Samsung Galaxy S9 first look!

Samsung Galaxy S9 first look!

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus look familiar, but there are a few new things that make them worth checking out. Top of the list is a brand new camera that lets you change the aperture of the lens, and Samsung has fixed the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Both phones will be available in March. Subscribe:

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65 Responses

  1. Amit Kumar says:

    Not first

  2. Guilherme Oi says:

    Before the event! LOL

  3. Nikhil Gangal says:

    nice one guys

  4. Technox says:

    Not first.

    • Jozef Brodala says:

      Technox That’s not what first look means, it’s not about being the first place to have it, it’s about taking a quick look before a full review

  5. Ankit Jangid says:


  6. Vijay Kumar says:

    Thanks Verge! Now no need to follow the Samsung live event ??

  7. nonameleft1 says:

    This is weak

  8. Artem Ilyumzhinov says:

    Samsung Galaxy S8S?

  9. Christian Medina says:

    I can reach the finger scanner just fine on my s8

    • Jordan Price says:

      Maybe for you it’s fine but for others it’s not like for 1) annoying because of the placement 2) other people have smaller hands 3) people get the plus model.. which means you’d have to have your hand pretty much at the top of the phone to scan your finger.

    • Yasuke says:

      Same here. It’s really in how people hold their phones/ palm placement. A case makes it even easier to find.

  10. Satyam saxena says:

    I’ll stick to my s7 edge

  11. TrillBoy Gaming says:

    Boring lol

  12. SDG Danny says:

    I don’t mind the fact that this is an iteration of the S8, I think the new features, notably the camera, is worth is.

  13. SpeC5 says:

    When your YouTube recommended are flooded with S9 videos

  14. Ramon McNally says:

    That camera is a big deal.

  15. Free Thinkers says:

    Guys stop complaining, for the average consumer, it is expensive to upgrade every year to flagships. If you have an s8 or note 8, it will still be an excellenct phone, and there really wouldn’t be any reason to upgrade in general, since neither are even a year old. However, this would be a great upgrade for people who have something like say an s7 or older

    • Raymond Yeung says:

      Free Thinkers Nah. Content with my s7 edge. Will wait for s10 lol

    • GHOST HACKER says:

      Raymond Yeung that’s long take note 9

    • Kraoking XYZ says:

      Free Thinkers Yeah I agree, I have an S7 edge and plan on getting the S9 plus

    • Ombro says:

      Do you guys not have the 2 year upgrade thing where you’re from?
      In Australia, all the major phone companies give you a new phone every 2 years if you’re on a decent phone plan. Seems like a good way to go as really, upgrading every year must feel like a bit of a minor bump where if you do it every second gen you can feel the much bigger boost in power.

  16. Check It Out says:

    Keeping headphone jack seems smart

  17. Xavier Mathews says:

    Only cool thing about this phone is the camera.

  18. edris mateso says:

    *Nothing new* I’ll keep my S8+

  19. force perfect says:

    Like s8

  20. Sub Killer says:

    Any S7 user here??
    Lemme just say something, u all rock and you made the smartest choice for a smart phone ever. S7 is where the S series revolution began in terms of specs and hardware! Phone speed unmatched for its price, one of the best rear camera ever!
    And its as portable as an iphone, complete package!!

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