Scams That Should be Illegal

Scams That Should be Illegal

You fell for my scam, you actually clicked the video.
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55 Responses

  1. Nowlan says:

    Dangit. Who else checked for a link for free gift cards?

  2. Egg wih 25000 subscribers says:

    The biggest scam is when you click the x on the Mobil ad and it’s just a part of the ad

  3. Fiona Yen says:

    biggest scam is when ur parents say “we’ll hold on to ur money for you”

    • Lars Flowereaper says:

      I AGREE

    • ii_strawberii says:

      My parents owe me 300 dollars

    • Rmdhn says:

      Son : Dad, wheres my money?
      Dad : *shows cigarette pack* here
      Son : that’s a pack of cigarettes
      Dad : they proofed and turned to this

    • Lenz Park says:

      I started working before I received bank account, so my paychecks still go to my father’s account because he hasn’t had time to change it. So I was just freaking out the other day because I didn’t think I had enough money to pay rent for the year.

    • Rmdhn says:

      @Little Green Omg, that is the WORST you are allowed to spend money but not with the money you saved up and you can only spend it once every few months

  4. 100,000 subs with no vids says:

    Yea no wonder why I dint receive my $100 gift card for Minecraft

  5. Immortalsidathara29 says:

    Especially when they have a new edition for college textbooks…when the last edition is basically the same.

    • Phill The Other Guys says:

      How do I likes comment multiple times?

    • Math Machine says:

      It’s EXACTLY the same. It’s at the point where college professors who’s names I won’t give away for legal reasons give their students free flash drive versions of the textbook and or refuse to give homework based on the textbook. They just see it as that much of a scam.

    • Stephen Storck says:

      *sarcasm* no you dont get it they changed the copyright date so its totally a new book.

    • Immortalsidathara29 says:

      @Math Machine whoa!! See those cats are the best!!

  6. NateIsAwesome says:

    For free gift cards he should have put a link to rickroll

  7. Roblox Am says:

    James has scammed us much worse than any of the scams mentioned…

    He didn’t do a SOOUBWAY Part 4!

  8. TheDarkhounds says:

    I hate those A&R scam emails that say they can promote your music and that they “know the right people” and want alot of money upfront

  9. L.J. Hu says:

    Whaddya mean? Neopets is a real videogame. Only the OGs know it!

  10. Giovanni Hernandez says:

    Me: *scrolls through comments to see if someone ued his profile picture to scam*

  11. R - Arts says:

    James, Jaiden and Timothy uploaded together. Gonna have the best half an hour of my life!

  12. Jonathan Swee says:

    I came from Netflix watching The Office and I immediately see 2:58.

  13. where's the jump button says:

    collages are paid to make certain books a requirement, so students pay thousands of dollars each

  14. jaZZle daZZle says:

    you know what ? saving rainforests is better than a free gift card. thanks for the link James 😉

  15. Afonso Silva says:

    2:39 Did anyone noticed the hybrid theory album on the desk?

  16. peter ali says:

    James:fReE gIfT CaRds
    Me:*clicks link*
    Link: Donate to save forests
    Me: has James even donated to this anyway?

    Scammer:Yes and you can too all I need are your bank details!

  17. Natalia the cringy animator says:

    My mom does physic reading however she doesn’t charge people, it’s free. She wants people to connect to their loved ones without charge. She uses Crystals and stuff lol

  18. Escape the Night Colleen says:

    I clicked on the free gift cardlink, and it was about the amazon rainforrest so you can donate

  19. Luke Alderson says:

    The worlds biggest scam
    Teacher: as long as u tell the truth I wont get mad
    Me: U sure about that

  20. Taylen Kozachuk says:

    My dad got a call saying if you don’t pick up your going to jail lol it was funny I wanted him to the micdonals prank hehhe

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