Satanic Image Hidden In Red Bull Logo

Did you know every can of Red Bull has a picture of the devil on it? Check this out!

In fact, the logo has 2 demons in it, as the image is mirrored.
By drinking energy drinks, you are taking part in an ancient satanic rite by consuming bull semen. Tasty!

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Music: “Seventh Seal” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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20 Responses

  1. Savannah Chase says:

    Sir, that is called a bull. It’s like a cow, but it’s a male. if you go to
    a farm or maybe a rodeo, you can see one. Or now will there be a video
    about farms housing hundreds of Satans?

  2. Red Bull says:

    They’re onto us…

  3. haufgawd says:

    well, when life gives you lemons…

  4. lauren castor says:

    or maybe it has 2 bulls on it… as it’s called redbull lol, silly persons

  5. loose monkey says:


  6. chessyhope says:

    I’m pretty sure Red Bull was also the official sponsor of the Nazis. 

  7. Adrenolex says:

    ah so thats why red bull tasted better

  8. Krowwweee says:

    I think i just shit myself!

  9. NarcolepZZZZZ says:

    Wait…If you turn the bull sideways he looks like a sideways bull? ?

  10. Róbert Závadský says:

    Satan fooled us once again, that pesky bastard.

  11. Daniel Barber says:

    Thank God I’m an atheist.

  12. Joecgml says:

    Why would the devil (if he existed) want to secretly put cameos to himself
    that no-one can normally see instead of trying to convert people?

  13. HorusOfficialBand says:

    It’s a fucking bull………Come on!!

  14. Ken Moose says:

    I dunno about the imagery….. I mean they look more like bulls than
    demons…. but….

    If I were you i would return that can of Red Bull because I am pretty sure
    that a human eye isn’t one of the ingredients.

  15. f4j0r says:


  16. Fjjjjjjjj says:

    No that’s bull shit!!!

  17. JonLikes2Jam says:

    get off redit ;)

  18. TheHDReleaser says:

    well they are ran by jewish owner.. so yea lol

  19. Chadicus chambob says:

    I laughed so hard xD

  20. Mallory Monick says:

    this right here is some Red Bullshit