sbemail206 – April 1st

sbemail206 – April 1st

Strong Bad dusts off his old computer to checka some email.

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20 Responses

  1. Doughboy123x says:

    In 3D!

  2. Matthew Sears says:

    New email! also make that backpack, I must hide my consummate V’s

  3. JunkyardBash Steve says:

    So if past events are any indication, Dangeresque 4÷2=6 will delayed until
    the summer of 20X6, right?

  4. fangsupkatie says:

    it’s my birthday thank you strongbad for the birthday present

  5. ninjamitsuki says:


  6. Gold Mario says:

    Still got it

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    Excellent. I lost it at “KickCheater.”

  8. Teccha says:

    I gotta forward this to all my peeps on Google Buzz!

  9. Thomas Hinds says:

    I want that backpack

  10. MisterJukeBox8 says:

    Wait, didn’t Renaldo die in Dangeresque 3?

  11. paleodan says:

    Feb. 7th, 2008 : Congress has approved the $168 billion economic stimulus
    program, and sent it to President Bush for signature. From this, it is safe
    to assume that millions of Americans will be receiving government checks in
    the mail. The House gave its final approval to the package by a vote of 380
    to 34.

  12. Youmad Bro says:

    April fools

  13. Cameron Fernandez says:

    how does this crook get 24k+ views but my fifty shades video can’t even
    reach 300 smh

  14. Aidan Sullivan says:

    Tweet. yo. self.

  15. MrCheesesCousin says:


  16. Katalowins says:

    free country usa

  17. Evan Fortson says:

    They really nailed it with this one

  18. Lan says:

    what happened feb 7 2008?

  19. Embolmo says:

    “Insert a baby”!!!! XDDD Oh man, these guys have still got it! 

  20. cavalo salsicha says:

    UHH it’s funny? or omg i don’t know this shit!?