Shannon Sharpe is ‘surprised’ with Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe is ‘surprised’ with Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL on today’s show. Hear the reasons why Shannon believes Kaepernick ‘won’ against the league.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Shannon Sharpe is ‘surprised’ with Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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86 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    What are your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL?

    • Henry Powder says:

      Kap will forever be a sellout. How is it you got told to shut your mouth for money and think to come out of this unscathed. You provoked an entire conversation and stepped off for monetary gain. Congrats Fans, you were played like a fiddle !!

    • Ric Rovey says:

      He just wanted money ?

    • Business K says:

      +Stone Heart you know that Kaepernick’s mother is white right and she actually put him up for adoption. So what are you talking about? You big mad lol

  2. Connor says:

    Whatever was in that case would of ruined the NFL because the NFL has always been known to never loose these lawsuits

  3. 99ChrisBlazers says:

    Forgot to put surprised in all caps

  4. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Kap beat the system because they didn’t want to keep this going and whatever was in the case the nfl didn’t want it to be leaked out especially knowing how goddell is

    • Alan Brown says:

      To be honest, the NFL knew they weren’t going to win, from a judicial standpoint they took a loss, but $80 million Is pocket change, this just their way of sweeping this under the rug

    • Crow Bear says:

      +Rich Lo Big deal. He showed us he’s a coward, and morally bankrupt.

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Shannon speaking facts the nfl paid kap to leave well enough alone

    • E BO says:

      Falc80, exactly it’s a win – win for both really. People who think otherwise are not really looking at the bottom line for both sides.

    • Israel Rosario Jr. says:

      +lance garrison lol sure, they “beat him”…sure they did. Because the NFL is well-known to just giveaway tens of millions for doing nothing wrong. The NFL prints money just as easily as they manufacture collusion.

    • Marilyn Harris says:

      …also so he can be quiet, because with him accepting this settlement offer, he cant speak on this topic again,…when it comes to the NFL. He sold that right and collected the reward. Let’s see how the rest of this unfolds.

    • Israel Rosario Jr. says:

      +Marilyn Harris 100% wrong. Where in the non disclosure agreement does it say that he “can’t speak on this topic again.” What he can’t speak on are the terms of the settlement, but its his right to talk about the topic which was criminal justice reform. Period.

  6. Stephen A Smith says:

    Shannon Sharpe has better chance of returning to the NFL than Colin Kaepernick

  7. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast says:

    Sharpe is out here sounding like a Southern Trial attorney “Discovery Skip!”

  8. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Shannon grandma filled his head with wisdom

  9. Henry Chavez says:

    NFL knew they would not recover from this if they lost so they settled which is also a loss from a lawsuit standpoint but not a total loss for the League.

    • awsome21 says:

      +QuickenDude09 let me ask u my lil white friend what is it that u thought would happen

    • awsome21 says:

      +jaydueces jaydueces that’s all it was them Yankees would’ve had to give up their emails so they thought otherwise

    • Video_Critic says:

      +808bboarder except brutality wasn’t becoming extreme, the media was highlighting it to the point where it looked like a big issue. Plenty of statistics were thrown by professionals to debunk the “blacks are being killed mercilessly by cops too much” including the higher death of white rates over black death rates. The media is considered a 4th branch of government in american politics because of the legislative power it has, and they wanted to bring something that wasn’t a huge issue into a huge issue spotlight the same way they did the school shootings. Is brutality an issue? Yes, but is it a big enough issue to put it on the table over the bigger issues that the media finds boring? Nope.

    • Fat Cat says:

      NFL ratings are down over 30% since this all got started. the last few Super Bowls ratings have been at all time lows. Whether the NFL settled or fought it out, they’ve already lost.

  10. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    I really appreciate this whole situation because it is showing me who people really are

  11. f58534 says:

    Shannon gets it…. Stephen A could learn a thing or two from this brother

  12. Complete Chaos says:

    From the comments posted, everyone is calling Kaep a sell-out or saying it was just about the money.
    I’m happy with him taking the settlement. IF we are so equal as a people, why collude? The fact that the NFL did, proves a definite problem

  13. John Edvards says:

    I’m not surprised at all. We all know that Colin got black balled. If you think it was warranted or not doesn’t matter. The NFL couldn’t loose this case in court, and they obviously had no intention of taking this to court, and with the sum of the settlement being undisclosed and probably agreed to be kept a secret, I would guess that it amount’s to something in the vicinity of what he could have expected to make throughout the rest of his playing career if he hadn’t ever left.
    maybe even a little more then that.

    Not to mention, he already got the Nike deal. Collin has gotten what he wants out of this, recognition and money. I don’t doubt that he had only good intentions when he started, but try to tell me that you wouldn’t let this kind of lawsuit go if the NFL offers you a settlement that I don’t doubt is in the realm of 100-150 million dollars.

    • Max Kellerman says:

      +Golden.Boy he definitely didn’t do this for the money. He would’ve make more if he was still in the league. He did this to bring awareness to injustice 100%

    • Jake Graham says:

      Dude 100 million+ and the Nike deal and he’s probably getting signed anyone who said kaep ruined his career for kneeing is looking pretty stupid rn not too mention the support from players owners and celebrities

  14. Im MexicanPyro says:

    Thank God, I didn’t think I could’ve handled one more week with Rob Parker

  15. Jay Barbier says:

    Those who are saying its about money are simply looking for a new reason to hate since all others have failed.

  16. Prince Jaren says:

    All the non Black people in the comments calling Kap a fraud lol they big mad

  17. don2709 says:

    If Mark Sanchez and Blake Brotles are in the league Kapernick should be in the league. Not a fan of Kaperneick but it is what it is

    • Q Hamilton says:

      +Jamie Swanson he didnt have “opportunities”. Only the ravens expressed interest. And before you try it…the Broncos wanted to trade for him while he was an active player. Not after he was a free agent

    • Thomas Just says:

      Kaepernick joinning the league is almost irrelevant at this point, the fact is that he got what he trully wanted more than playing

    • surferboymikey says:

      zieg feld I agree with you…he had some looks but was all lower money and had to challenge for a spot on the roster. Mark Sanchez knows he will make less and will battle for a spot.

  18. Quinn Free says:

    NFL did right to settle because they were wrong!

    • Kharmatos13 says:

      wrong about what? goodell made the nfl his own personal sjw farm and guy goes who is about to get cut because he won’t restructure his deal goes on a full on martyrdom sjw tantrum and it all backfires. they didn’t collude to keep him out he kept himself out to play victim. several teams tried to get him as a backup and he wouldn’t have it because then he couldn’t be a martyr and a victim.

  19. agrey832 says:

    “A settlement isnt proof of wrong doing, but its proof of a guilty conscience” I love that phrase!!

    • couldbe anyone says:

      +Prettygirl Finesse but Collin is a hypocrite

    • PF Chim says:

      Not true though. Sometimes you settle if you have the money so the problem goes away and if you think long term the problem may cost you more money than its worth.

    • Prettygirl Finesse says:

      +couldbe anyone he’s not a hypocrite how you figure

    • CDdaBoss says:

      +PF Chim Thats true in a sense. But, I think that when people settle in situations like this its to keep something damaging from coming out. Even if it wasn’t explicit collusion. Shannon provided multiple examples of the NFL not being hesitant to go to court behind their actions. The only two major settlements I know of are the concussion class action law suit and this Kaepernick case.

    • Mark Whittaker says:


      FOR REAL!

  20. Humphking says:

    Skip he lost his job, he better take that money because he won’t get another chance to play for the people he just settled with. The NFL basically admitted that they colluded.

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