Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us

Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us

Introducing the makers, the directors and the creators of this generation. When we’re told we can’t, we all have the same answer.

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20 Responses

  1. Princ 1_1 says:

    “Do what you can’t” well If I can do it i would do it

  2. Evan Filarca says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who really dislikes Casey Neistat. ?

  3. Mind Of Jedi says:

    The Media: Trump will never get 17%
    Trump: Watch me.
    The Media: Trump will never be the nominee
    Trump: Watch me.
    The Media: Trump will never recover from pussy gate
    Trump: Watch me.
    The Media: Trump will never be president
    Trump: Watch me.

  4. Racha Mashups says:

    Can someone enlighten me on why Casey is a “sellout”? He’s just doing what he loves and making money at the same time. That’s the dream!

  5. FearOfTheFuture says:

    I don’t understand all the hate in the comments here!
    First of all: This is a 60 second motivational video and ad by Samsung.
    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have nothing to do with that!
    Second: Casey has fought hard to be able to make money from his passion, which is telling stories, sharing ideas and obviously filming and editing. He literally got from rags to riches. But this didn’t just “happen”. He worked hard and encouraged people to do the same.
    Third: This man wanted to use his voice, and although he already knew it would earn him a lot of hate, he used it to shout out his opinion, which doesn’t make him a “fag”, but a brave man!
    Casey is a role model for many, and no matter if you agree with his opinions or not, he definitely does not deserve this hate!
    Thx for reading this.

  6. TheKidsSounds says:

    Stop being so jealous, idiots.

  7. cris6543211 says:

    At no point did casey told people to go buy a samsung and all he did was promote small creators that have provided awesome contents with small budgets. so why will you call him a sell out for being positive!

  8. J Kim says:

    So much insecurity in this comment section. Why do you care so much about what other people believe politically or what they look like? Just watch a video for a video’s sake. So much salt, immaturity, and insecurity. Lol.

  9. Nighthawk X says:

    who also only came here because Casey was in it

  10. ANDREY DIAZ says:

    Casey is a really great guy, and the commercial is pretty positive, don’t know why the hate is flowing in the comments. Tell me why in a respectful manner he is getting so much hate?

  11. Cocobunnie says:

    Hello there welcome to the comment section get ready to experience alot of hate and bullshit for no god damn reason?

  12. pwetty4r4 says:

    Jesus Christ! why is everyone being so negative????

  13. John Habib says:

    Is it me or all of his haters just happen to be Trump supporters?

  14. David Worley says:

    Damn, some right wing folks are turning into some straight snowflakes lately. I don’t agree with Casey’s politics but I loved this commercial and the message it was giving to young creators. Ya’ll just being some nobody bitches in the comment section. lol smh “omgurd, he don’t believe the same thing i do…REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”.

  15. Qwertysimal says:

    makes inspirational video gets hate

  16. Jon Bomers says:

    What in the world guys, this is the most negative comment section I’ve ever seen.  Casey has worked with Samsung before, and he has said in his videos many times that he enjoys working with them, and will continue to do so.  I think he did a great job, and his message was very powerful.  Great job Samsung and Casey, I think this was a big success.

  17. Erik Shaw says:

    I hate this idea that being a vlogger makes you a “creator.” No. Anybody can record their everyday activities. That doesn’t make you a creative person. YouTube’s content has really dumbed down over the years.

  18. Wodchly says:

    Did Casey have some kind of accident with his face? I’m not to familiar with his background.

  19. Stack Guy says:

    “Sellout” is a term used by people who are jealous. They probably still live in their mothers’ basements and refuse to find a job because they’d rather insult people who have worked for what they have.


    look y’all, I’m a die hard Republican. i had a problem with Casey’s Hillary endorsement video, and when he stopped making daily vlogs. but im over it, i think Casey is fucking awesome, this video is cool as shit stop being jealous cunts. stop acting like you wouldn’t take these opportunities he’s getting. the difference is that he’s worked for them and you want it handed to you. he’s not a sell out, he’s not even a YouTuber he’s a film maker.

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