Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement early Wednesday on a massive $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill aimed at alleviating the economic impact of the outbreak. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 3/25/2020.
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Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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77 Responses

  1. Brandon Bryant says:

    Corporation just robbed tax payers again.

    • Cindy J says:

      @gilbert rubio relatively speaking, it’s unlikely the big ones will go under. More likely than not, as good organizations go, they have a reserve that could cover a year’s “operating costs.” The reason for this Bill is to give Federal assistance for paying missed wages. Much more importantly, it protects the worker to have a job to return to vs. 2009 when the “Big Corporations” left them in the dust and NEVER rehired! Yeah, I’m not worried about them at all.

    • ryan stuckey says:

      Old Aunt Zibby NO THEY CAN NOT

    • ryan stuckey says:


    • ryan stuckey says:


    • Cindy J says:

      @E. C. , I’m focused on “what is” and that’s the Senate Bill up for a vote today. I’ve seen a lot of energy and time wasted on discussing “what isn’t”–the House Bill that didn’t make it to the Senate. Trump, naturally, is dwelling on the one. that didn’t make it, because that paints the worst picture. HR6201. is the one that went to Senate and was #SignedByThePresident.

  2. VSZ says:

    I would like to give a shout out to all the social workers who are out in the field trying to get the services to the most vulnerable in NYC. Thank you.

  3. J Roo says:

    Why would business burden themselves with MORE debt when they have NO idea where this is all going, madness.

    • Max Taylor says:

      This is a way for the government to get their shoe in the door on owning the means of production. In short, the government is using Am dollars, which they are printing for free, to buy stock in all businesses that take the loans. They tanked the economy, and now they are buying everyone out.

    • George B. Wolffsohn says:

      @Max Taylor
      right wing paranoia.

    • The Lightning Count says:

      Max Taylor, you’ve, literally, just given the dumbest take on the ENTIRE internet.🤦🏾‍♂️


      J roo wasn’t it if I recall right the businesses who got a major tax break two years ago so they wouldn’t have to help fund services for people who need things and now the shoes going to be on the other foot isn’t that funny maybe some of their loved ones will die from this because they went to social gatherings when they should not have and their children went to spring break because they could afford it and they should not have shish karma is a b****

    • George B. Wolffsohn says:

      @ANJANYA AYNAJNA nah, if you read the fine print the shoe is STILL on the SAME foot.

  4. dustoff499 says:

    $500 Billion to Corporations…? The same non-tax paying corporations…? What a deal.

    • ryan stuckey says:

      Vivian Nicole well lets see the 2 largest evil companies in America employee more people that all small business do

    • ryan stuckey says:

      pcdoctor48 thank you there are still a few people who can read

    • The Lightning Count says:

      ryan stuckey, are you on drugs, man?!

      Do you have GOOGLE?!🤦🏾‍♂️

      Last I checked, small-medium sized businesses employ over 80% of all workers in this country. 😐

    • Yvon • Thrifty Rich says:

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    • Billder Inbaja says:

      OP: That money is intended for small businesses, not huge corporations with full staffs of tax accountants and attorneys.

  5. La Vonya Marshall says:

    How are the homeless with no viable address supposed to get this help?

    • Bart Simpson says:

      some smart fake homeless dude is gonna help them

    • ryan stuckey says:

      La Vonya Marshall lets see this is to help stimulate the economy and help people from loosing all they worked for do the homeless have any of that?

    • Ricardo Clemente says:

      $1200 is not going to fix the problems of the “down trodden”, those homeless who are able to help themselves but are sadly not willing to use the resources available to get on their feet (and I’ve seen my share of these) have a MUCH bigger problem in their minds than any check can help them with

    • Bart Simpson says:

      @Ricardo Clemente some people don’t want to be a part of this system that’s why there has to be welfare.

    • Bart Simpson says:

      @Ricardo Clemente nobody asked for this it goes against humanity. the government knows.

  6. RP Bandz says:

    Any politician who says “shout out”, I rock with 😂🔥😩🔥

  7. Scott Babstock says:

    What about us power company people working one day a week, keeping the power on

    • Billder Inbaja says:

      Your company is protected from a shutdown, thus you will continue working… no $1,200 for you… I don’t mean that in a snarky way, I think everyone appreciates our nation’s utility workforce.

  8. Laramie Roush says:

    Almost half to corporations. 500 Billion. LMAO@”help” .

  9. Johnny Colino says:

    “Workers first” means billionaires get a bailout. We all know that, right?

    • david jones says:

      The Bible says in the final part of the last days that man will not be able to agree upon anything! They are so concerned about who will become president that nothing else seems to matter. They are so concerned about who will become president that nothing else seems to matter. He said nothing about individual people and their financial needs. Like how are they going to get food pay their rent and other bills.Other people need financial aid to get supplies that are on Social Security and disability benefits.That’s why, a stimulus package is needed to all Americans that are eligible for this benefit

    • sharazar says:

      Just like the 50B bank bail out. A lot of the bank CEO that caused the problem received millions when they quit or were fired

    • sgbobsg says:

      @gilbert rubio
      Their robots will be out of commission.

    • jays knight king titan says:

      @AppleLeib this is a democratic bill. Go back to the last time when Obama gave the banks and auto industry bailouts not Americans. But you blame Republicans how brainwashed you are

    • Ricardo Clemente says:

      there is no bailout. if you actually look at the information on the bill the corporations are getting LOANS with oversights, not bailouts. literally every comment here complaining about bailouts is just wasting their time

  10. intrinzik Gaming says:

    let’s get it implemented guys we have to get through this as fast as possible.

  11. Amy Decker says:

    Thank you so much! This interview with Chuck Schumer really gives me hope as a small business owner and hope for our citizens most in need.

    • Sasquatch Sweater says:

      Hope for what? You miraculously turn into a billion dollar corporation so you actually get something?

    • Flat Earther says:

      @Sasquatch Sweater don’t take these comments seriously at all, eighter they are fake bots or bottom of the barrel dumbnuts! Lol

  12. Cindy Pierce says:

    If he get voted in again someone will do something maybe one of his own people

  13. Brian Williams says:

    Small businesses getting loans and big businesses getting bail outs. Our corrupt system in a nutshell

  14. Anthony Spidell says:

    What if all the PPE is stamped: “Made In China”?

  15. Paper Mario says:

    I’m happy to hear him say two things: 1. Furlough vs firing, and 2. That contracts will be made open to public in 14 days. If only the media would keep track of the contracts and inform us.

  16. Debra Johnson says:

    It seems as though the HOSPITAL should’ve gotten 500 billion

    • jade says:

      Yeah, that would make more sense.

    • Betty Giles says:

      I agree

    • RealBlueSteel says:

      The hospitals are open for business so… How about 2400 for most adults and 1000 per child, when they spend it corporations will be good. Tickle up economics. Any don’t forget, a lot of these hospitals are big corporations too, they might be dipping in both pots.

  17. Bert Montoya says:

    I loved it when Chuck Schumer explain to Joe and the fourth part of this bill wear big business can’t have a loophole. This bill is for workers and sma’ll businesses so let’s see if the Republicans agree to this

    because there ain’t going to be a golden umbrella for them this time going to have to show there transparencies in this bill let’s see if it passes through the Republicans🤔

    • Vernice Thompson says:

      Didn’t he say it passed the Republican-controlled Senate where he is Minority Leader? And the House is Democrat-controlled, so it should pass there easily. The real question is whether and how soon Trump will sign it.

  18. Dex P says:

    Smh even during an announcement to help ppl struggling to keep their lives intact, these assbags arguing about “well, billionaires need help too” gtfoh

  19. CIO Whitepapers says:

    All American citizens need to register themselves as corporations.

    • OroraMonroe says:

      @Rory_Breaker_70 In all capitol letters 😉

    • John Smith says:

      I know it’s cool to hate on corporations, but think about it this way.
      Corporations lose millions of revenue due to the virus making them close. If they continue to bleed money, they will inevitably start laying people off. Unemployment rate would skyrocket, and the economy would tank in a couple of years.

    • Mark spaniola says:

      careful what you wish for.

    • Billder Inbaja says:

      Everybody WOULD do it if there was an advantage… you don’t understand what it would mean… back to the books young lad.

    • will I am says:

      John Smith its only been 1 week and half they been close u going to tell me thats going to hurt them common on man..

  20. Hector Uribe says:

    What does “$1200 MOST ADULTS” mean? That needs to be clarified as to whom they are specifically talking about.

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