Senate Intel Chair Cuts Off Kamala Harris In Tense Exchange

Senate Intel Chair Cuts Off Kamala Harris In Tense Exchange

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20 Responses

  1. Liberty Doctrine says:

    Kamala doesn’t have any bit of integrity

  2. Corey Williams says:

    Good job Kamala Harris

  3. Andrea Harris says:

    …. he NEVER answered! thank u Senator Harris for trying to get the American people reassurance that Mueller would not be fired. And don’t forget, Rosenstein (?) participated in the gas-lighting, giving Trump cover to fire Comey… until Trujillo threw him under-the-bus!

  4. birdbathbash says:

    Grandstanding and electioneering. Expect more from elected officials.

  5. gangelone999 says:

    in other words, STFU bitch

  6. bbdog141414 says:

    She is awful! No wonder Californians love her!

  7. toisanhjai says:

    I’m from San Francisco, and I was working for the city when kamala harris was our D.A. During that time our convictions rates were at a measly 20%. Kamala took all the steps necessary to advanced her political career while the crime rate in SF continued to rise. Believe me when I say a majority of us hated Harris, she’s not for people, she’s for herself.

  8. werasf offwrasf says:

    damn, she almost sounded like she was going to cry. lol

  9. San L says:

    This is the nut job that Dems want running for president lol.

  10. Annihilate3275 says:

    nutjob. Nice job California!

  11. NotSoIncredible says:

    Kamala Harris question is irrelevant, politically motivated.

  12. J Jones says:

    she is a poverty pimp like Maxine Waters

  13. Norman Rowe says:

    Another California democratic A-hole. I live in California and I am so sick of my so called representatives. The Golden State is being tarnished with these whiners. To quote Hillary, all this 💩 is a big nothing burger!

  14. Johnson Taylor says:

    Trump bots in the comments section trolling I see.

  15. walter purdy says:

    She seems crazy, no wonder democrats love Her LOL

  16. Oxi Clean Bleach says:

    Question. Why is this video with 4K views on trending but the 800k video of CNN getting busted de monetized and taken off of trending? 🤔

  17. Mark Metz says:

    chair cut her off ? she wouldn’t allow the dude to answer . she just wouldn’t shut up … fake news

  18. evilmankey123456 says:

    Still waiting on that very simple yes or no, you fucking scumbag.

  19. moderate says:

    Can someone explain to me why right wingers are so made at her for asking a question I’m confused?

    A congressman just choked slammed a guy and still got elected.

  20. Cadmus says:

    My God, no one will ever give a straight answer. These people believe in nothing.

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