Shaq disagrees LeBron – AD are the best duo, talks state of the Lakers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Shaq disagrees LeBron – AD are the best duo, talks state of the Lakers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Shaquille O’Neal joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to discuss the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaq explains why he doesn’t think LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the best duo in the NBA. Plus, Shaq weighs in on Nick’s top 5 Lakers of All-Time list.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Shaq disagrees LeBron – AD are the NBA best duo, talks state of the Lakers | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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87 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Are LeBron and Anthony Davis the best NBA duo?

  2. FoshoTheOne says:

    That Shaq’s photoshopped picture was hilarious ?

  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Shaq made them pump the brakes on the best duo in the NBA talk. I’m with shaq, they gotta play together first

  4. Ash says:

    Never forget Shaq said Kawhi Leonard wasn’t that much better than DeMar DeRozan.

    • Anahmille Zulu says:

      @Mike Thaxton really…..I thought gsw swept Portland…..I thought they had 3 superstars vs a team in Raptors who had 1….so no one has any pitty for the warriors who cheated the league for 5 years and were clearly stacked.

    • GFX Cuck says:

      Surf Surfing I hope you realize 43% is even that bad, especially with all the shots he HAS to take considering he was their only hope in winning

    • Jumar Simmons says:

      @Mike Thaxton Golden State did the same when Kyrie and Love was out

    • Zackary Kasprzak says:

      @rebar33 pippen should make up his mind who’s better MJ or Lebron before we declare him “always right”

    • Cesar says:

      Only reason Raptors got through is become LBJ moved West. Shaq was right.

      And I hate LBJ but am able to see that.

  5. Endo Kenzo says:

    Cris carter always close to someone ?

  6. Marc Shanghie says:

    man you gotta love Shaq he’s a riot lmao he did Nick cold at the end

    • Forgem Nos says:

      @iamOAKland no…hes this gen Wilt

    • Flash says:

      He wasn’t wrong ;), I’m a big Laker fan, but Jordan shattered my dreams in 91’ and everyone else every year after that, even when he played baseball, he shattered our dreams leaving to play baseball, if tragedy didn’t strike, in 100% sure they would have won 8 championships in a row

    • Yung Savage says:

      Forgem Nos whoa that’s a stretch ? shaq’s the closest thing to wilt.

    • Yung Savage says:

      Flash facts those bulls teams in the 90s were unreal. and mj only did it wit 1 all star ?

  7. sersarsor says:

    i noticed that shaq, despite his big personality, never likes to hop on media hype trains, always stays realistic when talkin about basketball

    • Bryan _350_ says:

      Steve J they get kemba, you better hope No one gets hurt because they’ll have no depth. And he didn’t emphasize the triangle offense he was just saying back in his time thats how it worked for them, this happens because of this. If this happens then we’ll do this??‍♂️

    • Playboynino310 says:

      Not Telling nah Boss. I’m not missing the point. I just explained why Shaq has that opinion. Just like you have an opinion. And opinion is never a fact. I will never tell a man he is wrong for having an opinion Bro.Now if he would have said something like 2 players average more points but numbers don’t back that up, you can say he’s wrong.

    • G-man says:

      opposite of Barkley

    • Not Telling says:

      @hulkdaddy71 : “your long, drawn out reply shows your idiocy. James and AD haven’t even played a game yet together” << For the love of sanity. Do you guys even bother reading through the thread anymore, or do you just post your drivel the moment it strikes your last remaining brain cell?? I'll type slowly that you can comprehend. THE QUESTION IS NOT "WHO HAS PROVEN THEMSELVES AS THE BEST DUO?", BUT RATHER "WHO IS THE BEST DUO CURRENTLY?" You have to be pretty stupid to take Klay and Steph over LeBron and AD at this point. Not much else really needs to be said, honestly.

  8. Honda Hoon says:

    That joking back and forth between Shaq & Chris was a funny moment ?

  9. Armando Estrada says:

    -You’re getting 40 & 20!
    -Yes, that’s true.

  10. Lan C says:

    Until LeBron and AD give actual results, Shaq is right.

  11. papynat0r says:

    Next time the bank calls me for not repaying my loan I’ll simply tell them: “hey chill out, it’s only money”

  12. William Hooper says:

    Shaq seems like a really cool guy to hang out with

  13. Arian Begolli says:

    This mans went from fox to espn mad quick ???

    • Muhammad Wilson says:

      Jville78 First things first is in New York with First Take and Undisputed and the Herd are in LA

    • OEThe11 says:

      @Muhammad Wilson First Take is also in New York. They got an ice ring on top of the studio.

    • Patrick Lawrence says:

      They are both owned by Disney so no difference.

    • Max Peraza says:

      First Take is filmed in New York but sometimes SAS comes on remotely from LA. Fox Sports is in West LA so Shaq jumped from ESPN in DTLA to Fox on the West Side.

    • Steve SIPUL says:

      @Max Stryeski you might be right. I once watched the Undisputed crew talk with Colin while he was on set already. Apparently the Herd was coming right after Undisputed, so they were kinda “seg-waying” into it

  14. Maxxi Seneca says:

    Only reason i watched? Shaq

  15. Willy Jakkz says:

    Couldn’t agree with Shaq more, Lakers need to swallow that foolish pride and get Jerry West back in the purple and gold organization where he belongs! Man is a Dynasty Builder!

  16. Miss Antidote says:

    everybody: i am broke

    Shaq: It’s only money

  17. TLOA says:

    Nick: you’re getting 40 and 20.
    Shaq: yes, that’s true.


  18. robert pittman says:

    Y’all see how Nick tried to throw shade on Kobe about the first Championship. Shaq shot him down quick lol #?

    • legion24100 says:

      Ry Guy stop trying so hard

    • Pat Pat says:

      @Ry Guy jalen rose injured kobe. Lakers lost a game. Kobe came back. Shaq fouled out. Kobe took over in the 4th and ot. Ringsssss

    • Conker says:

      Kobe was pippen to shaq’s Jordan. Jordan and Shaq were never sidekicks when they 3peat. Kobe is not even the best laker #facts

    • Jason Baranello says:

      @Conker Tell Nick Wright that and he would explode. The guy hates on Jordan and Bryant and I am paraphrasing, the tapes don’t like to show it but you know knocked him out of the playoffs although Jordan was not in Basketball shape and played 17 regular season games before the 95 playoffs and as was said above, Rose fully admitted to trying to hurt Kobe. It is hard to fathom this guy has a functional brain.

    • Lonnie Dawkins Jr. says:

      Idk about Pippen. Pippen did have a strong season solo but idk about him being a teams first option consistently

  19. Isaiah Richardson says:

    Shaq coming on dropping the real nba knowledge

    • Mario Nelson says:

      When you sas changing his opinion than most people blink an eye you know the media is full of BS …and the players finaly let them feel …woj is like the man who knows everything but actualy doesn’t know s..t ! All he does is speculate and hope he’s right about one thing

    • Gseric47 says:


  20. Matt Man says:


    CC: I impregnated Lebrons mother; been knowing him since he was a fetus.

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