Selena Gomez Tearfully Accepts Woman of the Year Award at Billboard’s Women in Music 2017

Selena Gomez Tearfully Accepts Woman of the Year Award at Billboard’s Women in Music 2017

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Selena Gomez accepts the Woman of the Year award at Billboard’s 2017 Women In Music event, thanking everyone who stuck with her through difficult times and women in the music industry who’ve inspired her.

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90 Responses

  1. Regis Pérez says:

    i love selena and i might get dragged but i think ariana grande should of gotten the award

    • Black Pink4ever says:

      Regis Pérez This girl is so dramatic. She’s a professional actress of course over half her sobbing is staged. Notice how her friend gave her the award. You people are dumb AF I swear!

    • Zaria Walker says:


    • justin bieber says:


    • Tay Cou says:

      Regis Pérez Why? What did she do to deserve, I heard she did some sick shit. Oh, because of that terrorist attack isn’t it?

    • Olivia Egan says:

      You guys do realize that yeah Ariana did the Manchester concert. But that means she went back to the same place that was bombed 5 days before… putting her fans in danger again…? And Selena went through a life or death situation with lupus. She is a part of so many different organizations such as 10×10, A Day Made Better, Alliance for Children’s rights, ALS Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Elton John AIDS Foundation, ENOUGH project, Free The Children, Make-A-Wish foundation, Malala Fund, Rosie’s Theater Kids, Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, St. Jude Children’s Research hospital, Teen Cancer America, UNICEF, and more… just be happy for Selena?

  2. Rey says:

    As she said she doesnt deserve it

  3. PgirlRangerz says:

    I don’t really think she deserves this award with her music….? I’m kinda confused.

  4. Candidly D says:

    kidney failure is not a talent what else she can do?…

  5. melaninqueen says:


  6. Fawn Whisperer says:

    Being sick and a nice person gets you awards now… I know some single moms with chronic illnesses who are also really kind, caring people. Can they get billboard awards?

  7. Dafne Ruiz says:

    lmao why is she talking about women in the industry speaking up (allegations of sexual harassment) yet she’s working with a known rapist (woody allen) and like lowkey she didn’t really do anything to deserve it. i will admit she was strong when it came to dealing with her illness but because of all of the allegations against men in hollywood right now shouldn’t like maybe someone like kesha get it since she went to trial against her abuser and uses her platform to talk about it not someone who’s saying it’s important for women to be strong and talk about it yet goes and works with a rapist like?? she even freaking produced a show that talks about rape and stuff like that. like what did she do that earned her that award i mean maybe she’s done things in past years that i’m not aware of but this year?? not really

  8. Amelia A says:

    Dont get me wrong i love selena but i just feel like ariana deserved this more💛

  9. Like my Comment bish says:


  10. Joan bn says:

    So pathetic I can’t handle it 😩😩😩 I will never understand why people like this are famous and rich.. I guess I’ll never understand how this world works..

  11. YariGlows215 says:

    I can’t.😭💕

  12. Rob says:

    What an absolute fucking joke! There are hundreds of woman who have done so much more for mankind than this person would in three lifetimes. Sickening!

  13. L says:

    Get women of the year award, next day announce she’s working on a movie with woody Allen. Yeah she really deserved to win

  14. Sai T says:

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a fan of Selena since my childhood and adore her, but what has she done?? Apart from her illness where she brought awareness to, most of her songs are collabs. I can think of 10 other woman who work their butts of doing great humanitarian work as well as making music and other things that empower females… Eh, just my two cents on the entertainment industry.

    • ken says:

      mikey :/ what single was it

    • honest bitch says:

      probably some collab but it’s not why she won her “lupus” and new kidney is the only reason she was even up for consideration. her music isn’t good enough to win any award outside of Disney but american’s love a good sob story to pass around to their family on face book to pretend like whatever shitty thing thing they did before wasn’t as bad as people think.

    • honest bitch says:

      what kind of a role model uses her various mental and physical health issues to get attention and she literally cries on cue so some role model. she got it so liberal holly wood can jerk it’s self off at night. they thought her sob story was right for this year. which considering she’s put on one hell of a performance this year with the kidney thing she did deserve an award but for acting not music.

    • Stephanie Laberge says:

      She aint do shit.

  15. MACATTCK 23 says:

    Let’s cry in front of people and feel sorry for me

  16. Mona says:

    How the fuck did she win it? She’s the most irrelevant thing in America

  17. Daisy G. says:

    I’m sobbing

  18. Late Night Thinker says:

    There’s women in 3rd world countries protesting and fighting against corrupt governments. There’s women who studied all their lives trying to find cures for diseases. There’s women doing a thousand times more for the world but no, Selena Gomez deserves to be called “Woman of the Year” Stfu, all she did was get a kidney transplant and write a few songs.

  19. jazmiiin xx says:

    In my icon rn

  20. Zoe and Zach says:

    so sweet😊❤

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