Sen. Booker on language used by Commander-in-cheif (C-SPAN)

Sen. Booker on language used by Commander-in-cheif (C-SPAN)

Sen. Cory Booker: “When the Commander-in-chief speaks or refuses to speak, those words just don’t dissipate like mist in the air. They fester. They become poison. The give license to bigotry and hate in our country.” Watch complete remarks from Sen. Booker here:

Watch the complete hearing here:

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77 Responses

  1. JyByrd Jybyrd says:

    ALLEGEDLY USED. ALLEGEDLY. Only Dick Durbin heard him say it? In a room full of people, ONLY DICK DURBIN heard it? Really?

    Hey Booker, walk over and punch Durbin in the face for lying to you. He’s right there.

    • jaymeeduhh says:

      Im sorry but in this day and age with the insanity in the media which is known to pull stunts that are dare I say fake news. And politicians that would throw people under the bus simply because they hate trump, I dont think this should be news worthy. It can only be alleged because there is no evidence. It was a private conversation. This was not one of the presidents tweets. This allegation is now stirring up so much shit like it is known fact that it happened with no evidence. And its on these people who only use this to defame and push their own agendas.

    • Adam A says:

      Acer Maximinus
      Linsey Granham is a NeverTrumper and has no problem lying to hurt Trump politically. He also ironically said this about Mexico in 2013 “The people coming across the southern border live in HELLHOLES. They donโ€™t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we canโ€™t have everybody in the world who lives in a HELLHOLE come to America.”

    • Dan Hood says:

      Andy, NOT TRUE.

    • Research0digo says:

      What? I see you are a fellow Ron Paul fan – why on earth the hate toward Senator Booker? What did you hear in this clip that I missed?

    • Ms. Mintz says:

      Graham sure did say he said it he said he said it MULTIPLE TIMES. Go watch his interview.

  2. Laura DeNigris says:

    She’s been bought by Trump – complicit!

    • Joy Reed says:

      Adam A…Rep. L. Graham confirm he told the truth. Trump have lied every time his lips move. You should leave D. Durbin alone.

    • bill bixby says:

      Yeah, because Durbin and Graham would never lie.ย  They are honest members of the swamp.

    • Adam A says:

      You mean the same Lindsey Graham that lied about being a Veteran and ironically called Mexico a hellhole?

    • Danny Carmichael says:


    • RocketmanRockyMatrix says:

      Dick Durbin is a career politician. Politicians lie a lot. He has no evidence to back up his claim. It is all hearsay.

  3. Warrentx Histil says:

    Sen. Cory Booker Has My Vote ..Yea Get Rid of Mid evil Stone Age White Thrash I Believe They Fear Colored Race’s ..Young Generation Will Move On Next Gen.

  4. lourdes krohn says:

    She doesn’t deserve to be in charge of that office! We must have people that are honest and that pay attention to detail in important meetings. Remove her from her position. We need people that care about all human beings , we are all the same. No matter race, color, religion or nothing.

    • MyLyfe...MyJourney says:

      Seven You DEMONS need Professional help and prayer. You DEMONS can’t stand to hear the truth. Just look at who the animals are…go back and read all of your comments. Whose acting like an animal???? You all are animalistic and satanic in your character, low morals, etc. YOU are the ones that will be destroyed…read the a bible DEMON….Psalms 37: 7-10. The evil one will be no more…..just a little while longer.

    • Danny Carmichael says:

      The greedy PINK (not white) albino, be it male or female only cares for itself. Btw all non pinks regardless of their origin are BROWN, not yellow, red, black….Stop with lies already. Not everyone is fooled by this BS.

    • Any One says:

      Danny Carmichael Stfu you offensive crispy heboon. White’s aren’t albinos, nitwit, albinos are albinos no matter their race, you complete imbecile.

    • chris jones says:

      She is paid to pay attention. She should not be in her position for either lying or incompetence. She is guilty of one or the other

  5. Lana Rivers says:

    Cory, you make me proud of my party! Vote gopigs out 2018!

  6. Rachel Barker says:

    Bravo Sir!!!!!

  7. msmith5484 says:

    OMG my eye roll level is beyond 11

  8. Tee Money says:

    He came at her so hard she clutched her purse and locked her car door.

  9. Travis Weaver says:

    Go home to mommy you have no place in my government

  10. Jim Davidson says:

    Go Cory!

    • Nytemareh says:

      Jim Davidson listen to it. His stats are selectively picked. The incidents he chose to bring up are selective. Why is bringing these things up that have nothing to do with what may or may not have been said. Hell Lindsay Graham made a classic comment about immigrants from hellholes that sessions had to speak about. Look it up. This is manufactured outrage.

      I really don’t want to break it all down. This guy is beginning his 2020 presidential run.

    • Che Eckert says:

      You ain’t listening…

    • Iriha Schu says:

      Korky is an empty trash can….

    • Jim Davidson says:

      Nytemareh – I think you’re hearing what you want to hear, bud.

  11. SIL3NT GAMING says:

    Amazing Mr. Booker! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  12. Jon Smith says:

    LOL I think Booker going to go cry in the car after this meeting

  13. chemento says:

    Wow! If every anybody deserved such a public bashing it’s that dimwit, shameless racist enabler Nielsen who at that very moment realised that her 130.000 $ ‘loyality money’ isn’t so easily earned after all. Bravo to Cory Brooker!

  14. Soul says:

    We often forget what other people go though daily base like constantly getting threats. This is not what America is all about. I appreciate the passionate speech Sen. Booker made. I learned what they go through.

  15. Maine_Life_ 207 says:

    They are shitholes. What comes out if a shithole. How bought Booker and Durbin open their front doors to their homes and let whoever in. Guy’s should be fired!

  16. Samson Omambia says:

    Booker Thanks for expressing our pain

    • Jethro Troll says:

      New Jersey is a shithole too.

    • Brother Celestin says:

      Hey Samson….What Pain ????? ….i am crying !!!!

    • Samson Omambia says:

      Brother Celestin I mean any kind of injustice, racism, prejudice against any human…..Those evils in Man have caused alot of pain in the world.

    • Samson Omambia says:

      crazypants88 In any country in the world there are people who are good and some bad. You can’t say that all people in any one country are bad. I was born to educate I hate ignorance……

    • Brother Celestin says:

      Please Samson ….injustice is everywhere on this planet… if you are dreaming for a world of peace and justice, name me a country where it exists…….maybe you should try to find a ticket for Jupiter or Venus. ….

  17. Soppy says:

    There needs to be an Emmy category for political figures. These performances are getting ridiculous

  18. Cicero's Son says:

    What a fraud. Playing the eternal victim like a champ

  19. Cicero's Son says:

    “Tears of rage”? What a wuss

  20. Frank Spijker says:

    Mr Booker is a sellout. Look up from whom he receives money. These are only superficial speeches that give him attention and do not influence his votes, like the Canadese medication bill he voted against because he wanted to keep that sweet big pharma donor money flowing in. He doesn’t give this speech for the right reasons, he wants this attention because he wants to become president, not because Corey wants to help the people. We will not forget the terrible votes you made mr. Booker, so fuck off.

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