Sean Evans Tries Some of NYC’s Most Expensive Steaks with the Worth It Guys | Sean in the Wild

Sean Evans Tries Some of NYC’s Most Expensive Steaks with the Worth It Guys | Sean in the Wild

Does it ever make sense to drop $162 on a hunk of beef? Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj—the hosts of BuzzFeed’s hugely popular series, “Worth It”—help Sean Evans answer this age-old, New York steakhouse conundrum. Joined by Bowery Meat Company’s Josh Capon (and of course cameraman Adam Bianchi…), the guys chew their way through a $148 T-bone Florentine, a $125 chateaubriand, and a $162 tomahawk ribeye. Find out which cut of meat is really worth maxing out that credit card on an all new episode of Sean in the Wild.

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20 Responses

  1. Channa Taylor says:

    I love that both shows came together!!! 💙

  2. Cole Davis says:

    The femininity of these men is hilarious… #welcometothe21stcentury

  3. Chase Charron says:

    What the fuck is with these little bitches saying you can split this between what sounds like more then 4 people… are they ants? What are your portions?

  4. CalderoHechicero29 says:

    At 2:40 Steven was about to make a toast

  5. CrampedStyle says:

    I see Sean has his Dr. Evil costume on early for Halloween.

  6. Monty says:

    Adam’s said more here than his entire recorded bits on buzzed

  7. Jacob Cervantes says:

    Wait i thought people that work for buzzfeed cant go on any other channel that isnt buzzfeed related

  8. Celeb Edits says:

    You should do the hot wing thing with kian and jc

  9. Andre Abela says:

    So are we not going to mention Andrew’s last name?

  10. dev patel says:

    What is the music ?

  11. Alistair N says:

    First We Feast with Chairman Sean Mao

  12. Peator says:

    Sean is the only one with any ounce of did these other guys get this gig?

  13. nathanjyk says:

    sean evan’s hosting skills overpower the worth it guys

  14. Ben DuMonde says:

    Someone get that chef a throat lozenge.

  15. cali9fiftyone says:

    The chefs voice sounds like he needs to cough and spit out that booger that’s in his throat LOL

  16. saintjuvinile says:

    Sean evans should get a TV shows on major cable

  17. Kevin C says:

    i heard the prices for these steaks and i knew i didn’t need to watch the rest of this video because i already knew they were worth it. a $2000 pizza, get the fuck outta here.

  18. f00zh says:

    eating chicken is better than eating cow

  19. ricky arias says:

    That’s the most I’ve heard Adam speak.

  20. m1enkrafftman says:

    All we need in this mix is the guy from Binging w/ Babish and this will be YouTube gold.

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