Sending my friend into the wrong house

Sending my friend into the wrong house

It was the first time my friend was coming to my house, so as a joke I told him the wrong address. I told him to walk straight in as I’m upstairs on xbox. I told him my parents are out so its fine and well it doesnt go well
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20 Responses

  1. UnderDog Glory says:

    Warning ⚠⚠⚠ : Do not attempt if your friend is black. Unless you don’t want
    a friend anymore.

  2. meowskull says:

    If that was in the US he would’ve been instantly shot and killed.

    • Shameka Jackson says:

      +meowskull Depends on what state. If he was in a touchy feely sensitive pot
      headed run communist state like OR, WA, CA etc the owner will have probably
      invited him or any other burglar in to talk about their feeeeelings over
      some herbal tea.

  3. joseph garcia says:

    His laugh made it funnier hahahahaha

  4. Brit Stormy says:

    It’s a funny prank because nothing bad happened, but it’s dangerous. People
    can shoot him or have a dog get him, etc. America is too dangerous for
    pranks involving strangers >.<

  5. Taleh Veliyev says:


  6. Basic_Psychology says:

    Doing that in some countries will get you shot.

  7. Orephiuchus says:

    well good thing your friend didn’t get killed because of you

  8. philthestampede says:

    Good one, laughing leela

  9. randomcommenter550 says:

    This would be a great way to get someone shot in the U.S.A.

  10. Cruz Gonzalez says:

    did you do it on accident or not

  11. MuffinsArcade says:

    Still have not figured out the phone can be held the other way? :(

  12. David Kendall says:

    I really didn’t expect this to be funny with the whole threat of getting
    your friend killed and all, but I had a giggle m8! Good stuff.

  13. Avinash Kamta says:

    Yoo check my channnel out, share and subscribe folks! X✌️

  14. Kayla Charms says:

    Wow that could’ve ended differently.

  15. Ashekur Rahman says:


  16. Tracey Williams says:

    How is this funny? If someone walked in to my house, that I didn’t know
    and they just let themselves in, would be starring down the barrel of my
    gun. I’m not the only one that shares this opinion with me. I guess the
    youth of today? And, if he was hurt and, God forbid, died as a result of
    this “prank” you could be charged with a homicide.

  17. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    Priceless. But is it like Canada do you not lock your doors? Here in
    California. My door is locked the second i close it 

  18. Ingrid_In_The_Sky says:

    Ok people, seriously learn to turn your fucking phone sideways for video.

  19. MyAwkwardAzn says:

    Do people normally walk in without knocking? lol.