Sarah Hyland on Dealing with Chronic Health Issues and Suicidal Thoughts

Sarah Hyland on Dealing with Chronic Health Issues and Suicidal Thoughts

Actress Sarah Hyland sat down with Ellen, and divulged what it’s been like dealing with a slew of health issues, including endometriosis and gout, for the past few years. The 28-year-old discussed her two kidney transplants, dealing with depression, working through pain while filming “Modern Family,” and shared what helped her get over her suicidal thoughts.


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61 Responses

  1. Hasan Ali says:

    Today is my Birthday!!! Love???? Ellenshow

  2. Maya says:

    here a cookie ? to all the 80 people who were first

  3. Iconic says:

    “Suicidal thoughts” *sigh* can relate

  4. Limi says:

    Love this channel❣️❣️❣️

  5. Fernanda Merino says:

    She is sooooo brave …. Love you Ellen!! Love you Sarah!!!

  6. Nina Mathers says:

    this girl is just a pure love?

  7. Mrs.GotDRAMAbringit says:

    Sending love and positive vibes, she’s a true warrior!

  8. LittleMissPerfect 4eva says:

    I feel like a lot of people can relate to some parts of what Sarah has spoken about.. how she kept how she was feeling inside herself for a long time.. it’s really difficult to say something out loud like that.. I don’t think I will ever be able to do that tbh

  9. Sonja Dawn says:

    Saying it out loud makes it very real and it’s true, only you can really help yourself. Personally, if I relied on other people, friends, family or professionals, I wouldn’t be here today. They can only do so much, it’s you that has to do the hard work.

    • SuperSilverJay says:

      Sonja Dawn I think friends and professionals help you help yourself. It’s true that you do the work but this doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t reach out for help.

    • Sonja Dawn says:

      SuperSilverJay for sure, if you have a support system, that is a wonderful thing to have. But not everyone has a support system, so I think it’s a much stronger position to see yourself as your best person.

  10. FynePrint100 says:

    In younger years I would entertain thoughts of ending it, but never had any big reason to commit. Mostly I guess I was exaggerating my issues, but it was never that serious. My son gives me every reason to live. He’s 9 now, but still my favorite person in the world. ❤??

  11. Molly Smith says:

    She said that she got herself out of depression and stuff, but not everyone can do that, and it’s ok to ask for help and get help in those situations.

    • Single Mum Hustle says:

      That is still you get yourself out of depression. No one else can call a therapist for you etc.

    • Molly Smith says:

      Single Mum Hustle I think you have a good point, but some people might not want to get a therapist, so I was saying that’s it’s ok to talk to a therapist. Also for children and teens that are struggling with anxiety and depression it’s really hard (in most cases) to talk to your parents. And for people that are underaged they can’t usually sign themselves up for therapy. But I get what your saying.

  12. ScarlettP says:

    Sarah went through all of this while filming her show Modern Family?! I never knew she was going through that, she is such a strong woman!

  13. Anthony Peart says:

    Sarah hyland is a warrior keep fighting sweetie we love you …..

  14. Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry says:

    ✋????❤️ Wow ? I didn’t realize what she was going through. Always great to see a counselor. There is always help available. ?

    • Mari Andersen says:

      Anybody reading this, check out the andy cutler protocol!

    • HouseMDaddict says:

      The person has to want the help though. As a counselor, I can’t force anyone to get help, only provide the options of help. The person then decided to get help or not

    • Maria Lewis says:

      Help is ONLY available if you can afford it … without insurance, most cannot get the help they need and deserve ?

    • B G says:

      HouseMDaddict, I think Jace’s overall point was to inform everyone that there is help available, whenever you’re/they’re ready to receive it. No talk of force was had in any way.

  15. Shobby Toticba says:

    I’m feeling Sucidal from the last 6 months and cause I live at a place where these kind of thing as very rare Nobody can understand me and ever time I try to explain how much of pain I feel in my head they think I’m just telling them a scene from movie which really sucks

    I make YouTube videos to try and escape from the massive pain

    Peoples judge me from the videos I make on YouTube and they dont trust me when I say what I’m dealing with in my real life

    I feel worthless living
    I don’t know what gonna happen next

    • Emmanuella Tufuor says:

      Shobby Toticba
      Swdy, you are amazing. You are never worthless. Just hang in there. You will be fine. Waking up each day makes you a warrior. You will overcome it one day at a time

    • 26nHoldn says:

      You ARE very much important and worthy. Everyday you wake up it’s a gift to you. You may not feel like it but there is a reason and purpose for you. Please seek some form of help. Some people will not understand your pain because it’s not happening to them but then there’s people out here facing similar pains. Keep the faith and see yourself getting through these painful times. The Creator made no mistakes when you were created. Big hugs to you. Praying that you find peace

    • dupsyfash says:

      Shobby Toticba hi. What you’re going through is terrifying and you shouldn’t have to figure out how to deal with it on your own. Please please please. Seek help. You need a professional or professionals who help people who go through this everyday.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      God has a plan for your life and your loved by Him. Trust him and call on the name Jesus for deliverance from these demons tormenting you

    • threat_level: Orange says:

      Just do it already

  16. My dream to get 10k subscriber without any videos says:

    If you’re reading this.
    I hope something unexpectedly good happens to you this week.
    I really do ??

  17. regguy69 says:

    150 +suicide attempt in a 10 year period, 2 of those I needed to be revived. I understand far too well the pain. Stay strong and let’s take it one day at the time.

    • Jstarr524 says:

      You couldn’t succeed after 150 times? That in itself is depressing. I think this post is a blatant lie or a cry for attention. Like someone commented above, if you really wanted to successfully commit suicide you would have…

    • Dana Hughes says:


  18. Lymie Del Rey says:

    I appreciate her being so open about her chronic illnesses and what that can lead to

  19. TWEETY Claudia Fuenmayor says:

    Wow she is SO brave for sharing her story! I really hope she’s helping a lot of people with what she said ❤️

  20. Zoeee 123 says:

    This is so amazing. If you are ever struggling with mental illness speak out!! Speak out to somebody you trust and get the help that you don’t just need but the help that you deserve. You are such a strong person and I know from experience how hard talking about how you’re feeling is but if you are strong enough to fight that voice in your head everyday you are strong enough to speak out to a family member, friend, doctor, therapist or just one person that you trust. The more we talk about mental illness the more people will start to understand what it’s actually like and the more we will get the treatment we deserve!! This rough patch will find a place in your life and you are going to make it through as the strong, courageous, amazing person you are ??

    • Christine ishere says:

      Zoeee 123 what if there is no-one

    • Zoeee 123 says:

      Christine ishere there always is someone out there that will listen to you and help you

    • Kathy Wolf says:

      +Zoeee 123
      Not everyone has a support system. Many are very much alone. Chronic conditions are isolating and can perpetuate the depression, anxiety and loneliness associated with physical and behavioral healh.

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