Shark eats shark in South Korean aquarium

Shark eats shark in South Korean aquarium

A shark surprises visitors to a South Korean aquarium on Thursday by eating another smaller shark.
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The footage shows a large sand tiger shark slowly swallowing a smaller banded hound shark over the course of a day, leaving only the tip of the tail visible on Friday.

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20 Responses

  1. campos3452 says:

    Snakes did this in the bible I’m not surprised what’s next whale eats

  2. Dave M says:

    that’s pretty fucked up right here

  3. Pixels Blocks and TNT says:

    I don’t think people realize sharks have always eaten each other… They’ve
    always done that. For example, when a shark is wounded, another shark won’t
    come by and help… It’ll eat that shark.

  4. Chuck Turner says:

    What they don’t tell you is the little shark was being an asshole.

  5. Raven Smith says:

    I started laugh and I’m not sure why.

  6. /gavin says:

    Cannibalism at its finest.

  7. Inky Denham says:

    “stop filming or you’ll be next buddy”

  8. Jacob Jedrol says:

    What a cannibalistic savage

  9. BenFairbank says:

    I guess that little shark didn’t listen

  10. LegoWWIIman says:


  11. Dimitri stone says:

    0:15 fucking pickle ???

  12. Lannist Don says:

    Human even eats human when starvation comes in ancient time.

  13. Justin Garcia says:

    just imagine all the kids’ day ruined right there lol

  14. CheeseSteakJimmy's says:

    why did I like this?!

  15. Jose Lopez says:

    Shark! Water you doing?! ?

  16. hytato says:

    I like that one korean kid in the background that asked “wheres all the
    fish blood?”

  17. Shay Girl says:

    Damn… didn’t your mother teach you how to chew your food!

  18. Down Range Film says:


    We’re gonna need a bigger aquarium

  19. Formalist says:


  20. Jon Henry says:

    When a shark eats one of its one, it’s okay, but when I eat another human,
    it’s immoral cannibalism. The world is a rotten place.