Senator Bernie Sanders Responds to the Brussels Terror Attack

Senator Bernie Sanders Responds to the Brussels Terror Attack

Senator Sanders shares his thoughts on the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

Deleted Scene from “Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel –

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Senator Bernie Sanders Responds to the Brussels Terror Attack

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20 Responses

  1. Autumnleaf2011 says:

    Kimmel is a nwo puppet

  2. Autumnleaf2011 says:

    I want free college ? ? bernie lol .

  3. Nicholas Scott says:

    Just vote for this guy…wtf America.

  4. Dillon Taunton says:

    We need you Bernie keep fighting!

  5. Sonny Baez says:

    Bernie is like a wise Jedi… while Trump is a sick Sith Lord.

  6. Occams Razor says:

    Bernie could bore ISIS to death

  7. Steve J says:

    Cali people make sure you are registered as DEMOCRAT or NON-AFFILIATED
    (no-preference) – you will NOT be able to vote if you are an INDEPENDENT
    …New York and Wyoming make sure you are registered as a Democrat this
    Friday, March 25th so you can vote in your primary in April!

  8. literally natasha says:

    Bernie is right. Just because someone is a Muslim doesn’t make them a
    terrorist, and just because someone is Mexican doesn’t mean their rapists
    or drug addicts their just normal people in hopes of opportunities

  9. tyu3456 says:

    Guillermo is feeling the bern

  10. General FRANKLIN KIRBY says:

    now he’s saying trump would target civilians with bombings, and you all eat
    it up and ask for seconds, media bias used to be subtle now it’s
    unashamedly propaganda


    Im beginning to think people want to be ruled over. They dont want the
    responsibility of being accountable for themselves. Then when things go
    wrong they can blame someone else or a particular political party. Our
    society is to blame. People relish in seeing entertainers paid millions to
    play games and enjoy it. When we stop being pathetic sheep that seek
    amusement and actually vote with our $ we will see a change. Stop funding
    this BS. All Hollywood is the same. Its a script be it sports politics or
    movies. Its all entertainment for the weak.

  12. Duren Kopyor says:

    the Root of this atrocity is islam, dude.
    learn about islam first and you will know, why these ppl act like that.

  13. Kicker_inc says:

    I have so much respect for Bernie right now, he’s so wise and level headed.
    And i really hope that through him, people would stop mixing religions with
    terrorism and instead unite together. Is there any reason not to vote for

  14. Love Adore Cherish says:

    Thank you Jimmy for not blacking out Bernie’s response to Brussels like
    most media outlets did. Also that ending with Guillermo, LOL. Thats exactly
    how I felt after hearing Bernie speak!

  15. Fanny wong says:


  16. kzd1234561 says:

    Have been following him ever since i heard him talk. The people in the u.s
    should feel lucky that they have person(politician) that cannot be bought
    like Hilary and others.

    shame on u.s media, and i thought fox was evil…look at cnn..terrible.

  17. Burlats de Montaigne says:

    “Which is a horrible thing.” That’s why Kimmel is such a spaz.

  18. JamJam says:

    Its hard to believe that those words are coming out of an American. He
    really understands stuff afterall.

  19. Unreleased Trance says:

    Not all muslims are terrorist but all terrorists are muslims

  20. its JVKE says: