Shake Shack Vs. In-N-Out Taste Test

Shake Shack Vs. In-N-Out Taste Test

So who won?

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20 Responses

  1. moreruffles89 says:

    So cute! The white guy in the grey shirt and black hat, killed me @ 1:33.
    The sound and face he made going in for the in-n-out fries.


    I vote five guys.

  3. Jay says:

    All I think when I hear shake shack is, “Welcome to the shake shack, what’s
    shakin? We shake all day.”

  4. Ellz.M says:

    Shake shack for days

  5. fangtoothtv says:

    Shake shack FTW

  6. Paolo Salvador Rodríguez says:


  7. Jordan Almanzar says:

    Shake shack is soooooo much better!

  8. Jade Tuni says:

    I’ve had both on holidays in America and both are amazing. however I think
    In n Out is slightly better. I wish we had it in Aus (like the exact same
    because Aus Maccas (for e.g.) is waayyy better than the crap we had at
    maccas in the USA)

  9. Lynn says:

    I forgot to mention. How come shake shacks fries look like fries us kids
    get at school? Those look like fries I’d buy at the dollar store and cook
    in my oven.

  10. Trish Faulkerson says:

    Meanwhile in Italy, we only have McDonalds here.

  11. Danielle Callagher says:

    I am living in England, so I have never tried these. If I go one day, which
    one would you guys recommend??

  12. Jesus Sanchez says:

    Whataburger all day.

  13. Sam Davis says:

    This is really biased and doesn’t really accomplish anything

  14. Ahmad Fawaz says:

    clearly people who are saying in n out have never tasted shake shack
    in n out is like home made shake shack is god made :)

  15. Gael Garcia says:

    Sigh I live in Oregon so I barely just got a chik fil a

  16. Anna Whyte says:

    Whataburger is the only burger

  17. May says:

    in-n-out all day!!!!

  18. Awesome dude says:

    ive tasted both for me shake shack is best

  19. Dario Hall says:

    WHATABURGER FOR LIFE it’s a Texas thing ask Eugene! mop the floor with ur
    “shake n out house”

  20. Jeffrey Ballor says:

    In-N-Out is horrible!!! Nothing special at all. People from California love
    it because it was only there for a while..