Sanders on Trump: We Need to Think Every Day How to Mobilize People to Defeat This Horrific Agenda

Sanders on Trump: We Need to Think Every Day How to Mobilize People to Defeat This Horrific Agenda – In the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight against Trump’s proposed policies to build a wall across the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border, to reinstate a database for immigrants from majority-Muslim countries and to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. On Monday night, Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman sat down for an interview with Senator Sanders, who spoke about what it looks like to hold Trump and the Republican Party accountable.

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20 Responses

  1. Jason Bass says:

    Bernie Sanders looks like a Muppet

  2. Thomas Matteo says:

    this election, we did defeat the horrific agenda.

  3. Richie says:

    dumbass is talking about carrier meanwhile it was just announced that trump
    got them to cancel their move to mexico and keep their plants in indiana
    saving those 2100 manufacturing jobs. isnt even president yet and already
    creating jobs. I bet you or hillary couldnt of done that if you were
    president you commie bastard!

  4. itumblers says:

    Bernie is part of the establishment puppetry. It’s time for Vermont to dump
    this dumb ass.

  5. Giovanni H says:

    Go to sleep old man

  6. Hillary Clinton says:

    Boo Hoo Doofus! I cheated you out of the nomination, then I took you’re man
    hood and made you my bitch. now you say your going to fight? ha ha ha,
    Bernie your such a cuck.

  7. Evan Diaz says:

    you fucking trump retards bernie said he would work with trump on the
    things he agrees with trump on and be against him when he needs to be he is
    not a partisan hack like you fucks (I’m not talking about the good trump
    supporters by the way) and hillary supporters who constantly demonized ALL
    trump supporters should be ashamed

  8. Sophie Maele says:

    Keep it up, Leftists. Keep marginalizing everyday Americans who have been
    kicked to the curb by Obama and the Left. You’ve seen the backlash with
    Trump, but if you double down on your hatred for everything good and
    honest, America will finally relegate you and your insipid Marxism and
    Social Justice to the ash heap of history. Good work!

  9. Rpp Wing says:

    How the fuck did America let a fascist run their country lmao

  10. Donald Trump 2016 says:

    Horrific agenda? Enforcing laws and keeping jobs (carrier and ford) is

  11. Israel Figueroa says:

    he sais fuck the email like the truth about the elite being satanist is
    choose the rich guy over that witch THANK GOD I DONT TAKE PILLS NOR IM
    MARRIED TO tHE STATES only the satanist and people cheating the system are
    MAD and working for Zorros its the TRUTH

  12. Mike Burke says:

    Jesus, so many Trump fascists here. I have news for you, Trump doesn’t give
    a fuck about you or your problems, Bernie does!

  13. Jay Yagebu says:

    Yeah dude Bernie is such an outsider, especially when he sold out to
    Hillary. Disgusting.

  14. Alimamy Bundu says:

    Give it up gramps your time is up.

  15. buck short says:

    STFU Sanders. You’re a totally messed up, twisted version of Ron Paul for
    moronic teens and college students who barely dipped their feet into
    politics. The only reason you are relevant is because there are too many
    brainwashed douchy liberal kids because of the extreme liberal bias in
    popular culture and college campuses.

  16. Hans Zarkov says:

    I don’t believe a word Sanders says. I detect he is merely hitting all of
    the popular buzzwords to tickle peoples’ ears.

  17. Green Monkey says:

    Can this guy shut up already? He lost, and he needs to suck it up

  18. Tbone Scriv says:

    Bernie is a fucktard the end

  19. Nova Day says:

    Isn’t it weird how Bernie just purchased a lavish 600k home right after all
    this? Hmm. You sure are living good aren’t ya? Where’d you get the money
    from I wonder

  20. SilentPony says:

    Poor bastard is so defeated. He knows he could have won, but he sold his
    soul to Hildog when she cheated him out of the nomination. Poor poor