Saving five orphaned puppies – watch until the end for an amazing transformation!

Saving five orphaned puppies – watch until the end for an amazing transformation!

Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws and help us save more lives:
To adopt these cute puppies, please visit:

It’s so sad when puppies are born in places like this… there are so many things that can go wrong, and in this case, something did. The stray mother of the puppies left them one day in search of food, and never returned. For two weeks the puppies were fed by a Good Samaritan, and then we got a call on the Hope For Paws emergency line. Lisa Chiarelli met me at the location, and with help of a few other volunteers, we started the mission. First we secured the area as best as we could – the dense vegetation made it quite challenging. The first two were quite easy, but the remaining three got scared and hid without moving. I had to create a larger entrance so I could crawl in. Lisa Chiarelli and Rachel Kennedy jumped over the fence, and together we were able to pull the puppies one by one. A couple of the puppies screamed because they were never touched by humans, but we were able to calm all of them down quickly.
Later on that day they all got a bath, they saw the doctor, and two days later – HAPPINESS!!! You just have to watch until the end 😉

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20 Responses

  1. young outdoorsmen2 says:

    dume ass u are going to kill them

  2. David Bales says:

    Shows you the damage that loser humans can do when they don’t get their
    animals fixed.

  3. Anna OConner says:

    Great rescue! One thing I have learned in 16 years of doing rescue is that
    the females are the worst to get…they put up more of a fight and tantrums
    than the males. :)

  4. Minna Fong says:

    This is how the world should be !!!!! Humans not the top of the world

  5. Goth89 says:

    One of your best videos.

  6. erogrand2 says:

    thank you for Rescue.
    lighting would grow up sturdily hard.

  7. Danny Pettersson says:

    as i tried to keep her calm and hes holding her neck

  8. 田中清美 says:


  9. Alberta Lucia says:

    i’m kinda scared when I see lightning that you pulled his skin…?

  10. Ellie L says:

    Those pups need to be socialized with lots of human touch. They are feral.
    Just sitting with them will not get the job done. You have to work with
    each one individually. Those other dogs should not be in there with puppies
    that are out of control. They are much smaller boned and not as young.

  11. Wanda Sara says:

    you guys are amazing I wish to meet y’all one day**? n work along with you
    hehe? I love animals so much too*

  12. Red October says:

    Anyone know the name of the first music?

  13. Beauty Channel says:


  14. Teagan Theriault says:

    Question: Wont the puppies be emotional and mental scared after this and
    when they are older or will they end up forgetting???

  15. Sf Volkodav says:

    что за 45 дегенератов зоофашистов нажали дизлайк?

  16. Slashy05 says:

    someone left a bowl of onions in my room

  17. Underbone_Queen Malig says:

    I hope the mom comes back i wanna see her

  18. kate baxter says:

    Well done Hope for Paws. I am so sorry that something happened to the Mum
    but at least the puppies are safe and they are so adorable. Wish I could
    adopt all of them!

  19. Rebeca Rodríguez says:

    Oh my god. Lisa es una heroína!!

  20. steviethecat says:

    “Careful….very fragile bones there. His hips, his hips” Who else would
    think of that??? God Bless You, Eldad. You are so amazing.