Santa signing to child

Santa signing to child

Santa was talking to a child at a shopping centre, but she couldn’t hear him, so he starts to sign to her…

Filmed at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough:

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20 Responses

  1. Vicki Maynard says:

    so adorable.. did you see that childs face?

  2. Oneal Stevens says:

    Thanks for the Love ! :)

  3. gljm99 says:

    Doris: So now do you see why there’s no Santa Claus.

    Susan: But when he spoke Dutch to that girl !

    It’s just like in the movie: “Miracle On 34th Street”

  4. Gulyabani says:

    “Boss they’re saying that Santa isn’t real!”

  5. H8stupidppl says:

    Wh-what? No Im not crying its because I had a shower 18 hours ago and
    theres still residue of water in my e… ah and fuck it yes I was crying,
    HAPPY ?

  6. JamieLantz Is Bored says:

    I want to know what they’re talking about. That Santa deserves a lot of
    cookies! ?????

  7. Jenny5150 says:

    #IBelieve #YesVirginia

  8. Stephen Dowd says:

    A true gentleman


    Absolutely wonderful!!!

  10. Emms UK Free Samples says:

    damn it I think I have something in my eyes

  11. Daniel Swales says:

    I’m from Middlesbrough AND I am hearing impaired myself and I just find
    this so awesome, well done Santa you just made my day and I bet the little
    girls day too.

  12. beccalou72 says:

    Brilliant, well done Mr C. Bet that made that lovely little girl’s day. :)

  13. Shirley Howard says:

    Aww well done Santa

  14. Matthew Aguilera says:

    The moment in Miracle on 34th Street is truly magical and moving. It sums
    up Christmas for me.

    I made an effort to know a tiny bit of sign language after seeing that film
    just so if the opportunity arises, I could connect with somebody.

    This moment is so wonderful. What a great Santa. It makes me believe in
    Christmas again.

  15. Orthelos says:

    0:14 The way she turns to him with a huge smile… so adorable <3

  16. Isa Landero says:

    just makes me get emotional. thank God for this man. he made her so happy

  17. RattlerX5150 says:

    A billion karma to that santa for this extremely kind gesture.

  18. Pierre-Olivier Lavoie says:

    Even Krampus shed a tear.

  19. Palm Tree says:

    Wow. Gives one hope for mankind. God bless this gentleman, and that lovely
    little girl.

  20. ColemanReese says:

    Wow.. that is one of the most touching things I have seen in donkeys