Seth Announces a New Addition to His Family

Seth Announces a New Addition to His Family

Seth and his family share some very exciting news: Seth and his wife are having another baby! Seth’s father makes his case for why he wants the baby to be named Albert.
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Seth Announces a New Addition to His Family- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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47 Responses

  1. Andreas Ericson says:

    So Seth has a stunt-double 🤔

  2. Rohini Lall says:

    Albert Alexi Meyers <3

  3. ZoeAlleyne says:

    holy doppelganger

  4. Appellation Sobriquet says:

    Seth’s brother is very handsome ❤️ Beautiful family!

  5. BadaBing BadaBoom says:

    Seth’s brother is dating the woman who played the girl who Ross creeps out with his ultra-white teeth in ‘Friends’.

  6. Miguel Yga says:

    Seth’s brother is just Seth with a mustache

  7. R Brophy says:

    SETH! SETH! S E T H !

    Listen to me,
    YOU HAVE TO NAME YOUR CHILD MULLER! BOY OR GIRL DOESN’T MATTER. We need Muller to be the most popular name for -both- ALL genders in 2018! It will be GLORIOUS!

  8. Aidan Yelsma says:

    Seth, stop at two kids. Being a middle child sucks.

  9. greenspan11111 says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo, not another Fucking Jew to this World, No God Noooooooo, hear my plea O God Almighty!..

  10. pincmin says:

    Seth’s brother= Seth+ Mathew McConaughey

  11. Roger Cassady says:

    Mom looks like a tranny.

  12. Noah Anakwue says:

    I see where he got the nose from.

  13. New Message says:

    If these two don’t have their own show by summer, I give up on America.

  14. progressive millenial says:

    His brother sounds so much like him!

  15. diva doll says:

    Aw, your son is going to have a brother, just like you had growing up Seth.

  16. Amy Sternheim says:

    Ash probably asked for a puppy instead when they told him he was going to be a big brother. The sibling rivalry starts young! LOL

  17. Plug Into Sybie says:

    Imagine being at THAT Thanksgiving table growing up! What a wonderful family, happy to hear it’s growing

  18. Nadia Marzullo says:

    They were so cute, lovely family

  19. Amy June says:

    So weird to hear “Hillary voted for” and not “voted for Hillary”

  20. Amanda Bennett says:

    Congrats Seth!!!!

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