Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer | Samurai Jack | Adult Swim

Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer | Samurai Jack | Adult Swim

It’s been 50 years since we saw Samurai Jack and time has not been kind to him. Aku has destroyed every time portal and Jack has stopped aging, a side effect of time travel. It seems he is cursed to just roam the land for all eternity. Samurai Jack premieres Saturday, March 11th at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer | Samurai Jack | Adult Swim

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20 Responses

  1. Sergio Escobar says:

    We waited 13 years for 10 episodes. Am I the only one who preferred that
    they went through with the movie?

  2. Kargath Bladefist (WoD) says:

    Time has lost its effects on me…

    Geralt: Welcome to the club buddy…

  3. Wolf Man Lyken says:

    90’s kids have grown into the generation that gets shit done. We got Obama
    elected, put toonami back on air, and brought back samurai jack and young

  4. Alan Sanchez says:

    Finally something worth waiting for, This is how i spent my childhood
    watching (samurai jack, Ed edd n eddy, Dexter’s laboratory,Foster home for
    imaginary friends,that’s so raven, phil of the future,futurama, family guy
    old episodes,spongebob,South park, oh God I’m old …
    -adult swim
    -cartoon network
    -kidz wb
    -kera PBS (no cable)
    -disney channel
    -comedy central
    what else am I missing?!?!?!???????????

  5. II says:

    Aku: Now voiced by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump

  6. Zachary Kemp says:

    what is the music in the trailer? it sounds like Carpenter Brut

  7. Kase Cuthbertson says:

    my eyes just came in their eye pants.

  8. Magic Wizards says:

    But who will voice Aku?!?!?

  9. josh chigurh says:

    0:21 does anyone kno that man

  10. Alec Eisenbison says:

    “50 years have passed…”

    Oh, it’s FELT like 50 fucking years, believe me.

  11. John Notstamos says:

    “Why can’t there be a new season of Ed Edd n Eddy?”
    “Why no new Fosters?”
    “Where’s the new Grim Adventures?”
    SHUT UP!
    All of those shows had conclusions or the crew stepped down! The original
    Powerpuff Girls show wasn’t ever canceled. Cartoon Network went to Craig
    MCCracken (PPG Creator) for a 7th season in circa 2005/6 and he said no.
    Maxwell Atoms(Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy creator) tried to bring
    back the series through a spin-off called “Underfist” but it flopped. Ed
    Edd n Eddy creator Danny Antonucci had his conclusion in the tv movie, “Big
    Picture Show” and has now gone back to livin’ life in Canada.(CONT.)

  12. Ethan Harris says:

    Now can the bring back The Clone Wars

  13. My cake is delicious PEOPLE says:

    Wasn’t samurai jack a fucking kids show on Cartoon Network?

  14. christian luna (Noob Saibot) says:

    The show was dark when I was a kid, the show grows darker now as I am 19
    years old.

  15. Kaspar T says:

    OK guys, now just search for this video on YouTube: *Greenfield Easy Cash

    before he makes it private again

  16. RJ and PAULA says:

    Omfg! Samurai Jack!? Hell yaa! Finally, some good old cartoon shows that I
    use to watch. Please bring back Power puff girls, Dexter, and Johnny Bravo
    please! Thank you.?

  17. Lucas Fernandez says:


  18. JimmyXP says:

    I’m gonna go home and fuck my wife

  19. Anon E. Mousse says:

    Everybody now!

    *Gotta get back*
    *Back to the past*
    *Samurai Jack*

  20. Animated Tigress says:

    omg. I just ovulated. I wanna have Jack babies. fucking hot that this is
    coming back.

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