Season 15 Winner Announcement – The Voice 2018 Live Finale

Season 15 Winner Announcement – The Voice 2018 Live Finale

Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Chris Kroeze and Chevel Shepherd find out who is the winner of Season 15.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2018 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 15, returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and welcomes back Jennifer Hudson as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.

Season 15 Winner Announcement – The Voice 2018 Live Finale

The Voice

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80 Responses

  1. Aaron Herb says:

    Love Chevel but I’m still mad MaKenzie isn’t standing there ?

  2. jenny says:

    wow kellys won two seasons in a row now

  3. Burago says:

    Kelly is the best coach and it shows:

    A. Back-to-back wins
    B. Genuine care for her team’s growth and success
    C. Respect from her peers and team

    Congrats to Chevel!!! Bright future in front of her. TEAM KC FOR LIFE!!!

  4. DaiGamerHD says:

    Congratulations chevel you deserve it and i know you will win from the audition
    And congratulations kelly on winning your first 2 season well deserved

  5. Adriana Valencia says:

    Chris? Really? Not Kennedy or Kirk but Chris? What is wrong with you people. At least the winner is Chevel but Chris in second place is just unbelievable.

  6. eco2geek says:

    So, the top 3 are country singers. This has to show the power of the so-called “country mafia”. One wonders if they’re the only ones voting, or if the voting methods are somehow swayed in their favor. Also, the artists seem to be getting younger and younger; we’re seeing The Voice turn into The Voice Kids. Which is OK if that’s what people want; goodness knows the talent level is very high. But maybe NBC and Talpa ought to think of having a separate show for young teenage artists.

    • AlsbeanNaturally says:

      +Mr. ToadTheGamer Blake won 6 times out of 15 seasons and he’s representative of country whether it was a country singer or not. Now Kelly with s with country singer. So I think it’s fair to say the voice is country based!

    • Mr. ToadTheGamer says:

      +lockbert99 I didn’t watch season 3 so my information may be inaccurate, but that’s what I heard.
      And thanks for letting me know, it was like 2AM so it was a mistype LOL, i fixed it

    • AnnMarie says:

      I agree. They need a teen show and a country show at this point… if not then they need more rockers and other genres represented on this show.

    • Susan Baker says:

      eco2geek oh please! They’re not “mafia” if that’s whom they prefer!

  7. Kim Wesoloski says:

    Kelly truly wins at everything!

  8. PrimalSceptile X says:

    What magic did Chris use? How was he second? How? Kennedy or kirk were both wayyyy better. How? I wanted Chevel to win but..

  9. Justin Erickson says:

    Also, first country artist to win that wasn’t on Blake’s team, and Team Kelly remains undefeated. Love!

  10. robertantonnyc says:

    I am flabbergasted. How in the heck did Kirk AND Kennedy… oh wait! This is America – Donald Glover. Don’t you ever forget it. I’m glad Chevel took the crown. After all else, it would have just been laughable if… I don’t even want to think about it. #NoShade #AllTea

    • Kay Dah says:

      robertantonnyc I was thinking the same thing. This really defines America.

    • Beth Cooley says:

      My issue was that Kennedy could just not pull out the emotions the same way as others; including the winner. This will come with age, I think, and she will do just fine. She sings quite well. For me just missing that last little spark.

    • moppis says:

      Beth Cooley She can actually perform though. Why do you think Beyoncé is so famous? Because she knows how to look like she’s crying onstage while singing a cover of some hokey song? No! It’s because she performs. I’m not trying to criticize, but I’ve seen this comment over and over again about Kennedy and I just don’t understand its relevance, considering she did emote to the songs but also put on a SHOW unlike most of the other contestants in The Voice’s history.

    • Britt Aho says:

      +moppis it is called the voice though.. chevel was solid throughout. Kennedy had a rough night on monday. She was solid and the performances were good but so extra for a show called the voice.

    • angel secret says:

      Listen, I am not American so I am not in your culture of things white VS things black and I think I can be objective :
      I knew Kirk wasn’t going to win. And not because he is black but because he hasn’t learned still how to connect with his eyes! Most of the time they are closed and when he opens them is like he is inside himself, thinking about the music, not outside singing for us. Even when he is singing an happy song he doesn’t smile, he is a wall with a wonderful voice. He is going to learn and be amazin, but
      I have watched enough talent shows to know that if you do not talk to the camera you are screwed

  11. Arturo Chavez says:

    Congrats Chevel and you made the right decision for picking Kelly Clarkson as your voice coach!!

  12. PJ Master says:

    Congratulations to Chevel ?? you deserve it
    B2B for team Kelly

  13. blee tan says:

    To people wondering why Chevel won, just look at itunes chart, she’s been #1 for more than 24 hours now. Girl can sell them records and is radio friendly, I would’ve wanted Kirk as 2nd but Chris probably edged him out with the multiple 5x vote multipliers from streaming.
    Chevel, Kirk and Chris’s songs were in the itunes top 10. Meanwhile, none of Kennedy’s songs were even in the top 10 so I wasn’t surprised. Next time y’all better power vote so your faves could win and not just whine after they didn’t when most of you probably didn’t even stream their songs on itunes.

    • blee tan says:

      +Izzy Izzerton Stop being butthurt over my statement and accept that she’s won. Clearly you are bitter and can’t even take other people’s opinion. You can’t force me to change my opinion on this and same goes with you so quit it and move on.

    • Izzy Izzerton says:

      +blee tan I’m not butthurt at all lol. And you’re the one starting to attack people for their opinions, so who can’t accept what? Disagreement has nothing to do with forcing people to change their opinions otherwise you wouldn’t still be disagreeing lol.

    • blee tan says:

      +Izzy Izzerton I don’t have time to waste on you bye.

    • Jason D says:

      That’s why I said many hours before the show that Kennedy was very unlikely to win. Chevel and Kirk even had MULTIPLE songs each ahead of kennedy.

    • SimmonsGranger says:

      blee tan

      yeah if people weren’t buying/streaming Kennedy’s music, they can complain about her not winning

  14. Atom Skypunch says:

    Soooo happy for both Chevel and Kelly!

  15. Arturo Chavez says:

    This is first country singer that has won that wasn’t on Blake’s team. Congrats Chevel and Kelly Clarkson!!

  16. Johannes Kelting says:

    Hey guys! I’ve read a few comments here about why Kennedy didn’t win and if it has to do with the fact that she is black. But imho, Chevels original song was simply better. I’m from Germany, I have no problems with skin colour and I’m not into this whole “racism-discussion”. Actually the 1st winner of The Voice Of Germany was a black woman and I love her! So my opinion as a foreign watcher: Chevel’s original song was touching and the duet with Kelly was also very cool ? Congrats Chevel!

    • Johannes Kelting says:

      +macobrew It’s okay, I don’t feel offended 🙂 I am studying history, so I know the topic and the suffering of black people in the US over the past 200 years. And honestly I believe that it is still a problem… I also think that there are some other reasons like Kennedy’s weak original song (which is not her fault). Maybe even that the winning coach is Kelly Clarkson. I mean, she is well known here in Europe as well. So i think many teenies have voted for “Team Kelly”. It’s the same here in Germany: if a coach is popular, his talents maybe got some more votes. I can’t say who would win the battle “Kelly vs. JHUD”, but it is THE Kelly Clarkson, so… But I take this topic serious, I promise!

    • Rashaan Robinson says:

      This is not The Voice of Germany. This is the US. Skin may not have been much of a problem where you are but it is here. One prime example is American Idol when Jhud, Fantasia, and Latoya back in season 3 when they were all in the bottom 3 and it was clear that they should have been in the top 3 instead. Chevel stood out because she was a distinct country singer. Kennedy was the total package. She could sing brilliantly, she had amazing stage presence, and she can connect with the audience while doing amazing things with her voice. Chevel can sing no doubt about that and she connects with the audience. But her stage presence was not there. Overall Kennedy was the better choice to win but I commend Chevel on winning with an original song

    • Victor Prato says:

      Ok and what happen with Kirk.

    • Victor Prato says:

      +Johannes Kelting ask again what happen with Kirk

    • Johannes Kelting says:

      +Victor Prato To be honest, I didn’t like his song ? This is our black The Voice Of Germany winner, I was talking about, if you are interested:

  17. sparkyluv says:

    Chevel won because she had the best coach. Kelly is a crossover artist, she can sing any genre and she has. This gave Chevel an advantage because Kelly understands marketability. Kennedy played to impress a crowd in a competition. Chevel (and Chris) played to sell records. That’s what this is about, becoming a recording artist. JHUD missed the memo and decided to go for the wow factor, which was unnecessary and distracting. People want music they can listen to in their car on the way to work. Simplicity goes a long way, which is why Chevel won.

    I loved Makenzie and Kennedy’s auditions, but I was Team Chevel when I heard her sing “Travelin Soldier.” Why? Because her voice sounds like old school, nostalgic country. For country fans who are sick of country pop, she’s a breath of fresh air. No one in that genre sounds like her. Everyone sounds like MaKenzie and Kennedy. There are plenty of powerhouse female vocalists. They have great voices, but their voices are common. They don’t stand out.

    • Jennifer Tackman says:

      sparkyluv – agree! I thought JHud should have steered Kennedy away from her Broadway show tune tendencies, which are over the top “affected” performances as you alluded to. In pop and country and R & B, etc. the listeners or audience want to feel a personal connection with the singer and the music. Choosing the right song for the artist, the right choreography, and giving them blatantly obvious tips for emotional connection be it dynamics for listening or expression/gesture and touch if in a live performance situation. I think JHud’s theater connection with Kennedy actually hindered Kennedy in this regard as that is what Kennedy knows and does best. But, she is young and with experience she will learn. The kid is extremely talented, so will definitely make a big name for herself. It’s just not quite her time yet.

    • leluvskc says:


    • senti longs says:


    • daisydreamgirl says:

      sparkyluv agreed! Thats what I’ve been trying to tell everyone lol

    • Rashaan Robinson says:

      I think JHud did right with Kennedy. Kennedy is 14 I believe. JHud gave Kennedy fun but also showtime experience. We all know she can do all the simple stuff like what she did with Turning Tables in her blind auditions and Greatest Love of All. Jhud gave her songs that gave her variety in her voice that she can take wherever she go if she got voted off. I know Jhud wanted to win but her main priority was making sure she gave her artists skills that goes beyond just the voice and also to have fun and that is exactly what Kennedy did. But congrats on Chevel winning.

  18. Dakota Dornan says:

    Did anyone else notice Jennifer’s reaction when they said Kennedy 4th place … she was in shock like what just happened even Blake wasn’t happy Chris was up running for first place we all know he was more for Kirk .. I have a feeling JHUD left a little bit to happy .. I don’t care what anyone says but I no longer believe is people’s votes that’s actually picking their winners is more like the producers pick them before the voice used to be a completely different senerio ..

    • Alicia Brice says:

      They been doing that choosing the winner already but I also knew kennedy nor kirk jay was gonna win because the black singers never win this show look at what happened last season to kyla jade and Spensha baker the same thing happened to them so its seems too me black singers dt stand a chance on this show anymore

    • Jason D says:

      I didn’t want her to win, but even I was in shock she finished fourth, partly because the media kept pushing her.

    • Jason D says:

      If they were choosing the winner, kennedy WOULD have won. You all just see people agreeing with you on social media, so you think everyone IRL agrees. Just like all the bullies on here bashing Reagan, then were shocked when she got the votes she needed because the majority knew Adam wasn’t wrong.

  19. Laurentiu Ghetu says:

    Sweet Chevel won because of her huge talent, but also because Kelly takes the coaching job seriously

  20. Prince G says:

    Not gonna watch The Voice anymore

  21. Mischa says:

    I loved watching “The Voice” but after last night’s results, will definitely not watch next year. Kirk Jay and Kennedy were the better singers and after last night, I have to say that it feels rigged. In addition, votes should be for the singers and not based on coach fan base. Plus, Kelly has connections through her in-laws. A very disappointed ex-fan.

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