Shoreline Mafia – Gangstas & Sippas (feat. Q Da Fool) [Official Audio]

Shoreline Mafia – Gangstas & Sippas (feat. Q Da Fool) [Official Audio]

Shoreline Mafia – Gangstas & Sippas (feat. Q Da Fool)
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Following the release of the group’s full-length mixtape in 2017, the Los Angeles-based crew signed to Atlantic Records in 2018, which then re-released ‘ShorelineDoThatShit’. After making waves in the hip-hop community, Shoreline Mafia headlined their own sold out tour and performed at Rolling Loud Music Festival.

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67 Responses

  1. Exotic Trippin says:

    Only OG Shoreline Fans can like

  2. OneTakeBigE says:

    At least we know OhGeesy
    ain’t done rapping

  3. ChillReactinq says:

    Like if the Gang should stay together 🤘🏼

  4. Allan Gomez says:


  5. Ls1 Cutty says:

    “From the lean house straight to the strip club” banger

  6. Dude Man says:

    Finally, who else was just watching there snippets

  7. Keegan Vieyra-Seals says:

    Who else been w shorline since ohgeezy was skinny💯

  8. Huwics says:

    Who’s been here since vice city I’m an og since they nearly started

  9. GGG 100 says:

    “BeEn PuMpinG this sInCe iT GoT LEaKEd” o.O

  10. cfw Jason says:

    Last time I was this early, they were still a group 🙁

  11. Antonio Nicolás Osvaldo says:

    Sonando duro en México.🇲🇽
    G A N G S T A S

  12. Jorge Toscano says:

    Real ones know this a too $hort beat, shoreline Payin homage to the og’s

  13. Emmanuel Sankar says:

    Damn this is fire, bout to rip a bowl rn. Happy 420

  14. pada says:

    shoreline when played on speaker hits way better than any other rapper.

  15. Daniel Bajko says:

    The whole time I’m here thinking this was gonna be an album

  16. Yafte Sanchez says:

    Do people in the comments even know about too short!? If not, listen to that! You’re welcome .

  17. Cristos Ruiz says:

    Can someone tell me why the group is breaking up? I do know one of the reasons is because Mac P died rest in peace to Mac P Dawg but is there another reason or no?

  18. Astryd Villagran says:

    This one of the better songs they have came out with

  19. Haider Naqvi says:

    Bruh this giving me the old shoreline vibes mixed with some crazy new shit

  20. Ilie Cristi says:

    if fenix flexin leaves shoreline mafia that will be his biggest mistake

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