SAS World Cup comment

SAS World Cup comment

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17 Responses

  1. Walkoff 2 says:

    Another Sportscenter Soccer fail…

  2. alchemicrb says:

    Yes and no on the offensive. I mean I know how joking their tone usually is
    on this segment. But idk, that couldn’t definitely cause an uproar

  3. A Mill says:

    It kinda looked that way, and was funny. If we want ‘equality’, why can’t
    we have a little fun? Little precious SJW-mode only makes you all prove
    the point of the ‘stereotypes’.

    Love how USAT picked up on this and said it was SAS, but it was the other
    guy talking.

  4. Jason Straight says:

    You know you made a good joke when you have to tell it twice.

  5. Aaron Wayne (GalaxyNewsRadio) says:

    Are we really going to make a big deal of this?? Couldn’t he have said the
    same thing about Ronaldo? Political correctness has gone ape shit. Enjoy
    your brainwashing, America.

  6. I Scream You Scream says:

    I love how women can’t take a freakin joke. Goddamn, it’s not sexism it’s
    called a J O K E, ok?

    They want equality but special treatment (don’t hurt my feelings) at the
    same time. Apparently you can’t even joke around a little bit without them
    throwing a major hissy fit, unbelievable.

    There are women on TV who have said much worse and meaner things about
    men/to men that nobody cared about or called sexist but as soon as a man
    makes a little joke about them they want him severely punished, fired, his
    career and life destroyed.

    Calm the fuck down.

  7. JigsawWill says:

    LOL He had to apologize for this? Seriously? Come on.

  8. rain is-cold says:

    I don’t have a problem with the comment per-say, but that was a sick
    freekick. Kinda sucks they just made fun of it. I am from the USA and
    almost everyone makes fun of soccer/football. To bad, it’s really a great

  9. Moises Pantoja says:

    I must have must of missed something, cause I have no idea how sexism got
    brought up by this.

  10. Darcseid27 says:

    Everyone is so offended these days over small things. Why can’t we all just
    smoke a bowl and shut the fuck up. 

  11. Jv Jones says:

    I could understand if he said ” They aren’t use to taking balls to the
    face?!!!!???” *Outrage*……”They don’t want to mess up their hair”? What
    the fuck?

  12. James Gray says:

    I don’t see this ANY problem. He said “girls” because women were playing at
    that moment. What guy wants to take a free kick to the face?

  13. nubemuffin says:


  14. Kilo 64 says:

    What did he say I couldn’t understand

  15. NimbleBlood says:

    People are too sensitive.

  16. Eric Carlson says:

    Get a grip OP. Stop trying to make everything sexist.

  17. Justin Lynn says:

    You people need to quit being so damn sensitive to EVERYTHING. It was a