She messed up so bad!!

She messed up so bad!!

Short and sweet today.
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56 Responses

  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs says:

    Gonna get on a good upload schedule soon. Thank you so much for being here.

  2. Krexz FN says:

    Who started watching Roman long ago and remember when the kids were all little

  3. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    *Love the new smile more intro*

  4. Acrello says:

    Who remembers Roman picking up Noah at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere 🙂

  5. Burnsy says:

    The words “smile more” hold so much meaning and nostalgia to me

  6. DreTv says:

    who else automatically thinks of their childhood when the intro comes on

  7. steven loves gaming says:

    Only og’s remember “that’s how I feed my eel”

  8. Mikeal HH says:

    The things I will miss the most:
    Smile more store
    Man made pond in the back
    Romans prized fish tank

    • Marcel Dillion says:

      do you think he got rid of the fish?

    • joel harris says:

      @Marcel Dillion I doubt he would have. Considering the coral reef and tank was his pride and joy and the thing he could always use as a way of just zoning out like he always said I think he would have a new one bigger and better.

    • Kolter95gaming says:

      @Marcel Dillion I doubt he got rid of the smile more tank but the other tank was built in so he probably left those fish

    • Cailey Noelle says:

      @Marcel Dillion i was wondering this too but when you think of it he had that tank for such a long time he probably lost some of the fish from age over the years. he might have kept the smile more tank but i’m sure he just let the other tank fade out

    • Reem Alrifai says:

      not the fish tank 🙁

  9. Josiah Martin Coelho says:

    Who remembers when Cora was born and we were all waiting to find out what her name was.

  10. Jeremy Vickers says:

    Nobody can change my mind that he has the best outro out of every YouTuber ever.

  11. nL Hypes says:

    I got 300 $100 bills. The background “no if you have 3 that’s 300” Roman sittin there like 🤦🏾‍♂️ where y’all learn how to math 😂😂

  12. Brianna Cates says:

    How’s mema doin I haven’t seen her in in a while I hope her health is good

  13. Lil Lui says:

    I still remember when noah didn’t know how to drive and before they got married and all that, life is crazy.

  14. Aiden Scoots says:

    you can tell gfuel has been here when he’s at his lowest point

  15. da boyben says:

    Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless u stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️ ..

  16. xero says:

    One thing that separates Roman from every other vlogger is that he is in it for the memories and positivity and doesn’t show off his money in a bragging way unlike a lot of these other YouTubers. I just want to thank you for being such a genuine guy that cares about his family and fans more than the money.

  17. Nicole Barbosa says:

    He says that he hasn’t done much inspiration this new chapter but just hearing him say his out throw makes me smile 💜💜💜 they are truly amazing

  18. - [M i Α]- Vlog Go To My ChanneI! says:

    Does anyone remember when Roman would pick up Noah from the middle of nowhere (an empty lot) 😭😭

  19. Tulley Middleton says:

    I honestly fell like a kid again. I check YouTube every day again looking for your videos. I have been here from the start, I am now finding myself as a 15 year old looking back at things you have said in your vids over the year to help my self in life today. You have made me so happy over the years even know you have not been with me but shearing a laugh at the end of the day is what makes my day. My dad has loved watching you with my brother and I over the years and I now find myself sitting in the room with him watching all ALL your old vids with him spending as much time as I can with him before he goes not to try and make it a sob story but he has multiple brain tumers and he is riddled with cancer we where given 4 months last year and he has just gone 10 months 🤞🤞. But back to it thank you so much for making the videos for years and years and thanks for making my dad laugh so much in such a dark place for my family

  20. Alroy Spain says:

    When Roman was stuck in the buggy there was a 9mm pistol behind him

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