SEASON 6 IS HERE and i love chickens

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58 Responses

  1. xDogged says:

    The best part of every new season, lazar memes.

  2. Military Update says:

    Sorry for coming late my friend

  3. MemeNite says:

    F for all the chickens that have suffered on this video 🐔

  4. ImDumb says:

    Lazar: “Some *people* cares about winning”.

    Also Lazar: *Trying to win but with a chicken 🐔.*

  5. Liam Gallagher says:

    Lazar: and there’s crafting!

    Me: apex ledgends sends their regards.

  6. Maximilian Jung says:

    Lazar: How’d he even get in there
    also lazar: forget’s to put a roof

  7. Zyhlo says:

    Epic games: what do y’all want in the new season

    Tim Sweeney: let’s make it all about spamming to make people mad 😡

  8. BK John says:

    “KFC has a bounty on you chicken”

  9. BNN Dean says:

    “Just two chicken best friends,who love each other, and wanna not be nuggets” -Lazarbeam 2021

  10. James Flagg says:

    “Let’s shoot these things, no one cares about pigs” – Man who has met Technoblade 2021

  11. G says:

    “It’s one thing to kill me. It’s another thing to steal another man’s chicken” best quote of 2021

  12. Robbie Raggs says:

    The best thing about Fortnite to me, lazar does “SEASON _ MEMES” every single season

  13. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    *Still waiting for peter Griffin skin so I can meme*

  14. Mr crosky says:

    Imagine going in your childs room and hear a man scream “I am chiken”…

  15. Starz says:

    Me just reading the comments and seeing hundreds of people all saying…
    “It’s one thing to kill a man. But it’s another thing to steal a man’s chicken”

  16. PenguinBoy11 says:

    He’s like Toughnut from how to train your dragon: Race to the edge when he has that chiken.


    i love how there is only 3 memes in this vid : lazarbeam, chickens, him dying


    Me: sees the death counter.
    Me: Here we go again

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