Second Woman Accuses Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching | The View

Second Woman Accuses Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching | The View

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95 Responses

  1. Michael A says:

    Someone saying you have a nice butt, that I can brush off. But someone grabbing your butt and assaulting you go in the same basket for me. Consent is a thing. No means no, and just because someone doesn’t say no does not mean they are saying yes.

    This is not a hard concept.

  2. Antonio Rainey says:

    You could fire every man in America we all said or did something inappropriate

    • M Umo says:

      John Kaitlyn Yeah…sleep well telling yourself that.

    • Antonio Rainey says:

      I guess I should resign I touch a girl in elementary school on her leg .

    • 4bfam says:

      So true and incredibly sad. Just goes to show how it is accepted that men are just being men instead of teaching boys and men to have respect and also self-control.

    • jonny davis says:

      4bfam so when women sexually assault why aren’t told to control themselves? the view had idris Elba on their show a month ago and both Sarah and sunny were constantly touching him and rubbing his arm. u can watch a gazillion videos on YouTube of women grabbing a man’s crotch and nothing will happen #DoubleStandards

    • Nella J says:

      Pretty much. Lol. Even every woman if we going to categorize every little thing as sexual harassment

  3. Leonaza7 says:

    It doesn’t matter how many women come forward for Roy Moore. Trump and his supporters will attack and judge Al Franken but stay silent about Moore. The Evangelicals voted for a sexual predator Trump…. They have shown their true nature and real immorality… SMH!


      Trump didn’t stay silent on Moore though….. Just saying…

    • Dennis Lee says:

      Leonaza7, you are just another triggered libtarded Democrat, as long as your Welfare check clears you will blindly support your masters, #Democratplantation.

    • Danny Dea says:

      Because they have photographic proof of Al doing some shameful stuff. With Moore, all you have is allegations. No proof. So, isn’t a person innocent until proven guilty?

    • Sha Boinky Boink says:

      You realize that majority of the democrats stay quiet about Franken? They’re defending their ‘own’. And there have been many republicans telling Moore to step down, you just aren’ t paying attention.

    • Fritz Karl says:

      The fact that Bill Clinton got away with sexual harassment and rape enabled Trump to become POTUS.

  4. iPood says:

    democrat or republican, if you’re accused of being a perv, step down

    • Janice Lee says:

      iPood Innocent until proven guilty

    • ugagradrn says:

      Eh, I don’t know about innocent. Sucks that it’s difficult to prove these things, but people are judged to be guilty or not guilty. There’s a reason it’s not “innocent” or “guilty.” All I’m saying is that we can’t automatically assume that someone is a sexual predator because someone else says so.

    • Tigerkem says:

      This is part of the problem, the court of public opinion is dangerous. There should be some sort of proof or validity before people are forced to step down. I mean I have never met Trump before, but if I claimed he assaulted me he should just step down.

    • Anne K says:

      iPood So you expect Donnie John to step down?

    • Dre Lewis says:

      I have daughters. First! However i feel that some females use this for gain and most men do it for power. The truth has been blurred by ego and status.
      If they step down, we will govern ourselves. So instead of accusers getting money, let do process happen. THEN the truth will be more prevalent.

  5. Riverphoenixisinheav says:

    Where’s Meghan??

  6. Megan Refai says:

    Good discussion today. No pardison interruptions. The four on the panel is excellent. Jedediah would still be good.

  7. Harry says:

    Let us assume this woman’s account is true, why didn’t she come out more publicly and vocally about her harassment? That photo was taken in 2010 so she had good 7 years but why now?
    FYI I’m not condoning Franken, his action was gross. He himself said that he’s open to ethics investigation so I’m just gonna wait and see. So fucking tired of these disgusting stick-palmed senators.

    • Harry says:

      Sha Boinky Boink
      No I’m equating accusing without credible evidence and motive to returning a product.

    • Sha Boinky Boink says:

      Harry good, returning a product that is past the return by date or past warranty is unacceptable.

    • Harry says:

      Sha Boinky Boink
      My comparison was little logically faulty but there’s still some truth to it.
      I saw some people comparing this to Roy Moore’s victims who came out 30 years later to accuse him but the difference is, back in the 80s, coming out as sexual assault victims was nearly impossible. Victim-blaming and shaming were the usual response but we’re talking about 2010. There would have been no problem for her to call out on Franken and media would have had a feast with that story but for some reason, she kept it quiet until now.

    • Sha Boinky Boink says:

      Harry So your saying it was a different time? If it is true, time is irrelevant. So they happen to pick a time that is inconvenient for others, not a problem in my eyes. The only thing that matters is truth. Innocent until proven guilty.

    • mbblover says:

      smiling away while she is being assaulted? her husband taking the photo and didn’t see it? the husband and her knowing this just happened and neither said or did anything to franken right then and there? come on! and NOW 7 years later, they want to bring this up? hmm, a husband sees this and does nothing to this man? come on! way to stick up for you wife that just got sexually assaulted (according to her of course!)….

  8. Ema Star says:

    Why don’t I hear Meghan ? Did you guys finally get rid of her? Lol

    • Denise Warner-Dodson says:

      I hope she is gone. Probably a nice lady but not right for this show. She showed hostility a lot. I thought this was a talk show where people could give their opinion. Don’t think anyone should ever be angry or upset because others feel differently.

    • Ema Star says:

      Denise Warner-Dodson I agree with u. I loved having Jed on the show.. I didn’t agree with her on a lot of things but I enjoyed her a lot regardless of our different opinions ..

    • mbczsfhkpiyrw says:

      Ema Star i hope 🤞

  9. Elizabeth Trainer says:

    Okay, somebody NEEDS to say it, and it MUST be a woman, ENOUGH ALREADY!   Do you believe most of these women that have come forward on both political sides and elsewhere,… MY answer is YES,… but do you believe the women that are continuing to come forward NOW,…. MY answer is NOT REALLY.  I Believe most of the women coming out against Mooore are telling the truth, but NOT all, as I believed the first woman against Al Franken, but this second woman seems far fetched…..C’mon people, let;s calm it down, use common sense and slow this witch hunt train….JESUS!


      Aaron L
      Lol. Did you just try to draw a partakers between food pushing and sexual harassment? 😂😂😂

    • Poetic Poems says:

      Elizabeth trainer I agree and also believe mz LeeAnn knows she politicizing a photo joke done in Poor taste!! she’s lying about being harassed

    • S says:

      Thanks Elizabeth. This is getting to be an insult to all of those that have actually suffered and had their entire lives pretty much ruined by assault. We really need to be aware that there are millions of men and women that would use this metoo movement to get some instagram followers.

    • Ashley McLeod says:

      OMG I’M WITH YOU!!!

  10. Frank Bootleg says:

    “I have no reason not to believe the women…but…”  That but has been the way Bill Clinton and every other shitheel has gotten away with rape, sexual assaults and harassment.  Greta job Joy.  Keep protecting your friend.

  11. Sandra Spady says:

    Question??? so every woman that has taken a picture with someone well know is now going to say they were touched inappropriately.  If so they men stop taken pictures or coming anywhere near another woman?

    • seriously154 says:

      Sandra Spady They say there is no such thing as a stupid question but you asked a stupid question.

    • seriously154 says:

      PICTURE ME LAUGHING Where was the bigotry in the comment Maryam made?

    • seriously154 says:

      mistymorning195 Next time it happens to me, I promise you will be hearing from me. I’ll be the chick, in the news, that grabbed the 2×4 and slammed it upside some perv weasel head.

    • seriously154 says:

      Peggy Hill You need to go back to your translator and make sure it says Russian to English translation because your comments are coming across as a word salad.

  12. Hayley Larsen says:

    Yes Meghan’s gone.

    • Hayley Larsen says:

      Desi you’ve missed the point. I like having a republican on the show. I hate Meghan. As do most people. She’s intolerable, rude, defensive and just straight up nasty. People would rather see Jed back. I can disagree with Jed’s politics but I still like her as a person.

    • Sean stump says:

      Funny how they always get rid of the educated. Libtard twats

    • Unapologetically Sassy says:

      I liked Jed because she’s more like me she’s conservative on economics and mostly socially liberal. I disagreed with her on things but she was so fun! Meghan is a no for me. Always in attack mode and making digs at Joy, Sunny, the guests and even the audience sometimes. She belongs on cable news

    • Jessie Soul says:

      I thought it was oddly peaceful today 😂

    • alexdapostman says:

      Comment for the Day: How to make Trump’s job easier, First of all, Mexico and the rest of the Latin American countries living in squalor, follow in Trump’s footsteps make y’all’s countries great again! If they ever were? Next don’t come to the United States illegally, file and stand in line like everybody else. I think this is an issue where both Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats, can be in agreement for the sake of our country.

  13. Leonaza7 says:

    I am astounded by the number of “women” who insist that the victims of Roy Moore should have come forward earlier. First of all, by you making those statements it shows you have no F*&^%^% idea so STFU! How dare you!

    • Sha Boinky Boink says:

      Only with concrete proof will I believe someone’s accusations. Innocent until proven guilty is not a suggestion.

    • Rico Arrington says:

      I’m not surprised any group you will always get people out of that oppressed group who will side with the oppressor

    • Azalea Brown says:

      Leonaza7 I think the issue is that he’s been a public figure for so long. So it’s a legitimate question. Why do women only come forward when political figures are running for office be it Edwards, Clinton, Trump etc. We do have to discern whether there’s a political motive because most of these women (excepting Moore’s case) do not file official complaints or press charges. So the intent must be looked at too if this is only going to play out in the court of public opinion. It’s like Whoopi said, we need to move away from allegations and focus on investigations

    • Sha Boinky Boink says:

      Azalea Brown or… she saw an opportunity to do the most damage at the right time. If they come out alone at a non inconvenient time for a politician it can be brushed under the rug. In a group or at an important stage can be career ending. Will it end moore or franken… magic 8 ball says ‘unlikely’.

  14. Kristina Servin says:

    I think sexual harassment has been part of our culture for so long because women are objectified instead of being treated as equal human beans. I think everyone just needs to acknowledge that this has been part of our culture, admit that this has happened across the board by the majority of men, and then wipe the slate clean and say, going forward, this will no longer be tolerated.

    • Deep Path To Darkness 17 says:

      I wasn’t talking about the women on the panel I was talking about feminist in general.

    • willsb19 says:

      Nothing beats the good ole days. But if things are changing whatever then. Guys will still get laid regardless lol just have to adjust to the new “rules”. Kind of funny how alll these women are just “now” coming out about this. Still it’s whatever

    • jonny davis says:

      Kristina Servin its only classified as sexual assault if men do it. when women do it no one cares #DoubleStandards

    • Jack Kenway says:

      I absolutely agree Kristina, this needs to stop, we can’t just say it’s a bad and move on and then it happens again. I think we need to rethink the laws we have regarding sexual misconduct, we need laws that have severe penalties for the perpetrators wheather it’s in school, home or at work, this has to stop!

  15. Lady ARH says:

    Sunny your makeup artist needs to go easy on the nose contouring…. j/s

  16. Agnes Rodriguez says:

    This is a witch hunt at this point and I’m not believing them without proof

    • Exodus Pessoa says:

      Well Said


      Agnes Rodriguez for only democrate Or for both parties.

    • J Kim says:

      I am a huge fan of Franken, but I don’t see any reason a person would lie about being sexually harassed. They have nothing to gain from coming forward. The only time I wondered was when Trump had that panel of women he paraded on tv accusing Bill Clinton of rape. One woman just seemed a little off to me because she was doing it for Trump, but even then I’m more inclined to believe her.

    • Denise Warner-Dodson says:

      We should all review the “1950s Witch Hunt by Senator Joseph McCarthy”. Back then he thought all show business/actors/writiers were communists. In 2017 we think all politicans are sexual abusers. Before we start destroying lives we’d better figure a way to handle things better than we did in the 1950s.

    • donrainesoh says:

      So you are going to just ignore the 17 women that accused Trump?

  17. susanrobinet says:

    The Franken thing was juvenile, yes (he was there as a comedian not a senator), but I’m seriously failing to understand how the woman claims she was harmed by someone fake grabbing her boobs and then showing her the picture, what am I missing?

    • Shade Bleu says:

      I think she was embarrassed more than hurt.

    • TeecueDee says:

      Objectifying women is ok now, and no harm done if it’s just “fake grabbing” by someone trying to be funny. – Democrats, after a Democrat is exposed via photo evidence.

    • Nella J says:

      That’s embarrassing and belittling. Something like this happened to me in college back in 2006 and the guy posted the pic on Facebook. My friends and I were able to flag it so it could be taken down but it makes you feel like a sexual object and not a person that should be respected. I even had many of his friends for weeks after the fact who teased me about it whenever I saw them around campus. Yes, it is juvenile but it still doesn’t hurt any less.

  18. jonny davis says:

    the view keeps defending all Franken

  19. jonny davis says:

    bill Clinton’s impeachment has nothing to do with him raping and sexually assaulting women. Clinton committed perjury.

  20. Denise Warner-Dodson says:

    I am starting to think “Senator McCarthy’s 1950 witch hunts”. Back then it was communism. Now its sexual abuse. How many people and how long are we going to hear about people being accused. Once again, are people’s lives going to be needlessly destroyed. The guilty need to face legal action. The innocent people need to not be named until proven guilty.

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