Shot my dad every day with a nerf gun…

Shot my dad every day with a nerf gun…

What it says on the tin
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20 Responses

  1. Jack Strait's Unofficial Channel says:

    I liked the one where the son threw eggs to his mom more.

  2. MrAddictiveGamer says:

    he gets more and more British every shot haha

  3. hines862009 says:

    Cops called prank gone wrong shot in the hood explicit

  4. Hani Hasan says:

    That’s messed up

  5. User0104134245 says:

    He has a cool dad

  6. T0M49 says:

    Most I have laughed in a 1 minute video

  7. MrGreyjeep says:

    Isn’t this just a copy of the egg video, where the guy throws an egg at his
    mom everyday?

  8. Thomas Ashraf says:

    damn white kids got no respect for their parents man. You deserve beats for
    disrespecting him, show him respect, he’s your dad!

  9. Gray Fullbuster says:

    I wish had a dad so I could do this.


    Calm down Jesse

  11. Kutay Çilingir says:

    wow I was watching CoD BO3 headshots.. How I come here :/

  12. La Imagería says:

    That is one patient dad. LOL

  13. Don't want Shadenfraude says:

    Reversed child abuse.

  14. Sharon Daniella says:

    So lucky, his dad seems so cool x

  15. Hayden Lastname says:

    You know what’s worse than shooting your dad with a nerd gun? Filming

  16. ImRycro says:

    you silly sod

  17. TheWarlockFromHell says:

    Oh, you fucker!

  18. Deathence says:

    Wow that was fun but if I did that to my father I would see the light

  19. MrJMannMC says:

    New vine trend? Nerf gun cam?

  20. marksplace uk says:

    You can tell by the accent that they’re from Birmingham.