Seeing Other People’s Steam Accounts: The Christmas Caching Catastrophe

Seeing Other People’s Steam Accounts: The Christmas Caching Catastrophe

On Christmas Day, someone at Steam changed a setting and brought down their whole games platform. I wasn’t expecting to do a video this Christmas, but when enough people tweet me, it turns out I can be convinced…

(I should note: while Steam have officially confirmed “a caching problem”, I’ve got no privileged information about the specifics. It’s possible (but unlikely, I think) this was a misconfiguration at Akamai, or a bizarre server bug that happened to exactly match a much more likely caching misconfiguration error!)

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20 Responses

  1. Ewan Sinclair says:

    Thanks. I learned a lot from this video. Very well explained.

  2. Renozuken says:

    I mean there’s always Pyrion flax, he’s also quite professional…

  3. nitehawk86 says:

    6:47 This person does not exist.

  4. Anton Antonovich says:

    do a video collab with beardmeetsfood

  5. MsNero05 says:

    Dan Bull! He has 1 Million subscribers :)

  6. alltehstuffs says:

    Hi Tom, I think you should try to reach out to Scott Manley. I don’t
    believe he’s in London, but he would be an awesome fit for probably any
    video you have in mind.

  7. Niko Mähönen says:

    How many red t-shirts did you get this year? Thanks for another great

  8. PerplexingPineapples 2 (md678685) says:

    “smart, not sweary/shouty” “Nerd³”

  9. magnus östgren says:

    mabye nerd3 can be in your video idea

  10. __queball__ says:

    Total Biscuit would be the best choice

  11. Sudarshan JS says:

    what about Manyatruenerd ? Not sure he’d be ok with showing his face though

  12. Rodrigo Hernandes says:

    May I suggest MatPat from Game Theory? Not from England, but checks every
    other requirement…

  13. Lamyarus says:

    Doesn’t anyone wath ManyATrueNerd here? Try him.

  14. Lloyd Franklin says:

    I logged in on Christmas evening and a Russian page displayed.

  15. KarstenOkk says:

    Game Theory?

  16. TheJman0205 says:

    Even though it’s Christmas, you’re still wearing that same red shirt.

  17. David Dewis says:

    Dan Nerdcubed would be a perfect match for your channel.

  18. Jon Turner says:

    Chinny Reckon!!!! Brilliant Tom. Had forgotten all about that. Have a great

  19. MovingForwardify says:

    can I have some of that Ferrero?

  20. skylx08 says: