See first images inside Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

See first images inside Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

CNN’s Tom Foreman discusses historical artifacts inside Notre Dame Cathedral as firefighters continue to battle the flames. #CNN #News

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  1. Son Joseph says:

    Disfigured!… I wished I could’ve visited this historical monument before this horrific catastrophe incident. ? goes out to people in France ?? in general. Taking 2 centuries to build & destroying in about 63min. ?? is totally disfigured. An identical/better architectural new construction ? still…

  2. viserrx says:

    Such a shame!

  3. Elodie Adam says:

    I live in Paris and yesterday (in France it’s Tuesday) it was an incredible scene that happened ! I’m so sad and worry for the future of this monument.

  4. aaron joseph alinea fandino says:

    what happen oh it is so sad notre dame cathedral was on fire

  5. Янек Вишневский says:

    Russia is grieving,but I am sure that Noterdam will still inspire humanity, as long as humanity is living. It is not the end of our history.

  6. Cynthia Patterson says:

    We stand with you , and a roof can replaced , then you can say it’s history and people has hundreds of years life left

  7. Beeble Brox says:

    It’s not just the fire damage that’s bad, but also the smoke and water damage 🙁

    • Daniela Markovic says:

      And magical damage and darkness, lithning, light, pure, ice ,nature, earth damage

    • Matilda says:

      There’s going to be a lot of smoke damage and water damage. I’m just grateful that the priest and others went and saved those relics. The cathedral can be rebuilt, but the art and historical pieces wouldn’t

  8. Suzanne La Force says:

    Cry for the beauty of Notre Dame!!!… 🙁 People were crying in the streets of Paris as they saw the gorgeous Gothic spire fall into the flames.

  9. aleksander suur says:

    It looked a whole lot worse yesterday looking at live coverage from outside. It looked as if the roof had collapsed in all the way. Luckily it seems that the vaulted veiling below the wooden roof mostly held and that makes all the difference. The structure should be repairable and all the artwork inside got away with water and smoke damage as opposed to incineration. Far from ideal, but at least history from better part of millennia didn’t entirely go up in smoke and collapse into a pile of rubble.
    There is something to be learned from this though, historic buildings that hold vitally important roles in world history weren’t built in an era when modern fire safety standards were a thing. A similar case happened in Korea in 2008,_11_February_2008.jpg
    That too was eventually restored, but the damage was still done. These risks need to be reassessed and more done to prevent them, it’s not good enough to say “it’s been that way for 800 years”, they are not going to last 800 years more with an attitude like that.

  10. Anna Ulia says:

    Restoring the Dame as well as restoring the faith in humanity.

  11. Yvonne Finnegan says:

    I cried when the spire fell. So unbelievable?


    Really heart breaking ??
    But in the end the cross survived?

  13. ViaMirage says:

    So they were trying to restore it, and instead set it on fire? Makes sense.

  14. Princess Nikki says:

    Sad the cathedral is messed up but the cross and alter is still standing

  15. The MadTacoEatingFool says:

    There goes my plus 10 to happiness for my civilization…

  16. • A.M. • says:

    How to tell Americans the height of something:

    “ That’s a football field above the ground “

  17. Linda Casey says:

    Firefighters know the business of firefighting much better than ‘businessmen’ who try to burn down governments ?

  18. nobody survives even one bit says:

    Maybe its ghost raider drunk and crushed his bike inside the Cathedral.

  19. 10k Likes says:

    God bless France from Pakistan ?? ❤️ ??
    Because they helped us when we were building Atomic bombs by giving us Nuclear reactor, but then the US, India and other countries made pressure on France and unfortunately they canceled the deal of Nuclear reactor.

  20. sldeyo says:

    I bet you Claude Frollo did this! He did say awhile back that he was going to catch Esmeralda if he had to burn the entire city. He was an evil corrupt guy.

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