“Santa Claus” helps Heath Slater fight off Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers: Raw, Dec. 24, 2018

“Santa Claus” helps Heath Slater fight off Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers: Raw, Dec. 24, 2018

Dressed as St. Nick, a familiar face gives Heath Slater a Yuletide assist.


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76 Responses

  1. Rayquan Davey says:

    Well at least Rhyno is staying on Raw

  2. Jinny Legend says:

    Rhyno has back!
    We want reunion between Slater & Rhyno*

  3. All in one Arnav says:

    WWE you’re not doing good with Jinder, bring up some interesting story man

    • EightFilm Productions says:

      Jinder should go back to SmackDown in the next Shake Up.

    • Abhijeet Saurabh says:

      It was super funny..a man who is not even in proper shape beats a man who is having the best physique & potential…wwe should make proper scripts that seems little real…

    • Conrad Lobo says:

      +Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki it has nothing to do with charisma and everything to do with creative writing and good booking which he had neither of, all we had shoved down our throats is stereotypical garbage. Jinder has a good personality, amazing physic and decent in the ring, people like you just hate him cause he’s Indian, learn some manners and don’t tell people to shut up the same could be said to you.

  4. V SW says:

    Welcome back Rhyno.

  5. Chris Jays says:

    Who remember when Jinder is WWE Champion lastyear? It all went down hill after he upIIoaded AIexaaBIisss nakednude videocIips onto “@iCravelt” Illnstagram profiIepage, then jobber

  6. Samoa Freakin Joe says:

    Screan that in Paul Heyman’s voice

  7. Chris Jays says:


  8. Great fashion says:

    I thought he may be John Cena ?

  9. vaibhav mathur says:

    Poor Jinder, he deserves a push. Atleast for Intercontinental Championship. And singh brothers were good in cruiserweight.

  10. Wario and Waluigi's Show says:

    Rhyno reminds of CM Punk with his long hair and shaved face in 2007

  11. madaraoluv2 says:

    Glad Rhyno’s back. Still say Mick Foley was the best WWE Santa though

  12. Trailer & Movies Review says:

    WWE is Dying

    No – Like
    Yes- Comment

  13. Andrew Peralta says:

    Welcome Back Home to Monday Night RAW Rhyno and Merry Christmas. GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Regina Phalange says:

    Heath n rhyno definitely deserve a tag team title shot!

  15. FollowerOfJesus 101 says:

    I knew as soon as Jinder lost the WWE championship, he would become irrelevant again

  16. Mr Quantum says:

    How does a man as physically as impressive as Jinder Mahal make it to this segment?

    • Abhijeet Saurabh says:

      I hope that everyone understands that wwe is scripted..& jinder is supposed to portray a character of fool comic wrestler with little wrestling skills…else it would have been a completely different story

    • Shalin Sutaria says:

      +Abhijeet Saurabh we understand it’s scripted but just look at Jinder. He looks like a boss with that physique but WWE treats him like a jobber cause he’s Indian

    • Abhijeet Saurabh says:

      +Shalin Sutaria biased management of RAW…they will never let jinder play his natural game like other superstars…else he will also turn babyface…

    • Ren says:

      Jinder is Canadian so it’s not about being Indian. He has 0 mic skills and 0 charisma.

    • CeeJay Jones says:

      Looking good doesn’t mean you can fight.

  17. Shahmeer Khokhar says:

    Jinder has the potential, but buried

  18. one more light says:

    Jinder Mahal needs a heel push..Vince please make it happen

    • Alex Riley says:

      Vince doesn’t care, he probably blames Jinder for his plan in India not working out. Also Vince probably bitter that Jinder got more cheers than Roman in their short feud. Nobody cheered Roman so Jinder punished

    • one more light says:

      +Alex Riley it make sense…I noticed that he became a jobber and that sucks man….

    • Alan Baker says:

      So what? If Roman wants Vince then he got leukemia and keeps getting a lot worse

  19. Sniping Pikachu says:

    Two of three members of 3mb are fighting, we just need Drew and we have ourselves a dream match

  20. Pritam Roy says:

    WWE wasting awesome heel…… jinder has look, muscle, height, promo skill….Bring back the Punjabi nightmare # push jinder

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