Sexy Awkward News Blooper

Sexy Awkward News Blooper

Sex joke by weatherman makes this sexy news blooper cringe worthy.

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20 Responses

  1. thereaISIimShady says:

    That was not sexist; it was personal. There did femininely seems to be some
    history or tension between him and the other news woman and the joke was
    very personal and he should have been suspended or fired


    Damn that lady got roasted

  3. Alvaro Dominguez says:

    hahaha what an ugly motherfucka

  4. Aaron Jaggan says:

    “Your’e Fired”

  5. Minivan Traveller says:

    Wow-Charlie is a total sleazy scum bag a-hole. Devoid of wit, creativity,
    talent, or the ability to clearly and concisely communicate anything
    remotely resembling an intelligent thought. Set “yuck” factor to high.

  6. Jamuhuri Safari says:

    Weatherman can predict the weather down south too , ha!

  7. Beau Man says:

    Fucking savage

  8. Teresa D says:

    That is not funny, BWAAAAHAAAAHAAA

  9. Kaitlyn R says:

    69 degrees lmao

  10. silas lewis says:

    Much sexy! Wow! 69/69 would bang!

  11. Suiren says:

    charlie is my role model

  12. John Smith says:

    69 DEGREES.

  13. Murilo Gonçalves says:

    Não entendi kkk

  14. Samuel Stephen says:

    Do you think he could have saved his job somewhere between “get a room” and
    “most action you’ve seen”?

  15. jackjack121 says:

    “69 degrees”

    Sounds hot.

  16. Captain FuzzyPants says:

    Sounds like a bad break up. Weatherman misses having his testicles fondled
    by lady.

  17. Forceful Yoda says:

    Nigga said fuck this job.

  18. Richard Xiong says:

    Ohhhhhh g3t r3kt scrub

  19. Shikhanshu Agarwal says:

    what an unprofessional jackass…

  20. TROLLon aROLL says:

    annnnnnnd fired