Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!

Spoiler alert: There’s still a Bixby button.

Galaxy S9+ skins:

Dave2D video on the blood pressure sensor:

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70 Responses

  1. Hangliax says:

    I never ever pressed the bixby button accidentally. It never gets in the way. Although When I press it on purpose I also try to find something useful, but rarely.

    • RosDon says:

      김유찬 LOL you little fucker, you can’t press that button by accident just because your cunttubers said so LOL little cunt

    • Fabrice null says:

      I press mine by accident a lot though. If I’m holding my car key and my phone in the same hand, my screen always turns on either I hit the Bixby button or the POWER button by accident.

      It also happen when I’m watching a video on FULLSCREEN and my pinky finger lands on the button and activates it.

    • Goldy matin says:

      RosDon actualy i use s8 and my brother use note 8 and we always accidentally press Bixby when we want to press volume down

    • Snook says:

      A case helps stop the accidental presses

    • Yummy Hershey says:

      Holy crap calm down. Like you said, it’s a matter of opinion, and he can voice his just like Marques did. It’s not like he did anything wrong and you’re verbally attacking him. Where did the aggression come from? 0_o

  2. Anesu C says:

    Well I am not sure what happened to my last comment with 300 likes. Anyway here is what it said:
    Still watching the video, pretty good so far as usual (I mean what do you expect haha), but just a thought I just had when you mentioned the D-Brand part, I think you should have more transparency on whether it is a sponsored placement or not. At this point I am not even sure if it was, but the way it was added into the video made me think it was. Just something that came across my mind!

    Edit: Seems like I have to point out the obvious, I really could care less, I made that this comment just to look after him legally. The last thing you want is having to go through something like that unnecessarily. It doesn’t affect me in anyway shape or form, but as I said thats what came through my mind.

  3. How To Make Sushi says:

    seems like a good phone, wish they had pushed it forward a little more than they have but I guess steady slow progress is a good thing.

  4. Kenny Ramasawmy says:

    Your videos are so visually pleasing 😍
    Like to show support to Marques❤️

  5. Aftab Mohammed says:


    • Sam Strickler says:

      LeSurgïe™ 🈂 no, the build isn’t made of all glass so you can break both sides of it

    • Aftab Mohammed says:

      Gavin VandenBroeder ,pls understand every other small review comparing side by side photo s9 is more sharper.
      YouTube owned by Google,hence Google is promoting channel which promote pixel.

    • Jaimen Holland says:

      Aftab Mohammed no he promoted Pixel because it’s a better phone that’s grounded in reality. Pixel phones are designed with what the people look for, Apple sees what others are doing and does it better AKA Samsung; the S9 reaches for the stars and the rocket blows up in the sky during liftoff.

  6. Christian Daniel says:

    Great review, Cant wait to see your 1000th episode!

  7. StealthGamer says:

    Great review as always! The Samsung Galaxy S9 is indeed a pretty good phone.

    New features that I like on the S9:
    – The newly-placed, easy-to-reach Fingerprint Scanner.
    – F/2.4 & F/1.5 Apertures for good-looking shots.
    – 960fps Super Slow-mo video.
    – The new Intelligent Scan which needs Iris Scanning & Facial Recognition to unlock your phone.
    – Dual speakers & Dolby Atmos support.
    – And the Headphone Jack still retains on their last smartphone!

    Samsung is love, Samsung is life!

  8. XtremeTorque says:

    TOMORROW IS THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF MKBHD! .. All the greatness begun on 21 March 2008

  9. Javk J says:

    Gotta buy it

  10. Rodrigo EspecialesyAgradecimientos says:

    Watching from my galaxy S9+, works great and im really liking it so far. My friend has the iphone X and it beats it in almost everything (desing, speakers, face unlock, although its not that safe) the camera is up for personal preference but I prefer samsungs, and the screen is way better. It is the best android phone so far.

    • Rodrigo EspecialesyAgradecimientos says:

      Jaimen Holland I dont know about the pixel, but side by side with the iphone its really close or Samsung wins, I can say this beacause I have testet both. About the OS updates the are kind of late but I dont mind. It has very usefull features like edge display which I use all the time.

      The pixel has a horrible desing and the one plus 5t, although its better value, its not better overall, it lacks some premium features.

      If you dont need the best performance or the best something, this phone is the best to get, beacause it is the most complete smartphone, another phone may be better at something but overall this is the best phone.

    • Que Onda Canal says:

      Of course your iphone is the best because that’s your personal preference. But both phones are best in their own ways. I mean iphone cannot do what s9 can and vice versa. ios sucks in some ways and android sucks in other ways. No winner at all.

    • foreverbbooyy says:

      The iPhone definitely has better speakers and the displays are actually closer than most think.

    • Valentine Meza says:

      I’m pretty sure the iPhone X speaker and camera is better . My speaker fills the entire room

    • Jaimen Holland says:

      Rodrigo EspecialesyAgradecimientos
      Let’s remember Samsung has the largest market share world wide, but that’s only due to the fact that they make mostly budget phone’s and sell ALOT of them.

      I digress…
      ….I’d disagree, because the 6 biggest things people expect from their phone: Good Battery, Frequent Security Updates, Camera, Clear Screen, Build Quality, Wow Factor.

      S9 has good camera’s, has beautiful screens, great build quality and Wow Factors(3D avatars, Intelligent Scan)

      Buuuuut you and I both know the battery on Samsung’s lacks in general (Note7 incident shows poor battery design) we’ve used many Galaxy Devices and Samsungs lack on the most important parts being Battery & Frequent Security Updates.
      Not to mention of all the major phone assistant’s Bixby comes in last behind Siri and The Google Assistant.

      I’m an Android man through and through, but in order to say one is better than another you have to try them, and I’ve done the iPhone X, I currently still use my Pixel 2 and the S9 but I think he summed it up rather well in the video. Samsung S9 is a great brand but it’s in 3rd.

      Ultimately people like what they like, but you have to put aside your own bias and look at the evidence before you.

  11. Ismo Mattila says:

    Software is Samsung’s biggest downfall.
    1: Late or no updates
    2: Inconsistent performance when the phone ages
    3: Not the best power optimization (battery usage)

    Stock android with zero Samsung input to the software would improve these phones drastically

    • GeneralReticent says:

      Kind of… if you have an unlocked device and only get security patches. Still no Oreo.

    • Raveen Bikha says:

      Ismo Mattila other is quality apps is also meh devs aren’t fast with updating and games looks worst on android will less texture even with max settings

    • Aftab Mohammed says:

      Ismo Mattila ,pixel biggest advantage
      1)Google own pixel
      2)Google own YouTube
      3)Google own youtubers

  12. adam young X says:

    Finally! I can now afford s8

  13. Venkat S says:

    Key and Peele!

  14. Kash Boy says:

    Did you really just say S9’s camera is behind Pixel and even iPhone X? Lol Nobody else seems to think so, Marques. You might be slightly biased towards Apple.

    • Gershon Dharmanandan says:

      the pixel 2 still has the best camera on a smartphone. thats not a debate… it beats the s9 in most things… although the s9 beats the iphone x

    • MomasBoyOnline says:

      Saurabh Srivastava the S8 is not equivalent to the Pixel 2. The S9 is essentially equivalent to it. The Pixel 2 is better simply due to the effectiveness of Google’s software. Camera’s aside, the Samsungs would be better phones for most people.

  15. east says:

    The aux port wins all..

  16. HACKING MADE FUN says:

    Worth the wait

  17. Indian Anupam says:

    Fabulous video…respect from India *brother*

  18. Wilvin says:

    MKBHD can go back to his Pixel 2 XL. I, on the other hand, need that vibrant HDR display, headphone jack, expandable storage, wireless charging, Samsung Pay, 4k@60fps video recording, and 1080p@240fps video recording. I also want the best display on a smartphone, great phone design, 3D face scanning, heart rate sensor, Iris scanning, FAST wireless charging, 720p@960fps super slow mo video recording, variable aperture camera, IP68 water resistance (Pixel 2 XL is only IP67 rated), 2 extra GB of RAM, Coral Blue color, SnapDragon 845, 3D touch (aka pressure sensitive) home button, and additional software features. These things matter to everyone else which is why Galaxys outsells Pixels something close to 10 to 1.

  19. Rhey Lewis says:

    Make your S9+ perfect.
    1- install Nova Launcher Pro
    2- install Bixby button remapper..I currently have mine set to Google Assistant on single press, flashlight on double press, DND on long press.
    3- just awaiting GCam port which will bring the better software of the Pixel camera to the better hardware of the Samsung camera.

    Battery life has been superb as well as the intelligent face scan.

  20. Techno GJ says:

    Nice review

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