Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Being Silenced: The Daily Show

Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Being Silenced: The Daily Show

Senator Elizabeth Warren defends her decision to share Coretta Scott King’s letter about attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions on the floor of the Senate.

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20 Responses

  1. Tommy Vanicky says:

    Warren 2020

  2. Meatwad says:

    I was desperately looking for something to watch. Thank God you just

  3. Darren Mahabir says:

    Sessions rap name should be Triple K.His mixtape is called all white

  4. Why you gotta go there says:

    I thought trump supporters and the Alt-right cared about Freedom of Speech?
    Of do they only care about it when a Nazi is being stopped? Their hypocrisy
    is unreal. Putting the hate I have for them aside for a second trump has
    some very interesting supporters. I remember when Trump said to his
    supporters”With me I will have this country saying Merry Christmas again”
    and getting thunderous applauds. It really showed the minds of his
    supporters to me.

    – Wanting to Ban all Muslims? Yay!
    – Wanting to build a wall that will serve as nothing, but a fuck you to a
    neighbouring country? Yay!
    – Saying when people come from Mexico most are rapists? Yay!
    – Saying a judge can’t do his job because of his Hispanic heritage? Yay!
    – Saying to the mother of a dead American solider that who was silent in
    front of the picture of her dead son “She probably, wasn’t allowed to have
    anything to say. You tell me” because she was Muslim? Yay!
    – Having the The Justice Department suing your company twice for not
    renting to black people? Yay!
    – Re-tweeting white supremacists multiple times? Yay!

    But… some random people somewhere saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry
    Christmas? IT’S A WAR!!! YOU BIGOTS!!!

  5. Patrick Corpuz says:

    On Midterm Election coming next year, the Democrats will win both the House
    and the Senate so that we can impeach that orange piece of shit out of the
    White House that includes Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions!

  6. Storm VII says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the next REAL President of the United States:
    Elizabeth Warren!

  7. Wallaby so Crazy says:

    I get the feeling of motherly comfort from Elizabeth Warren.

  8. NeluTheCurious says:

    The truth will come out no matter how hard you try to silence it.

  9. Jack B says:

    McConnell up for re-election 2018. Voters will REMEMBER. Nevertheless, we
    will persist. Mitch Go fuck yourself.

  10. ONE The says:

    As a Republican she earned my respect. Not for the letter but you could
    hear in her voice this woman genuinely and passionately defends her stance.
    This should’ve been the Democratic nominee.

  11. Michael Herrera says:

    While it is true that what Senator McConnell did was within his power, it
    was highly unusual for him to invoke rule 19 to silence Senator Warren.
    Just two weeks ago when Republican David Perdue made fun of Chuck Schumer
    for crying, he was not silenced, even though his statements were in no way
    substantive to the topic at hand. No doubt it was a political move, but
    it’s interesting the McConnell did it, because he should have known it
    would make him look bad.

  12. supercalifragilestic says:

    I think I might have misunderstood something here. They had a session to
    assess whether one guy was appropriate for a job, but nobody was allowed to
    say anything negative about him?

  13. CLRaider says:

    I tried to stay neutral on both parties republican and democrat but for
    the MOST part…..republicans are hypocrites

  14. littlemisstoes says:

    She removed her gender from the narrative (even though it was painfully
    obvious it all comes down to the fact that she is a woman) because a lot of
    people can’t handle the conversation about sexism without feeling an
    immediate threat to their gender or status. That is extremely sad the fact
    that she has to deny what she went through because people feels
    uncomfortable. We have a long way to go .

  15. mercy duncan says:

    I’m still hurting from the media not giving the bowling green massacre
    enough coverage I lost my whole family in that massacre. Shame on the media

  16. MC Mark Markson (MusicLover) says:

    Hey republican voters, wake the fuck up. I though you wanted to make
    america great again…We are moving more and more backwards.

  17. Erekose on Making A Murderer says:

    I like her, she has so much grace and class. Senator Warren you are an

  18. Marta Martinez says:

    Senator Warren you are our hero!!!!

  19. mhypersonic says:

    Republicans= we may be racist, but don’t call us racist.

  20. Arthur Rubio says:

    This woman is exactly what America needs right now, a politician who
    focuses on the issues without making it about themselves, or their party.

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