Season 2 Ruined Cold War Guns in Warzone | Huge Changes in 1.32 Update

Season 2 Ruined Cold War Guns in Warzone | Huge Changes in 1.32 Update

Talk about how to start building your classes after the 1.32 Update in Warzone for Season 2 Especially with the Cold War Weapons.

Season 2 1.32 Patch Notes:

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Season 2 Ruined Cold War Guns in Warzone | Huge Changes in 1.32 Update
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78 Responses

  1. DXNI WXRZONE says:

    I trust j god more than the patch notes nowadays

  2. heychris24 says:

    This man is the actual patch notes.

  3. DustinHasVideos says:

    “They made it so you can trust the game now”- I do not trust this……

  4. Mason TC2 says:

    The question isn’t whether or not Activision should pay JGOD for doing their jobs, it’s should he get his checks weekly or bi-weekly

  5. Louis Ramos says:

    I feel like this has to be an oversight. It doesn’t make sense that they would change the agency suppressor within like a day or two of the integration and then change it back for the attachment overhaul.

  6. TheEnvoy22 says:

    I imagine DMR + agency supp now is going to have same BV as rocks in gulag

  7. rkenshin03 says:

    Activison just needs to put a link to Jgods videos when they update anything in the game instead of doing patch notes.

  8. Mj says:

    “You can see the bullet go ooouuu”

  9. Rory Taylor says:

    JGOD: “Hopefully that clears things up…”

    Me: *brain explodes*

  10. Ben Bairos says:

    They added a boat and ruined the guns we all love to use. Pain.

    • Ben Bairos says:

      @J G well that speaks to your integrity as a person for not using guns you feel are broken, that’s good for you. There’s nothing wrong with your opinion, I just disagree. To be quite honest, I use a variety of different guns but enjoy playing with the meta. My apologies for somehow “bending over for activision”

    • Manz says:

      @Ben Bairos not really. I usually rock the SCAR and ax50.

    • J G says:

      @Ben Bairos how much free time do you have? I hope you’re putting in the same effort into school as you do in paragraphs for YouTube comments sections defending video game metas

    • Ben Bairos says:

      @J G well it appears we have the same amount of free time considering you’ve been responding to each reply? Not sure what you were going for there but good try. Hope your school year has been going well though, good luck on your upcoming assignments.

    • Ben Bairos says:

      @Manz good stuff, sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll give it a go.

  11. Dominic S says:

    Raven is just making sure JGOD and TrueGameData will always have content.

  12. TJ says:

    This is such a shame. I really enjoy different metas and there being new viable guns. They’ve effectively made Cold War guns unusable if you want to compete.

  13. El Tieso says:

    Don’t get why seems like these big game makers just want players to hate them. What’s going on?

  14. Gamebred 010 says:

    ColdWar weapons: “ I’m not here for a long time but a good time”

  15. Robby Biddle says:

    8:34 enough about the Cold War weapons I want to hear about “El Chapo’s” wife getting arrested. 😉

  16. Asher Hayes says:

    I like how JGOD treats every COD weapon like its his child.

  17. Jacob Field says:

    The Developers are on a crusade to ruin the best “Battle Royale” game there is.

    • Leopold s says:

      I dont like fortnite but Highly respect the devs fixes are fast updates plenty

    • Sam Parkinson says:

      apex is the best out😁

    • Arthur Morgan says:

      @Sam Parkinson it is

    • Tortol says:

      Warzone definitely has the potential to be the best BR game out right now, but it never has been because the developers are idiots. The SBMM ruins it because you get put with sweats, the game cuts aim assist against bad players, it cuts footstep audio, etc. Then theres the fact that every single update they’ve done to the game has added a major, often game breaking glitch. Lets not forget the atrocious weapon balancing either. 90% of the guns in warzone simply can’t compete against the other 10% in any situation whatsoever. The difference in TTK between guns is unreal.

    • Jacob Field says:

      @Tortol There are only 3 good FPS Battle Royale games. Apex, PUBG, and Warzone..

  18. Jim Benning says:

    Amazing how the put so much time and effort into a boat and a cutscene but did not devote any of said time to an anti-cheat or making sure the guns are properly balanced.

  19. Barclay Matheson says:

    They are waiting for “x” amount of people to buy the battle pass, those people that were going to anyway. Then they will make the new cold war guns the meta so that the remainder of players who want to compete will buy the battle pass as well. They don’t care about which guns players want to use, they care about which guns players will pay to use

    • xKaryonx says:

      You’re giving them too much credit, yes they are greedy but they are also incompetent

    • Th3Mavr1ck says:

      @xKaryonx trust me, if there’s one thing these people know is how to make money 😛

    • xKaryonx says:

      @Th3Mavr1ck Raven just tweeted out that they made a mistake with the Agency suppresor. I’m telling you, greedy and incompetent. They stumbled into success with warzone and now it’s up to them to keep it.

  20. Nicholas McGhee says:

    J-God: “Let’s get 10,000 likes, its my highest goal”

    Gets 25,000 likes in 6 hours

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