung is killing it this year.

  2. Md.Nazmul Alam Evan says:

    Just start a second channel titled “EverythingSamsungPro”

  3. Arjun j s says:

    First time seeing an apple fanboy really appreciating a Samsung Galaxy flagship.

  4. Tu-Duc La says:

    Samsung innovates
    Apple renovates,… mostly.

  5. Brandon Pardo says:

    I’m switching from Apple to android Samsung won me over

  6. PjXu98 says:

    Next Iphone will not have a charging port. If the battery is empty, just buy a new one.

  7. Erexen TM says:

    How can you compare apple with this samsung is way above apple now

    • brando12343 says:

      James Adam Saunders how are the batteries crap? i had an s8 and my moms iphone 6s with a battery half the size easily outlasted it, never had good luck with samsung batteries

    • LORDOFCINDER says:

      +brando12343 wut? Now thats one impossible thing

    • Andy Perez says:

      Apple really behind unless they come up with something better but I guess I’ll have to switch to the future no doubt about that

    • Gowtham Bopanna says:

      Now..? Since note 4 they are ahead

    • my world says:

      trust me even chinese oem already ahead from apple… apple keep talk their ois is the main interaction but… its getting old…. because most android getting better in software

  8. 테크마니아 says:

    Samsung brings innovation
    Apple brings price

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga says:

      Mohammad M.E. who would need 1 TB of storage for a phone?

    • Full Timesmoke says:

      +Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga Whats the problem with the 1 tb version? Your not forced to buy it, but for people who think they need this insane amount of storage its there. And thats not a bad at all.

    • Mohammad M.E. says:

      +Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga Don’t ask me, ask them people who buy such devices.

    • Michael Parker says:

      +Kentucky Fried Chicken Nigga More storage on the phone means less need to delete files or upload to the cloud.
      I remember the days people said 1gb was ridiculously high and hardly anyone would use it, but of course times change.

    • shamir fisher says:

      That’s what people think is what cool about Samsung but it’s just pure specs. iPhones perfect it by integration. If they give you a smaller resolution they have some sort of integration with the reasoning. Samsung product feel more like individuals while apple feels like family.

  9. KungUn says:

    Thumbs up for the iPhone falling

  10. Slender Kid says:

    2016 No headphone jack in the box
    2018 No fingerprint scanner on the phone
    2029 No phone in the box

  11. Color Cube says:

    1:58 *Apple has left the chat, literally.*

  12. chamundeshwari prakash says:

    1:58 *im too ugly ill ruin the shot*


    Amazing that you are doing a giveaway on the s10, i mean who wants to win an iphone xs?

  14. saim ali says:

    looks like apple fanboy fell for samsung

  15. Playonce says:

    1:58 I think the XS saw that drastic difference and surrendered by falling down.

  16. Samuel says:

    Apple trying to leave the chat 1:58

  17. giorgi tughushi says:

    Waiting drop test of s10 plus …

  18. M&M Gaming says:

    *Is that a headphone jack I see*

  19. J J says:

    I love Apple but that screen is sharp and those design colors really pop! Impressive!

    • Jordan Price says:

      Riki Dutta Also, literally only you think the Galaxy watch is better than Apple Watch. Considering the Apple Watch is the best selling Smartwatch and no one else is ever fucking close. Because they’re TRASH

    • Riki Dutta says:

      +Jordan Price let’s tell you what all Samsung does better than iPhone.
      1: screen quality
      2: battery life
      3:faster fast charging
      4: includes fast charger in the box
      5: includes high quality AKG ear buds in the box
      6: includes case in the box
      7: in display fp scanner for times when you CAN’T look at your phone to unlock it
      8: headphone jack
      9: more RAM
      10: more software features for example split screen multi task
      11: a better camera (wide angle lens both in front and rear, super stable video, super slomo, variable aperture, 4k front cam)
      12: heart rate sensor
      13:yes, reverse wireless charging too
      14: even the cheapest variant has an amoled screen.
      15: STILL cheaper than the iPhone

      and what does Apple have that makes it better? Animoji and apple stickers included in the box? ??
      Regarding your apple watch thing, my dude they released the gear watch just yesterday ?atleast wait for a year to see the apple watch sales drop?

    • TechBlur says:

      Sub to me anyone plz ?

    • Daxam Might says:

      @Riki Dutta I guess it’s about looks rather than personality.

  20. DHAIRYA GOEL says:

    3 cheers for Samsung ?
    Very innovative and techy… with get the same specs a year later and say ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ ??

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