Search Is On For Gunman Who Killed Rapper XXXTentacion

Search Is On For Gunman Who Killed Rapper XXXTentacion

Rielle Creighton reports he was gunned down Monday in broad daylight in front of a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach

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  1. eXamplz says:

    at 0:27, top right corner of the thing, someone says “everyone dies in *there* nightmares” it’s their* not “there” just saying…………..

    ok ok I”m kidding guys jeez

  2. Dawn Hawes says:

    That’s soo sad

  3. Itzyourgirl yas552 says:

    Soldier Kidd killed him

  4. Alex hihihi says:

    I love him! He is my favorite rapper/singer! Why did he need to die? He inspired me to do my best and even tho you make lot’s of mistakes in life you could get your self up to fix what you did and be a better person. We will all miss you. Wish you could read this also….

  5. curly girl says:

    How numb can this generation get? They’re all just recording the scene, but for what? I couldn’t find one person surrounding X that contacted the authorities. So sad…

    • QUEEN says:

      Hotcheetojuice true

    • Bandito Dorito says:

      Wtf do you want them to do give him a med kit, there was a guy checking his pulse, and if they didnt contact authorities why were police there

    • daway212 says:

      curly girl all the recording can bring about new leads to find the culprit and you talk about throwing their bodies over him, but would you do the same?

      Hell, most of the time, you won’t be able to react to block a shot unless you’ve been through similar situations many times

    • Isiah Perez says:

      curly girl u weren’t even there so you cant really say shit. You don’t know what people did. And yeah they recorded it its 2018 if they didn’t record it I’ll be disappointed.

  6. Sam What says:

    where are the black lives matter movement? are they going to protest for the killing of an unarmed black young male by two good young black men..

  7. HenryPlays says:

    Look at at the traffic lights they have cameras like if you agree

  8. iiIzzystarii 1 says:

    Wow this is what we’ve come to😖 you will be missed x❤

  9. keykey.cutie says:

    The tongue is a powerful weapon, he predicted his own death. I hope they catch the culprits don’t think this was even a robbery, probably made it seem like that since he had so many enemies.

  10. Barbudotes Inc says:

    The beginning of the end for rappers

  11. PeriGri Rawry says:


  12. Winston Lewis says:

    Dj akedemiks told x to have security on him since the migos incident

  13. Patrick Lo says:

    German Who Killed Rapper

  14. bucsfan1994 says:

    Do you really have to bring up his past charges tho?

  15. John M says:

    Beating a pregnant woman. Good this piece of trash is gone!

  16. NO CLOUT says:

    Ok ok lemme get this striaght today the witness said that there was 3 gun shots form an smg and hit him in his neck .. and that the parked the black suv infront of his car so he wouldnt go nowhere if you shoot it had to be direct to hit windshield i see no bullet holes on that…. this guy in the news said 1 gun shot went off
    Sus… until i see a funeral with open casket ill belive the legend is dead

    • Amy lene says:

      Just leave him alone and let him rest in peace no one know the full story yet so wait …just let him rip

    • MAYA ESTELLE says:


    • Point Of No Return says:

      Goddamn conspiracy theorists are fucking dumb. You’re not gonna find shit investigating over the internet. People who know what they are doing and have two brain cells to rub together will piece together the situation and fill you in when the time comes. Witnesses are unreliable sources. Stop pretending like you have some valuable insight that investigators will overlook most of you prolly dropped out in the 8th grade.

    • MAYA ESTELLE says:

      Bry Pat Search on “xxxtentacion dead or not” proof will come up that he faked it… I still love him tho

    • MAYA ESTELLE says:

      JustGamer STFUUUU

  17. Griffiith says:

    To people who want evidence you are severely stupid. Law enforcement confiscates all footage especially when a homicide takes place (the footage you seen was the aftermath). They dont want to let the suspect know what they know. Holy shit this has been done for a long time now, before a lot of us were born. I’m amazed at how how stupid people are nowadays, it’s on a level i thought i would never see before….

    The exit wounds are bigger than the entrance and along with the trajectory and angle(AND GRAVITY) the blood was behind him! I’m amazed how someone could die, and people are gonna think it’s a publicity stunt when police officers and detectives are on the case, and multiple major media outlets. You honestly think they are going to bullshit you over a decent artist. And xxxTentacion is gonna jump out of the graveyard to sell his next album? Amazing… Absolutely fucking amazing how retarded people are today. Nearly every video i see retardation and stupidity on some next level shit.

    Do you idiots not realize movies and real life are different? You can watch videos of people getting shot to death and you dont see any blood until the blood oozes out from their back after laying there for a while. If you were up close in real life you would be able to see the damage. These are shitty phones and they weren’t close enough to see the bullet entrances. You want them to touch the body and get tangled up with the law? Disturb the evidence so you know he isn’t doing a publicity stunt (i’m seriously laughing in a disgusted way).

    You do know there is brutal footage of school shootings and various other murders which will never be released? Some killers film their crimes and the police never release them. The footage and evidence will be used in fucking court, where there is a jury. Why the fuck would the police show everyone eveyrthing when they are investigating a murder? To prove to some idiot that he isn’t doing a publicity stunt for a new album or whatever. Wow, i’m amazed! You should go tell ski mask or his family that he isn’t dead. See how they react, you fucking retards.

    RIP X. Only listened to your songs a few times, but you definitely had something going on which connected with many young people. His potential is gone over what seems to be nothing…People dying over nothing.

  18. Snowflake Melter 3000 says:

    Woman beater 🙄

  19. Amos Billie says:

    She was not pregnant

    • Pygmy Norton says:

      Amos Billie – Even if she wasn’t, he still beat her until she went blind. No excuses will defend his actions.

    • Venemous Syrin says:

      Amos Billie He almost killed her with his bare hands, she was his significant other, how is your statement lessening his horrendous actions? Mourn for him if you want, but don’t try to bring up his past to shame on one of his victims. Being dead doesn’t give him a saint status.

  20. The Chosen One. says:

    Xxxtentacion was a blood sacrifice

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