Selena Gomez Delivers Emotional First Performance of ‘Wolves’ at the AMAs — Watch!

Selena Gomez Delivers Emotional First Performance of ‘Wolves’ at the AMAs — Watch!

The 25-year-old hit the American Music Awards stage on Sunday for her only televised performance of the year — and debuted a new blonde hairstyle.

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91 Responses

  1. es me says:

    She looked sad in the end

  2. Anthony Martinez says:

    She’s magnificent. Fabulous Selena. Gets better and better.

  3. Arianator96 says:

    Performance what performance?! ?? she was lipsyncing the whole time please ✋?

  4. Kaxx says:

    Is it just me or does it see look like she was lip-syncing

    • Kaxx says:

      Todd Sands shit i dont realize this was post was about me ….
      I would be known I would be come prepared
      Jk I honestly don’t care and I care a less what you say whoops

    • toulose grande says:

      Todd Sands I get your point but Selena Gomez is a SINGER and the amas are a SINGING competition so the fact a SINGER wouldn’t even sing on a SINGING competition is disrespectful to people who can actually sing and are more underrated then Selena. If She can’t sing, she should either not be a singer or not go to music awards if she’s gonna lie to people and try to trick them into thinking she’s singing

    • Alice Bermuda says:


    • lea 1617 says:

      Todd Sands it’s her job to sing

  5. lupita benitez says:

    Why does she look sad? She was just seen all happy w/ Justin. I swear if I hear a report of him doing her wrong again …

    • Ni-cchi says:

      Justin does? Omg stop judging him everytime for this untalented bitch. Its just for the fuckin new song of her

    • Meriem Saadoun says:

      lupita benitez bitch what?? are u fucking serious? personally i didn’t like her “singing” last night and this has nothing to do with justin. NICE TRY THO??

    • Susana Ataíde says:

      Oh yes please NO

    • Elementalist Lux says:

      Naama Loll you are brainless and you speak bastard? If you say anything for her again o swear to god I will book a ticket and I will come to find you and I will show you who is useless kid….you can’t even write your name on the leaf and you speak….you are useless in life so don’t say anything about selena because she is a successful actor and singer….fking kids like you need to be killed instantly

    • Ni-cchi says:

      Elementalist Lux oh keep calm selena is the worst singer in the whole fuckin universe just admit it.

  6. Kyle Hinson says:

    Jelena is back ☁️…like if you liked her new hair!!! And if you think Justin is the one for her!

  7. Monesh Verma says:

    Selena start performing live, plz don’t lip sync ,learn from Taylor

  8. andrea stars music says:

    Why is her head bloody

  9. NothingHeard says:

    Beauty can get you farrrrrrrr
    We all know she was not singing.
    Selenator or not. She gets hella opportunities… wow

    • Sol Cruzado says:

      She can’t sing and it’s not hating , it’s the true.

    • lex t says:

      Ruth Lin also dictates supermodels.. It’s kind of disturbing how this popularity we all seen in school now rewards heavily reguardless of actual talent

    • Jessica A says:

      Diamond Rose WAY more talented than you for sure

    • Diamond Rose says:

      Jessica A Well I don’t claim that I’m a singer. And I’m not in the music business. So your comment doesn’t really stand on solid ground

    • Roselle A says:

      I wouldn’t say Selena can’t sing. She can, actually. She’s just in the lower voice range, not for high notes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s also talent, in my opinion. Just different. It’s kinda frustrating that most people appreciate only those who can sing in high keys. Her voice is just as good, just in a different timbre. Also, talent isn’t the only thing that can get you far, same with beauty. So don’t go commenting as if she doesn’t deserve the opportunities she get. You don’t know the work she’ve done or how she built up her career. It’s not like she slept and woke up to be Selena Gomez just like that.

  10. Jimintrashh says:

    Damn Arianators are salty as fuck

  11. Amaya says:

    Oh my god people stop commenting like you know what is actually going on her life. Surgeries are big things and they can take years to recover from. But that doesn’t matter, and you could be right and she could be perfectly fine by now. The point is that unless Selena herself told us exactly what is going on with her, we have no idea what’s actually happening in her life, so just stop, please! None of you, including me, know what’s actually happening and how she feels, so stop acting like you know everything. I’m not trying to be offensive but this just had to be said cuz no on else was saying it. And some of you might think I’m just biased cuz I’m a “Selena fan” But I’m actually not (no offense, even though I do like some of her music, I’m not that into her?) Also I would just like know why it’s such a big deal that she was lip syncing? Like who the heck cares? And what’s the point in constantly negatively commenting on this? It’s so stupid. You’re putting out so much negative energy, and for what? How is it going to benefit you? It’s not. So just stop. Selena, whether you were lip syncing or not, I still think you did a great performance. ?

    • Kosi Egbuonu says:

      I understand that she had surgery and I️ commend her for that but,if she was still recovering and knew she couldn’t give her 100%,why did she agree to sing at the AMAs when she could’ve recovered a little more and not lip sync another performance.

    • Rondel Moore says:

      Pink pushed out a freaking baby and was flipping on the sides of buildings like Spider-Man without missing a note. Stop the bullshit excuses.

    • Lea Bauer says:

      She is a singer it is her job to sing. She gets paid for that. You wouldn’t go to school just to sit at your desk right? Lip syncing is lazy. Everybody knows Selena’s voice isn’t good no need to hide that fact.

    • v v says:

      Lea Bauer but she made you look for this video and watch it then comment like an idiot

    • Simon Harrison says:

      Selena cant sing i dont understand why is she a singer

  12. Jovana Stanojković says:

    Like all of you know what’s going on with her.She might have some problem, might sick and that may be the reason why she elwas lipsyncing… What you all do is judge immediately without even thinking… That’s cruel

    • Midnight Daydreams says:

      Jovana Stanojković Gurl Amy winehouse was sick and though she is talented thats why sometimes her live performances were bad like really bad. But she still had a fair share of awesome perfomances as well. Selana is sick, nobody is denying that but selena never or rarely has a good performance. I adore selena and think she is a great actress and artist but to be a singer you must at least singe live.

    • Jovana Stanojković says:

      Midnight Daydreams It’s not true that Selena has bad performances, lots of them were actually good.As a singer, she is not that good, but not everyone can always sing live…She sang live before and it wasn’t that bad…

    • Midnight Daydreams says:

      Jovana Stanojković Fair point. Lets agree to disagree. Its nice to have a level headed and calm conversation finally 🙂

  13. Marco Solorio says:

    I admire her… I admire the courage to stand on a stage without any talent

  14. Irene MG says:

    Best lip sync ever

    • vocaltalent1 says:

      It was Live, but racist bigots are very use to saying the Mexican girl is bad at everything she does. Lip sync or anything. Selena is THE selected target of mass hate, racist bigots. Selena’s voice is not powerful, but damn straight she has one of the most beautiful voices in top 40 pop music. AND among the best music (mostly with Revival and after). Bigots. “Actual talent”? Redundant, same ol music over and over again. Talent? Everyone else? That Shawn Mendes has horrible music, horrible voice, cheap, basic, boring and generic music….Talent? You are a racist Satan worshiper who has no way out from Hating the Mexican girl. More so, BTS and Nick Jonas also used playback. Others have done it over the many years, too, HUGE stars. When Chainsmokers singer performs, they say “at least he tries” or “at least its live” or whatever other excuse. The fact then is, ONLY Selena GOMEZ can be bashed for using playback during the chorus. IT. IS. RACIST BIGOTRY.

    • Maria says:

      It was obvious she was lip syncing. Don’t compare her to Shawn Mendes either now you can tell he was singing live and is good at it as well. I love Selena, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to see that was not a good performance. She must have her reasons although I feel like if she wasn’t ready to preform yet she should’ve waited oh and stop throwing ” Racist bigotry” around for no reason lol

    • Diamond Rose says:

      vocaltalent1 I think you are getting waaaaaay too upset over a comment. You call this guy a Satan worshipper??? Seriously? You make yourself look like one of those dodgy over dramatic people. You need to CALM the heck down. You’re just making yourself look like an idiot. (Not saying that you are bt still) This person just said Selena lip synced. You called him a bigot and Satan worshipper. And you say he is the negative one??? You need to get your facts straight buddy

  15. Julia O'Sullivan says:

    Not to be a bitch but I cannot respect someone who lip syncs. I mean I know she didn’t look happy and we don’t have a right to judge what’s going on in her personal life right now. But we can judge her performance. I’d prefer someone who had a bad night and was sick but still tried to sing than someone who completely lip sync the entire thing. Thats why i love women like Lady gaga who once said she will NEVER lips sync at her shows.

  16. 24hoursonline1 says:

    Not a hater but she can’t sing at all… She is a pretty girl and her personal life is what most people love about her.. As long as people talking about her, her music careers will last….. But one day everyone will know this young girl can’t sing at all…. While it last let her make the money…. Dont hate the player hate the game…

    • Lala Xx says:

      24hoursonline1 Almost everyone already knows she can‘t sing very well. But that doesn‘t really matter to most people. The song wolves is on my playlist even tho I know there‘s a lot of autotune involved, but the song is good anyways. As long as she is able to entertain this many people, she deserves the money she makes exactly as much as any other celebrity.

    • Sam says:

      lol this “young girl” has been relevant ever since she was a young girl.. she has been relevant for 10 years now.. so i guess she’s not going to be forgotten out of the blue like most people are.

    • Elu Mix says:

      24hoursonline1 everyone knows she can not sing?

    • Sarah K says:

      I believe she has a voice but doesnt know how to use. She has a different sound and if she was able to sing, it would be great, but tbh its unfair to those who can sing beautifully and never get discovered

    • Courtney guthrie says:

      How can she not sing? Wtf people who say that are retarded. If she couldn’t sing why is she a singer and has many sold albums and hits? Her new song is amazing

  17. Ashley Marie says:

    she just shared a video practicing this song before the live show. just because she has a backup track doesn’t mean she’s not singing. jesus all of you tear really good people down

  18. étoile says:

    why did she even bother

    • nona says:

      and all the hype around this being her “first and only televised performance this year”, I don’t get it at all…………

  19. Riseand Shine says:

    She should stick to acting ! she’s good in that. Singing and performing are NOT for her at all

    • Riseand Shine says:

      i don’t think so, she’s good and can improve. Definitely better than singing, average people can do better than her.

    • nona says:

      Her acting is super pretentious and that goes against everything in acting itself

    • Riseand Shine says:

      i haven’t seen her in a lot of things, but i liked her when she was younger and still think she would get better if she get good opportunities and more experiences.

    • Alma Mrkovic says:

      Lmao she has 400-500 millions views on her songs and you saying that she is not good at singing?U kidding me?Why then people love to hear her songs,is it bc she don’t know how to sing?

    • Riseand Shine says:

      A song can be good without an amazing vocal ! she’s ok that ‘s all. You can not say that she has a great amazing voice, she is average and her performances are poor. I like her as a person so i’m not trying to bring her down but be realistic ! she’s overrated in the music industry

  20. delaram nourani says:

    oh god just sing live for once

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