Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are here, in the flesh. Worth the upgrade?

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101 Responses

  1. H M says:

    You look like Antonio Rudiger

  2. Mrky says:

    Aaaand another one I will never have…

  3. Chidi-Ching-Ching says:

    Who else is watching on Galaxy S9?

  4. aoalr says:

    When Apple releases an S version, all Samsung sheep insult Apple for not changing the looks although they offer pretty drastic improvements in every S release. I feel like with the S9, half the Galaxy employees took a year off and the other worked on the camera. Enjoy your shitty 960fps and ARemoji.

    • Arun K P says:

      aoalr There is a big difference underneath. The new exynos processor is a beast scoring nearly as much as the Apple A11. I don’t understand why people are saying there isn’t much difference just because the design is the same. There are new stereo speakers with dolby atmos support, Better camera with better low light capability, variable aperture which i guess is a first in a smartphone, AR emojis, super slomo- 960fps 720p, 4k video at 60fps, more powerful and efficient processor, more RAM in s9 plus, slightly improved display. Everything is new except the design. What else is there to change??

    • Alicia Walmsley says:

      aoalr ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • abdelhadi EN says:

      Itโ€™s exploding too lol

    • RaitoYagami88 says:

      I’ve literally never seen anyone rag on Apple for having the same design for their S phones.
      They are rightfully mocked for having the same design from 2014 to 2017. Four years and four phones with the exact same design.

  5. MALLU HACKER says:

    waiting 4 Samsung s10 and iPhone XI๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. kappakumplete says:


  7. Simon Vuille says:

    Buy the original, aka the iPhone X. That thing is just a ripoff, especially with these gadgets, just laughable.

  8. highlights classy says:

    Pixel 2 xl vs Samsung Galaxy s9plus

  9. Farshid Persia says:

    It’s a really good phone but hands down the most boring upgrade Samsung has ever done.

    • kwwyy says:

      _ Icunt? Is that your momโ€™s name?

    • glory god says:

      night raid That will only make the phone more fragile. They working on newer techology that will be release next year not this year.

    • Prince Pรฉgaze says:

      RaitoYagami88 The Fuck you talking about , The galaxy S5 was waterproof and was one of the first phones to have fingerprint , maan check your facts or get the fuck out of this comment section ……

    • glory god says:

      Joshua Sandoval You went full retarded!

    • Sweet Lemon says:

      Joshua Sandoval how am I an android sheep for not liking a notch? You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast.
      Back to the main conversation, the notch may not look as bad as people make it out to seem, but unless every phone and cammera starts adopting the notch or will always be impractical, so a flat top is just better personally.

  10. Jaydon Antoine says:

    “The hype is finally over”

    What hype? lol

  11. Michel Bryce says:

    Definitely going to get one! I’ve been anticipating the day I can throw this iPhone away ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Mr Gt says:

    Still has a headphone ja… ha ha

  13. Cookie Tasty says:

    S6 – New design.
    S7 – Evolution of S6.
    S8 – New design.
    S9 – Evolution of S9.
    *Next Galaxy – New design???*

  14. kapil busawah says:

    I mean, you didn’t say anything about 960FPS on the XZP from last year. If it was such a big deal to you, how comes you never talked about the first phone to actually do it? The S9 also record in questionable HD like the XZP and it uses the exact same time window of 0.16 seconds or rounded to 0.2 seconds like the XZP.

    Don’t get me wrong, the phone is doing amazing things with that camera but it is odd you didn’t even reference the other phone that did it first, since its such a big deal to you. Additionally that cringey “AR EMOJI” stuff was also on SONY flagships. Just pointing that out.

    I think this phone and the Galaxy Note 9 will be this year’s best phones. Reason: its a flagship with the best camera and has the jack.

    • DGASH says:

      kapil busawah 4 words – Samsung aggressive advertisment policy

      Thats why i hate this brand and their chip – reimagined bullshit

    • Kunal says:

      rohit palyekar hahaha I am sure. Then it would have been revolutionary and a must have. It would have been as important as making a phone call or using internet.

    • Kunal says:

      แƒŸแƒแƒ แƒ แƒžแƒšแƒ˜แƒฃแƒกแƒ˜ yeah because it is very easy to think an idea and very difficult to improve it. Right?

    • anthony brazzle says:

      Maybe He Never Talked About It Because The Average Consumer In America Doesn’t Really Know And/Or Care About Sony Phones?

    • Dr. HavocX says:

      kapil busawah i was about to write the same comment
      Iknow sony keeps the same design and just adds more specs, no amoled or fancy stuff but as you mentioned they did the 960 and the AR
      Other comments are also true..

  15. espn0o says:

    It’s the same phone as the S8, I’ll keep my S8+ for now

    • Murtaza Rzv says:


    • Jackson Scott says:

      its actually a huge upgrade. Just because something looks similar does not mean it is the same. You should look more into the new features.

    • Jแด€แด„แด‹แด‡ส€แด„แด says:

      espn0o phone tech and innovation cant move further till the rest of the tech world does.

    • efknight says:

      The spec bumps are significant. 6gbs of ram in the s9+ is very nice. And that snapdragon processor is really fast and more power efficient. I have the S7 and decided to skip the S8 because I knew that the S9 was going to be the better version of the same phone.

    • Nicholas Brewer says:

      espn0o me too

  16. Lumumba B. says:

    S9 Camera is 3 years ahead of Apple.

    • Prashanth Murali says:

      yes but Apple will come up with a “revolutionary” camera with variable aperture in 3 years so shhhh!

    • Jershwuh says:

      Variable aperture is neat but I can almost guarantee that you will not be a able to tell the difference between a picture taken with the 2.4 vs the 1.5 aperture. It’s hardly revolutionary now and it’s just one more tiny thing that can break. Especially as much as phones are dropped I don’t see that aperture standing the abuse. Which is wonderful because you’ll be stuck with one or the other once it breaks. Hopefully not the 2.4.

    • Haxor inator says:

      You mean how it just got 4K UHD 60fps, when the iPhone X/8 already had it?

      Samsung is years behind Google, letโ€™s be honest.

    • Jackson Scott says:

      lol riiiiight. there is a large difference in pic quality.

    • Lumumba B. says:

      no pic quality is not much different but samsung camera is way more sensitive and has bigger aperture so you can make better pictures with low and available light. or you do not produce so many pictures you can throw away because of shaking. with samsung camera you can make a picture when apple camera just produces noisy crap.

  17. FSXNOOB - Gแ—ฉแ—ฐแ•ฎS & แ—ฐOแ–‡แ•ฎ says:

    When S9 is hitting 1k, the note 9 will go 1200… :-/

  18. King Sappy says:

    android is better than apple

  19. Food Lover says:

    Iphone X still better

  20. Jouz says:

    LMAO MKBHD in ARmoji looks like an indian guy ๐Ÿ˜‚

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