Season Five Hot Sauce Lineup, REVEALED | Hot Ones

Season Five Hot Sauce Lineup, REVEALED | Hot Ones

You know the Hot Ones motto: New year, new celebrity tears! Per tradition, we’re shaking things up for the new season with some brand-new sauces and more Scovilles than EVER before. Watch Sean Evans break down the scorching-hot lineup, then get your own wings of death ready in time for next week’s Season 5 premiere on 1/18.

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67 Responses

  1. Rory Gibson says:

    Mad Dog?

    Haven’t heard that name in years…

  2. D Cognit says:

    You need to get Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on this show. I think that’d be excellent.

  3. Psihopat For RB26r34Johny says:

    Was that one take? damn

  4. Infinite Athletics says:

    The people on the show this season are going to be shooting fire out of their asses!

  5. Endyo says:

    I’ve only ever tried the original Mad Dog 357 and it put me on my ass. My fiance was out of commission for almost an hour. It’s potent stuff.

    • Judd Tracy says:

      I had a challenge last year with friends and everyone thought Mad Dog 357 was the hottest. Way more than Blair’s Mega Death. I didn’t get The Last Dab in time for the party but I don’t think it’s as hot either…

    • BLSdesigns says:

      Endyo it’s good but holy hell its hot haha

    • Andrés Stadelmann says:

      I accidentally inhaled this stuff once. Couldn’t breath normally for 2 hours after

    • Emp says:

      Did anyone else read this as “I put it on my ass?” Then that follows to the conclusion that OP was assfucked by the fiance who then himself had hot sauce all over his cock.

    • Wolfatadoor says:

      I’ve had Blair’s, da bomb, and last dab but man I heard this ones a Fucking deathblow….can’t wait to try it!

  6. Khalid Henry says:

    I love your channel. I can’t wait for season 5

  7. Treasonable Doubt says:

    I would love a Season 5 Bundle where I can buy every bottle in one package. I want to play along at least once this season!

    • Kori Elizabeth says:

      agreed. I’m heading home to the US from china for three weeks only and i don’t want to source all these on my own. Just make it easy. Charge me a little more. Will buy. throw in a t shirt and call it even.

    • Angelbob77 says:

      Kori Elizabeth He said in a q&a a few weeks ago that there are a lot of legal issues with selling all of these sauces together since they are all third party companies for the different sauces. I’m sure if did happen though it would probably cost you 100-200 dollars which I personally am not willing to pay for some hots sauces ill only eat once.

    • Applehead 56 says:

      There’s a site that sells them I don’t remember what it’s called I think it’s 150$ u can probably google it… well at least I know they had last seasons line up it’s where u buy the hot ones hot sauce

    • AbsolemLNG says:

      Sounds like licensing hell, lol.

    • Applehead 56 says:

      Treasonable Doubt I think you can get it there

  8. mommy says:

    get ice poseidon here CX

  9. Lone Guardian says:

    Nigahiga on this please

  10. Humanoid25 says:

    RIP Mega Death sauce you will be missed ;—;

    So is the new Mad Dog a different one from 357? Cuz the bottle looks different and the scoville sounds different

    • stallmanswife says:

      Gold edition has a really really nice fresh flavor, less extracty. The scoville rating is way higher too (1M+ vs 357k in regular). I’ve eaten reapers and didn’t get the same heat panic I’ve gotten from too much of Mad Dog gold before. I think this will be the killer sauce next season. Last Dab isn’t that hot when you actually eat it.

    • PkT says:

      stallmanswife pepper X and last dab just aren’t that hot. Cornered themselves with that name. Large percentage of the pepper community believes the Reaper to actually be a 7 pot primo which was created by Troy Primeaux in 2005. 8 stable generations required for a pepper to become official and 2013 Ed Curry is calling Guinness. His multiple explanations for what peppers he crossbred for the Reaper don’t pan out. Reaper is identical to 7 pot primo in appearance and heat. And now he’s BSing everyone with this pepper X nonsense. The last dab is a let down heat-wise and should be repositioned in the lineup. “7th inning stretch dab.” “Midway dab.” Exhorresco, which I just enjoyed myself, is significantly hotter while also being a natural sauce. That’s rated at 1.1m shu with a Percentage Of Pepper rating of around 60 using the 7 pot primo. Significantly hotter than the last dab when tasted side by side. Even Hydra is hotter imho.

      Big fan of the show but, tie yourself to shady people like Ed and you get what you asked for. Ed lied about pepper X and in turn Hot ones is lying to us to sell their product. Should have stuck with Homeboys to make a final ass kicking sauce. Though their 4oz bottle is annoying and pricey. They make great tasting sauces.

      The final sauce should be the hottest. Period.

  11. Rafa Gonzalez says:

    Still waiting on Donald Glover to make an appearance

  12. kano morojele says:

    lol  The HAND GESTURE KiNG!!! Sean Evans..

  13. ali hani says:

    You should get Eminem on the show

  14. Jordan Leigh says:

    1) I think it’s awesome to have a more even progression to heat, rather than “easy easy easy easy easy OH SHIT”

    2) What you do is super fun, keep it up, it’s madly entertaining and your discussions are amazing. I love that I came on late and can just binge watch all the seasons.

    3) People I’d like to see… Mike Shinoda, JennaMarbles (and Julien), Hannah Hart, Gwen Stefani, Kesha, Macklemore, I bet Dustin Kensrue of Thrice wouldn’t do this but Riley Breckinridge absolutely would and he’s hilarious.

  15. VippeXD says:

    Some guest ideas:
    Joe Rogan
    Lavar Ball
    Eddie Bravo
    Tyler the creator
    Rich Chigga/Brian
    Johny Sins

  16. Devon O says:

    Tyler the creator pleaaaaaaaaase

  17. Miguel Lopez says:

    Get Nardwuar on the show!

  18. James G says:

    Hot Ones Wishlist:

    1) Tyler the Creator
    2) Arnold Schwarzenegger (just for the noises)
    3) Ryan Reynolds
    4) Eminem
    5) Tina Fey + Amy Poehler
    6) Chris Pratt
    7) Dave Chappelle
    8) Will Ferrell
    9) Gordon Ramsey
    10) The Rock

  19. Lou Zer says:

    Is Sean on cocaine?

  20. Opa says:

    This man can TALK! 📣🎤

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